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We call it love

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Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Jade is african american Brendon is caucasian Two different views on how the world is seen. Two different backgrounds. Two...

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Author notes: Okay I've been wanting to do this story forever and here it is. I don't know how well it will do but I guess I'll figure out soon. PLZ read and review!

I was sitting on my couch eating popcorn and watching a movie. Here I was eating all alone. Watching a movie all alone. I was lying to myself when I said I didn't need anybody because its not always fun to be alone. Everybody just needs that companionship once and awhile. Sure I have friends but its nothing compared to being in love and being loved. I longed for romance. The saying goes "You just have to wait and unexpectedly you'll find Mr. Right". Well guess what I'm tired of waiting.

"Bam rolled snake eyes. Hand up that boardwalk because I got's the doe" Jon cheered.

"That's my baby" cassie said planting a kiss on his cheek.

I kind of feel like the 8 wheel with no partner. The tagalong per say. Not that its even bothering me but I do miss getting kissed on and the late night spooning. I can live without sex because that's why I have a hand and Spencer's porno's. I've been in and out of relationships for a while now. It seems I can't find the right girl.

"I love you" Keltie said caressing Ryan's cheek.

"I love you too" he replied diving in for a kiss.

I looked over at Spencer. His girlfriend and him were making out. When did monopoly turn into such a sexual activity? I brushed it off as I went to stand out on the patio. Tonight was so alive and young.

I stood up and laid the popcorn on the counter. Then I went to my room to slip on a jacket and sweat pants. I put my hair in a messy ponytail and went to the front living room. I turned off the TV and walked out the door. Locking the door behind me I jogged down my steps and walked on the sidewalk. I needed to take a breathe of fresh air. I had a lot on my mind and I needed to clear it by getting out of that stuffy apartment. As I walked along the side walk I see this house with a bright sign that stood out to my eyes. So I walked up to it and the sign reads: Palm reading inside. I chuckle to myself as I even think about going in.

The low temperature winds that kept a chill running down my spine felt nice. Inside was too hot for me., coming directly from the "passionate lovers". With that thought I then breathed in real deep and exhaled slowly. I hanged onto the rails rocking back and fourth on my heels. Tonight was refreshing. I never really realized how much I haven't just looked at the sky. The stars were glistening so brightly and I've never took the time to watch them. They were such a beautiful thing. Eye catchers defiantly. The things we take for granted.

I walk up the steps and stand in front of the door. I exhale as I knock softly two times.
There's no answer.

"This is retarded" I mumbled to myself as I begin to walk down the steps.

"Were closed" I hear someone call. I stop and turn around to see this lady by the door. She has a silky scarf wrapped around her head and wearing a dress that flowed very freely with interesting patterns.

"I'm sorry" I smile blushing a little.

"Jade Marlette isn't it?" she asks arching one eyebrow

"How did you know?" I chuckled lightly.

"I know everything" There was a momentarily pause.

"Come in darling" she demands opening the door wider.

"I thought you were closed?"

"Well now were opened" her smile reads secretive all over it.

I walked back at the steps and stand in front of her for a moment then proceed inside. I stand in place as she shuts and locks the door.

"Your not going to cast any spells on me or anything" I chuckle.

"I'm no witch" her tone was mellow with a smile hiding behind it. "Come dear" she demands as we go through this doorframe that has beads hanging from it.

She takes a seat and signals for me to sit in the chair that's across the table. So I sit down and look around cautiously.

"What brings you here?" she asks.

"I thought you knew everything" I smiled bluntly.

She laughs.

"You're a very pretty girl"

"Thank you"

The lady looks down and lifts her head very slowly.

"I see loneliness and a long for romance" she says it like if she's almost teasing.

"Do I owe you money for this?"

She leans in a little and her tones volume decreases.

"For you jade? Never"

I leave that as a rhetorical answer.

"Jade give me your left hand"

I pull my left hand out of my pocket and lay it palm first on the small round table.

"I've never done this before" I laugh sheepishly.

"Me either" her chuckle is cheap.

She begins to stare at my palm as if her eyes are suddenly intrigued. Her fingers began to trace around the lines. She lifts her head with a vast expression of curiosity.

"You're an Aquarius? Yes?"


"I see here romance in your near future"

"How near?"

"Your match will have a sign of Aries. Your paths will cross unexpectedly"

"unexpectedly?" I laugh. "Like I haven't heard that before"

She stares intensively into my eyes. Her expressions as if she's seen a ghost.

"Jade this guy has a famous present. The big difference will be obviously shown when you meet him. Your from two different worlds and those worlds will collide and when they do it'll hit hard"

I stop rocking on my heels as I feel a hand rest on my shoulder. I turn my head slightly as I see Spencer.

"So your done playing tonsil hockey?" I laugh.

"Well I wanted to take a breather and see what you were doing"

"Nothing really" I smile resting my forearms on the rail.

"That's good. I hope it doesn't bother you that we have our girlfriends over"

"Of course not" I answered to quickly. "I mean its no big deal"

"Okay good" Spencer says looking into the sky as he stands beside me.

Silence's fall between us .

"The stars are really standing out tonight" I blurt out.

"Yeah they are" Spencer's voice seemed very easygoing.

"How about you go back inside. I'm okay out here" I insist.

"Alright, thanks man" he smiles patting me on my back and then walking inside.

I look down for a moment and when I look back up I see this star shoot across the sky.

"You got to be joking me!" I whisper to myself. I lift myself up and stare intensively. Another star shoots across the sky but from the opposite direction So I close my eyes and make a wish.

'I hope to be with the girl of my dreams'

I re-open them and look at the sky. There's a star from what I can see that's glowing. I shake my head as I choke out a laugh. "Are you kidding me?"

I look at her with a blank stare then I bust out laughing. "Are you kidding me"

"No I'm not. Jade I'm not joking" she says it like she's telling the truth.

"Okay. Maybe you need some sleep but whatever it is I got to go" I laugh getting up.

She grabs my arm. She stares into my eyes forcefully.

"This isn't a joke. I'm not playing. Look for black and When you find him or whenever you see him ask him does he have a birthmark?"

"Why?" I ask defensively.

"Because he'll say its on his neck"

I stare at her for a moment then snatch my arm from her.

"Your freaking crazy lady" I hiss running out the door.

Once I'm out I let out a breathe and walk home.

I scratch my head as I look down and see a couple on the sidewalk.

"Don't you realize its jade" the girl yells to the guy standing infront of her.

I arch an eyebrow and let out sigh.

"Oh tonight tonight" I sing walking into the apartment.
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