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Cloud usually didn't find himself with a day completely free of commitments.

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Cloud usually didn't find himself with a day completely free of commitments. There was always a delivery to be made, or a promise to the kids to be kept. He was a busy man, and he accepted that.

But sometimes, sometimes he found himself looking at his calendar and realizing he had no plans. And on those days, Cloud slipped quietly out of his room, down the stairs, and out of the back door before the sun had a chance to awaken.

He drove. For hours. For miles. Long roads, twisting and turning. As fast as Fenrir could go, pushing the bike to the brink over and over, almost killing himself a thousand times over before breakfast.

By lunch time, he could be found at the church. It was no longer what it had once been. The pews were smashed from various fights, the flowers were gone, replaced with a crystal clear pool of water. Cloud threw his gear down on the floor, beside the bike, but close enough to get to easily in an emergency. Some habits were hard to break. He unbuckled the harness first, then stripped off his armour. His gloves and shirt were next.

Cloud stepped quietly into the pool, shivering slightly from the chill of the water over his heated skin, and waded to the middle.

He stretched his neck from side to side, and flexed his hands beneath the water. He closed his eyes. He opened his heart, his mind, his soul. The effect was instantaneous.

A light voice, full of laughter and cheer that chimed like the smallest of bells, began to sing a sweet song in a forgotten language. Cloud felt a slim pair of arms embrace him from behind, a face nuzzling his back. A light kiss, a mere brush of lips, floated from one shoulder blade to the other. She rested her cheek against his skin, and sighed. He smiled.

I miss you.

I know. We both miss you too. So, so much.

I feel incomplete. Like two important parts of my body are missing. It's as if someone's cut off my arms.
He felt himself tremble.

We're here. Whenever you need us, we're here. You can't see us, but you'll know.

Where is he?

Another voice, rumbling deep with chuckles and the remnants of a Gongagan accent, suddenly overwhelmed his senses and caused him to stumble as he lost his footing and almost crashed into the water.

Zack! Control yourself!

Sorry, doll.

Where were you?

Here. I was just letting you two have your moment. Oh, and speaking of? It's my turn now, babe. Step aside, sister.

You're such a bully. Don't you stick your tongue out at me! Jerk.



Dang woman, you wound me.

A second pair of arms, strong and heavily muscled, wound around his shoulders, and Cloud let his head fall forward until his face was resting against the familiar neck. He smiled wider, and inhaled the comforting scent.

Zack, you smell like Aerith. What have you been up to?

Oh, we're busted. Well jeeze, I gotta keep her company on those long, lonely nights, if you know what I mean.

Cloud snorted. When can I be with you again?

Aerith hesitated. Not yet. A sigh. Not yet. You're still needed.

But I want to be with you.

Cloud --

It's not fair!

I know. We want it too.

The chest Cloud was leaning on moved as Zack spoke. We do Cloud. We miss you. We hurt without you. We're like a triangle missing one of it's sides.

Zack's right, Cloud. But you have to think about our friends. Tifa, the kids, and everyone else. What happens to them if you leave?

So, what? I have to wait for everyone else to die before I can have my peace?

I didn't mean it like that.

Cloud sighed. I know. It's just so heavy. I think about you more and more. I can't concentrate, and I can't tell anyone about this. It would make them sad, to know I want to be with you, and not them. I mean, I want to be with them, but I want to be with you more.

They were both holding him now, and he wanted nothing more than to reach behind him and grasp one of Aerith's hands. To step forward and embrace Zack back. But he'd learned from experience that if he tried, his seeking touches would meet nothing but empty air.

After a time, Aerith spoke again. They're looking for you, love. You've got to go.

No. I want to stay. Stay with you. Just a little longer?

I'm sorry. We have to return as well.

So soon? But --

When you have no more burdens to shoulder, no more lives to save, no more purpose on the Planet, we'll be waiting for it.

You bet your ass we will.

I love you both.

I love you too,
they chimed together.

We love you, more than anything.

Till next time.

Two mouths, one after the other caressed his, and then there was nothing.

A/N: OT3 FIC! YIPPEE!! This is The OT3 for me. The three of them are a complete match, and I love them all so much.
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