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The Perils of the Buddy System

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This was one of the worst experiences of his life, hands down.

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This was one of the worst experiences of his life, hands down. It wasn't enough that he was lost in the forest with Cloud fucking Strife, Hero of the people, protector of puppies and all that's sparkly, no he had to be turned into a fucking... SOMETHING, on top of it all.

It was Strife's fault. Reno had wanted to go left. Reno had wanted to /split up/. Strife had insisted they stick together.

The only thing that made this the slightest bit better was that Strife had been nailed by the same spell. Misery loves company, and Reno planned to complain until this was reversed or he /died/. Which ever came first.

Cloud might even be worse off than he was, because he had that stupid sword strapped to his back throwing off his balance. And learning to balance on four feet instead of the normal two? Not so easy.

"I think we should never mention this to anyone, ever." Reno stated. Cloud looked up and glared. Reno could feel the implied Well, DUH like a shiver up his spine.

The blonde pawed at the ground, and Reno noticed the gauntlets from his uniform had come through the transformation. The rest of his clothing had been shredded.

He still had his goggles on top of his head, and they slipped a little when he turned his head back to look at his tail. He hadn't learned how to make it stop twitching. That was when he noticed the picture.

There was a picture.

On his /ass/.

Of a beer bottle.

A quick glance at Strife confirmed he had similar image in the same area. Of a sword.

Oh, the irony. He could almost taste the sarcastic remarks. He managed to refrain from making them, even though they were sitting on the tip of the tongue like a hot pepper. If he tried, Strife might kick him out of bed. That would be no fun. The ex-SOLDIER was slightly more interesting now that he was getting laid on a regular basis.

He took a shaky step forward. Then another. Then another. And then he reached out with his face and shoved Strife, causing him to topple down in the mud.

Reno felt a hysterical giggle brewing in his chest. Strife looked up at him and glared.

"I hate you."

The small red creature that Reno had become shook his head and rolled his eyes. It took some twisting, and he almost chipped a tooth, but he managed to bite through the straps on the sword harness and free Cloud from his unbalanced prison. As he got back to his feet however, Reno shoved him into the mud again.

Just because.

A/N: It's My Little Pony crack! HAHAHAHAHA. shot
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