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I missed you guys sooo much!!

by me_myself_and_MCR 5 reviews

Oh my god; im outa the hospital; im in my room; and i missed all of you!! And yes; i am really writing this; not my sis; but me!

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Oh my god you guys; i can't believe im really here writing this; all by myself; in my room; with KissGoodbye (my sis autumn) right next to me!!!! You guys; thank you for your support and encougement in my time of need; i love you all!!! AlexSanDee; thank you so so so veryy much for being there; you are such a great writer and i love your story!! Limited_Too_You thanks for being there for my sis when she was home; you are like our bff now. And i thank all of you for have hope for me; i really really am thankful. I am starting freash with my storys by deleting all of the ones unless they are completed and starting new ones soon; so keep your eyes peeled!! Yes; the doctors had little faith that i would survive but look at me now!!! screams im alive!!! And outa that hospital... But i am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so thankful!!!! I cant wait to get reveiws from ou all in my upcoming storys!!!!

LOve you so very much;
nichole + (autumn)
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