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Chapter 1: Dreams?

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"It was only a dream," she smirked, saying it without hesitance. I would have believed her, if she hadn't turned around. She was thinking the same thing as me.

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I sat in silence, pondering. Was it really a dream?

"Pete, it's only a dream," Patrick slurred, he wasn't really a morning person, he only got up because he heard Emma scream.

"Yeah, yeah." I mumbled not shifting my eyes from the coffee mug in my hands. Joe bounded down the stairs, immediately stirring me from my thoughts. The silence destroyed.

"Good morning sunshine," I said mockingly looking at Joe. He just strolled over to the box of donuts sitting on the table and snatched one. Then he walked out of the room it half stuffed in his mouth.

"Gude moiwning gwls," he said, pulling the donut out of his mouth, "I mean good morning girls." He laughed, walking past Emma and Amanda, who were on their way to the kitchen.

"Morning Joe," they giggled as they watched him stuff the donut back into his mouth.

"Woah, quit talking so much boys," Emma said entering the deathly quiet kitchen. Patrick glanced at her then looked down, then smirked, pulling has hat down over his eyes and kissed Emma.

"Pete?" Amanda sat down next to me, kissing my cheek.

"Yeah," I said looking at her. My eyes showed how worried I was. She kissed me, until I thought I'd suffocate, hoping it would get my mind off of the bitter subject.

"It was only a dream," she smirked, saying it without hesitance. I would have believed her, if she hadn't turned around. She was thinking the same thing as me.

I stood up and turned her around, looked into her worried eyes, "It'll be okay." She faked a smile and snatched the donut off my plate.

Patrick came over to me, putting his arm on my shoulder, "It'll be okay," I whispered, my voice showed I didn't believe it. I wanted to but I couldn't. He walked away completely ignoring the fact Emma was behind him. She stole Patrick's hat, exposing his perminant hat hair, only to immediately cover it up with her hat. She placed his hat on her head, it fell over her eyes, making her laugh.

"Gangster," she giggled reaching for Patrick's face, which she pulled close to hers, she tried to kiss him but she couldn't stop laughing. Finally she fell back into a chair, giving Patrick a chance to steal his hat back. He placed his hat back on his head and threw Emma's hat into her lap. She immediately put it back on, still laughing.

"Do you two sleep in your hats?"

"No," they both replied. I replied with a simple, sarcastic I'm sure look and walked out of the kitchen. I walked up the stairs and headed to my room, that's when I heard her crying. The stress was getting to her. The dreams were becoming more frequently and more realistic. I looked though the crack in the door to her room. She was curled up on the edge of her bed, her head resting in her hands, tears fell between her fingers.

I entered the room, "Amanda?" I sat down next to her. She wiped her teary eyes and nose with the last tissue in the box. I put my arms around her. She immediately began crying again. I wiped her tears with my finger and kissed her salty cheek.

"Pete!," Patrick screamed.

"It'll be okay." I took her hand and rushed down the stairs. I ran into the kitchen, no one, I ran into the living room, no one.


"Where are you?" I ran around finally finding him in the front yard. There was our proof, sitting on the ground outside of her window. It was a little notebook, covered in Amanda's pictures. We just couldn't bring ourselves to open it yet, as if ignoring it would make it less real.
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