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haha, i was boured again. :P

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Hey yeah, i got boured again. so here we go. :]

One day Brittany was sitting in her mansion. She was so happy, because she had just accomplished her goal of making that morning's toast. She bit down into the buttery piece of burnt toast. Then suddenly she heard a crack! She looked around, shrugged after a few minutes and ate another bite of her toast. She was sitting in her leather chair, in her grand living room. Then out of nowhere, the chandelier fell on her, crushing her flat. She had died instantly. It's a shame really, nobody got to finish the toast. The poor piece of bread was wasted that day... :( And yet. Nobody cared about the PERSON who died, only the poor piece of toast. And I agree.


Yes yes, yet another weiurd one.
Am I boured or what?? :P
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