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Forbidden Fruit

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Vyse and Aika spends some quality time together. What if Fina finds out what they're doing?

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Forbidden Fruit

"Heh heh, this is gonna be sweet," Aika grinned.

"Definitely," Vyse said, equally eager. "But before we start: are you sure you wanna do this?"

"Totally. Girls have certain needs, you know. And this particular girl has got a grand appetite."

"Just the way I want it, then. So let's get the whole enchilada started."

"That's a quite an odd saying, don't ya think?"

"Don't care what it's called; it leads to the same thing."

"Guess so. OK, where do we start?"

"Well", Vyse said, unbuttoning his waistcoat and throwing it away in the corner, "you can start by peeling the banana."

"I'd love to, but where d'ya have it? Hmmmm?"

"Oh, sorry. Right, there you go. Go for it."

"Now that's something I know how to do. Like this?"

"Aa-aaah. Good, good, just continue like that. Can I... go for your melons, then?"


"... I take it for an 'yes' then."

"You should know me well enough by now, Vyse."

Tenderly and carefully, he let his fingers do the job. He didn't want to mess this one up. This time he would succeed. It felt good.

"You're doing great," said Aika. "I think you've done this before, am I right?"

"Actually yes. Remember that time when you walked in on me and Fina?"

"So you were also...? Aha, I thought she was desperate for some yummy stuff and you just happened to be there. I mean, so that she could get some... From what I saw, it seemed she did the most 'work'."

"Well, as long as she's happy I am. It's a man's obligation to help out a lady or two. Even if it involves..."

"Fu fu fu. Us girls can manage quite well on our own. Fina and I have done this also."

"Wait a minute, you and Fina have...?"

"Why shouldn't we? But I have to admit, she has natural talent for this. I never thought they taught her this at the silvite-shrine."

"She sure does. Almost makes me wish she was here."

"I know. Her stuff just makes one screaming for more. She always makes the extra effort to make sure everyone is satisfied."

"Yes, I know you mean. I can never get enough of her... special cream."

"Mmm, don't make me run out and get her."

"I didn't mean it that way. You're good too. Now, say 'ah'."

Aika opened her mouth. Vyse held the little grape between his thumb and index-finger, slowly bringing his hand closer to Aika. The grapes weren't really necessary for this, but it sure spiced things up. She closed her lips around the berry, and a small part of Vyse's fingers. It could almost count as a little kiss. How amusing.

"To finish this," said Vyse. "What do you say we add some whipped cream to the bowl?"

"Like we always do," Aika grinned. "It has to taste like something."

"Just a little extra. You know, it tastes lovely on its own."

"Why thank you. Hey, you know what more we could do?"

"Do I dare guess?"


A knock on the door interrupted Vyse and Aika in the middle of their act.

"Are you two finished yet?" Fina's voice said behind the closed door.

"Uh... yeah sure!" Vyse answered.

Fina opened the door.

"So, how did it fare off? Did you do anything?"

"Sure," Aika said and held up the glass-bowl. "This is the best fruit-salad we've ever made!"

A/N: Thanks to user Kirala for proof-reading and suggestions.
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