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Ode to the Universe

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A simple ode dedicated to the not-so-simple world in which we live.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Published: 2007-06-29 - Updated: 2007-06-30 - 155 words - Complete

Staring down at us,
Like a black hole,
It sits there,
Waiting for a chance to swallow us into the darkness.

Stars twinkle,
And then explode.
Worlds are created,
And then destroyed.

Eternally gaping,
Taunting us of ignorance,
Luring us into the dark
To become yet another snack to subdue its insatiable hunger.

Never ending,
Always expanding,
Acting as if it can be explained while being
Utterly and perpetually incomprehensible.

Just waiting,
Like a patient crane,
For another morsel to venture too close
And be swallowed by the black-hole stomachs of
The Universe.


A/N: I can't recall when I wrote this... It was in middle school, though, either the seventh or sixth grade. Either way, it's rather out-dated; I wrote another piece like this, except it lacked the "ode" bit to it. Oh, and sorry again about the genre. The limited choices get rather annoying.

Reviews/criticism are both welcomed, and thanks for reading.
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