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Spirit of Fire

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After Konoha is attacked a new great war befalls the Shinobi World. First Part of my War Within series.

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Kurenai felt the mist on her face as she looked out at the ocean. It was a beautiful never-ending mass of nothing but sparkling water. The waves of the ocean were very soft tonight, which meant that it must be happy. Kurenai looked at everyone else on the boat. They were in a sleep so deep they looked like they were dead. Everyone was snuggled up in blankets and having dreams or nightmares. But, not Kurenai. She hadn't been able to sleep that night. For some reason she had a feeling in her stomach that something bad was going to happen. This feeling felt like a lead weight in her stomach, so she thought that looking at the ocean might help sooth her. Kurenai had been right about that. The ocean had soothed her so much that the feeling was almost gone, but a piece of it was still there. She hoped that once she got back to Konoha the feeling would go away. A few days ago, Tsunade had told Kurenai and a few other ninja to go do some reconnaissance on a supposed terrorist organization over in the Village Hidden in the Snow. The organization was a terrorist organization. It had some kind of plan to destroy the Village Hidden in the Clouds. If they destroyed it, they were supposed to get some big payoff from another organization that Kurenai and the rest of the squad hadn't found out about. But, Kurenai was sure that Tsunade would be pleased with the information they had gathered.

She just wished that this boat ride would be over soon because that bad feeling she'd had in her stomach was beginning to regenerate. Growing bigger and bigger like a parasite feeding off of her. Maybe it was just sea sickness from looking at the ocean for too long. Yeah right, Kurenai thought to herself. If it was sea sickness I would have vomited by now. "Hey," somebody behind her said. She turned around and saw Shikamaru standing there. "You couldn't sleep either?" Kurenai asked him. "Yeah," he said walking over to edge of the boat next to Kurenai. Shikamaru got a pack of cigarettes out and lit one. As he began to suck on it, he offered one to Kurenai. "Shikamaru, you know I don't smoke. Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to now," she said, pointing at her stomach. It had grown a little bit since the last time Shikamaru had seen her. "I know. I was just kidding around," Shikamaru said. "I'm actually thinking about quitting these things myself. Sakura told me I could die from lung cancer. She really hates these things. She said she even hated them when Asuma smoked 'em," he added. "I didn't like them much when Asuma smoked them, either. As a matter of fact I even told him to quit a few times and he always just told me he'd consider it," Kurenai said.

"So, how's the kid doing?" Shikamaru asked.
"Fine," Kurenai responded.

"Have you found out if it's a boy or a girl yet?" Shikamru asked. "Well, Tsunade told me that it might be a girl, but she didn't know for sure," Kurenai responded. "If it is a girl, what will you name it?" Shikamaru asked. "Kikyo," she replied. Shikamru nodded to himself. "I like that name," he said. Kurenai smiled. Then, a man burst out of the doors leading to the captain's quarters. It was the first mate. He was staggering like a zombie and moaning. Blood was streaming from his mouth. He fell forward and Kurenai caught him. "What happened?" Shikamaru asked him. "Ambush," was all he said before he fell over dead. Shikamaru saw a kunai sticking out of his back. Then, Shikamaru saw, out of the corner of his eye, a blazing ball of fire headed straight for the ship. Straight for where he and Kurenai were standing. "Get down!" Shikamaru said tackling Kurenai to the ground. It hit the ship and exploded, splitting the ship almost all the way in half. It capsized and fell sideways into the water. Some of the fire was put out but most of it on the other side remained. Shikamru and Kurenai swam to a large piece of wood and got on it. "What's going on?" one of the ninja in the squad asked in confusion.

"We're being attacked by unspecified ninja," Kurenai called back. About a hundred ninja jumped from the top of the ship and began attacking the members of the squad that were still in the water. Kurenai formed a hand seal and used some kind of Gejutsu on them. Many of them began to scream out in pain that wasn't even being inflicted on them. Shikamaru got six of them with his Shadow Strangle Jutsu. But, there was still a large number of them coming. Shikamaru and Kurenai swam to a bigger piece of the ship with about three squad members fighting off the ninja. With Kurenai and Shikamru as there backup they defeated the ninja and saw that they were floating towards a small island. "Kaze, use one of your wind jutsu and speed up this board," Shikamru said to Kaze. Kaze was an immigrant from the sand village and knew a lot of different wind-based attacks. He formed a series of hand seals and began to blow a large stream of wind from his mouth. They arrived at the island after about five minutes. Several other ninja, most of them wounded, were there, too. Shikamaru walked over to one of the ones that had attacked them and said, "Who sent you?!" The ninja didn't reply and took several deep breaths. Then he began to laugh. Shikamru punched him in the face then kicked him in the stomach. "Who?!" Shikamru asked again. "Akuma Tora," the ninja finally said and then fainted. Shikamaru checked the plate on his headband and saw the sign of the Land of Lightning.

"Someone get a carrier pigeon and send a letter about this to Lord Hokage right away," Kurenai ordered. "Kurenai, come here," Shikamaru said. Kurenai walked over to Shikamaru. "What is it?" she asked. "Look at his headband," Shikamaru said. She looked it over. "What are you trying to get at?" Kurenai asked confused. Shikamaru turned his head to her with a look of concern.

"I think these guys are trying to start a war," he said.
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