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Homework always came first.

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Homework always came first.

That was the rule. Always. No matter what. It didn't matter how desperate or needy or utterly overwhelmed by tension they might feel, the homework. Came. First.

Sometimes though, it was close. Touya would be trying to finish the last three problems in his math book while Yukito nuzzled against his back like a playful kitten demanding attention.

Other times, they barely made it. Touya would literally pick the snow bunny up off his cushion on the floor and throw him onto the bed, climbing on top and sticking his hand now Yukito's pants. After one such occasion, Yukito had been forced to explain to a very curious Flourite-sensei why his chemistry paper was so damaged. Luckily, he'd taken the offered excuse in good humour and allowed Yukito one night to re-type it.

Touya never had that problem. Touya's work was always perfect.

After the third detention over damaged work, Yukito felt some payback was deserved.

And, if a week later, while Touya frantically tried to recopy his chocolate covered history homework, Yukito allowed himself a small, smug smile?

Well, no one could blame him.


"They're very obvious, nee?"


"Oh, don't pretend like you don't see it."


"Are you ignoring me?"


"Kuro-mii-sensei is meeeeean!"

A/N: ... The omake? I had to. I had to. I just... I had to, okay?
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