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Hannah meets Jason's uncle and his friends. Gerard decides to help them out.

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The next day, Hannah went over to Jason's at two. They were going to spend some time together before Maeve, Lana and Fiona arrived looking for a ride to the party in Jason's car.
"Hey baby," Jason said when he answered the door. Somehow it didn't sound right coming from him anymore. "My uncle and his friends are over so I can't leave the house until we're going to the party. Is that okay?"
"Sure," she said.
"Great. Come on and meet my uncle, Mikey," he said.
They went into the lounge and saw three men sitting there. None of them could be much older than twenty-five. One was tall, had floppy brown hair and glasses. The next was short, had dark brown hair and a scorpion tattooed on his neck. The last one was blonde and had a short stubbly beard.
"Han, this is my uncle Mikey and his friends, Frank and Bob," Jason said.
"Hey," the short one called Frank said.
"Nice to meet you," blonde Bob said.
"Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Mikey said.
"I don't think so," she said, but he did look vaguely familiar.
"Hmm, you look familiar," he said.
"You might have seen her around, Mike," Jason said.
"Probably," Mikey said.
"So Jase, when's your dad back? We were hoping to snatch him for a beer," Frank said.
"Not sure, Frank," Jason said.
"Well your mom doesn't know either. You guys need to put a tracker on this guy," Bob chuckled.
They laughed. Hannah tried to remember it was a joke, but that thought was the last thing she needed.
They sat around the coffee table ad chatted, Jason's mom coming in and out with coffee and biscuits. Hannah couldn't help feeling a twang of guilt every time she saw her. If only she knew. She wouldn't be so nice to her then, would she?
After god knows how long, the doorbell rang.
"Is that them already?" Hannah said.
"I guess so," Jason said. He went to answer the door. He let the girls in and led them into the lounge.
Lana and Fiona were the first in. They blushed at the sight of the guys. Trust them to complicate things by crushing on these guys. When Maeve came in, Mikey stood up.
"Hey!" he said.
"Oh, hi," Maeve said, blushing darker than Lana and Fiona put together.
"What are you doing here?" Mikey asked.
"I'm going to a party," Maeve said.
"I never thought I'd see you again," Mikey said.
"Me neither," Maeve said.
Everyone could sense this was about to get awkward.
"We better go," Jason said.
"Yeah, good idea. Bye everyone," Hannah said.
Gerard arrived home to find his brother and his friends alone in his lounge, smoking. Lorraine would have a fit when she smelled the place.
"Hey guys, sorry I was out. Where is everyone?" he asked.
"Lorraine went to see her sister and Jason and Christi went to that party with those girls," Bob said.
"Damn, I can't believe that girl I met is a friend of Jason's!" Mikey said.
"Jason really knows how to pick 'em. All those girls were really something," Frank said.
"How creepy would it be to go to that party?" Mikey asked.
"Very," Gerard said.
"Can we?" Mikey asked.
"If they see us there-" Gerard said.
"If they see you there..." Frank said.
"You're not going without me!!" Gerard said.
"Wear shades and tie your hair back and it'll be fine," Bob said.
"How come Mr Thirty-Two is helping us get with seventeen-year-old girls?" Frank asked.
"Coz I'm deeply understanding and sick of you taking me out to bars to listen to you bitch about your complete lack of action," Gerard said.
"Good enough for me!" Mikey said.
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