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Sometimes things that seem innocent aren't so innocent once you get to know them.

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Stationary, I sit here,
Never moving...
Or am I?

I am the all knowing,
The eternal darkness;
Known of by the smart few,
But ignored by the ignorant many.

I wait for them, smart or otherwise,
Patiently like a steel trap,
Waiting for one of them to make me snap,
Then to let me swallow them in my black-hole of a throat,
And let me hear their smothered screams for eternity.

My stars of eyes twinkle at the civilians,
Seemingly joyful, but ever loathsome
Of the pathetic creatures.

Ieternally wait malevolently
For them to make a mistake,
Allowing me to feast on them
As the ultimate discipline.

I hold in my boundaries the books of
Life and Death;
I hold all of those scrawny humans' lives in my hands-
But I will do nothing:
They will collapse in one themselves,
And that will be worse than any of my plans.

So I will sit here,
A constant, "innocent" spectator of these empty-headed beings,
Who are so conceited to think themselves alone,
To eventually watch their utter demise.
Only then will I have peace...

Let's just hope that none survive.


A/N: So, this is the darker and more personified version of "Ode to the Universe," and I also happened to write it two and a half years ago. Yet again, sorry for the bad genre choice. It was so much easier on; they at least had a "general" category if you were unsure of what to choose.

Reviews/criticism are appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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