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Help Me Fly

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When Kagome is terribly hurt, can Inuyasha save her? Will Kaede have what it takes to save her life? WILL I EVER STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS?! Read to find out, it's a really good story! -_^

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Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were facing off like they did everytime they crossed each others path. Kagome and the others were standing nearby incase they needed to jump in and help Inuyasha. Jaken was standing on the opposite side of them gaurding Rin. Nobody even noticed when he slipped away and vanished into the shadows. Then something caught Kagome's eye. She saw Jaken creeping up behind Inuyasha with a small dagger in his grimy little hand.

Help me fly,
For you are the wind beneath my wings.
If you die down then I will fall,
And I'll never be able to fly.

Without thinking Kagome threw herself at the little goblin and gasped as the dagger penetrated her chest. Kagome could hear everyone calling her name then running towards her when she didn't respond.

Is this it?
Will I never fly?
My wind died down,
And now I am falling thousands of feet.



"I'm here Kagome...I'm here..."

Kagome nodded and closed her eyes.

Jaken turned to see his masters pleased look, but saw not a pleased look, but an angry look. Sesshomaru never meant to hurt his brothers wench and felt horrible. He glared at Jaken and he shriveled and fell to the floor in pain. Then he turned around and left.


"Inuyasha we need to get her to Kaede's house. I'm sure she can help."

Without saying a word he nodded at Miroku and gently scooped up Kagome in his arms. It's a good thing we're nlt that far from the village. I'm so sorry Kagome...i wasn't there toprotect you.... Inuyasha thought to himself.

It was sundown by the time they reached the village and Kagome was whinning with pain, trying to toss and turn in Inuyasha's arms.Inuyahsa stormed in Kaede's house and Kaede's eyes widened with horror when she saw Kagome and Inuyasha covered in her blood.

"What Happened!?"

"It's a long story, can you help her old hag?"

"I'll see what I can do. I would perfer you called me Kaede and not 'old hag.'"

"Whatever. Just please help Kagome."

Inuyasha stepped outside so Kaede could remove Kagome's clothes to get a better look at her wounded chest.

I flap my wings,
but it's so hard without my wind.
So I let myself fall while i look at the clouds,
And see nothing but you.

Sango, Miroku, Kilala, and Shippo finally caught up with Inuyasha and saw him pacing outside Kaede's house. Not a good sighn...

"Maybe we should give him some time alone."

"No Miroku, I want to see how Kagome is! You chickens can stay here if you would like to."

Miroku and Shippo stared in shock as Sango and Kilala stomped over to Kaede's house. She almost never yelled at Miroku since he proposed to her. Never has she once yelled at Shippo, after all he was only eight.

"Inuyasha? How is she?"

"Oh, Sango...I don't know. Kaede won't let me in to see her."

"Inuyasha? You can come in now. Oh, hello Sango."

"Hi Kaede, how is she?"

"She'll be fine, she just needs sometime to heal and rest. Right now she is sleeping."

"That's good, right Inuyasha? Inuyasha?"

He was already inside when Kaede said she was going to be fine. That's all he needed to know.

My eyes are closed as I reached the ground,
But a gust of wind catches me,
And I'm up in the air.
My wind is back beneath my wings,
It helped me fly back into the lush clouds once more...

Inuyasha sat there stroking Kagome's soft hair as her sleep and listen to her breathing. That was his lullaby as his eyes grew heavy and he soon closed them. She whispered something, 'Inuyasha...Inuyasha...' Inuyasha's eyes flew open to find Kagome's beautiful brown eyes staring at him, with only a hint of pain in them.


"Inuyasha, how am I alive?"

"I brought you to Kaede's place."

Inuyasha watched as Kagome's eyes looked around the room.

"Kagome what're you doing?!"

Kagome started to get up.

"Lie down, you need to rest! You don't want your wound top open agin! Kagome!"

"It's okay Inuyasha, it doesn't hurt."

Befroe Inuyasha could protest any further, Kagome got up and kissed him pationatly on the lips. Then she pulled away and showed him her wound. It was nothing more than a faint scar.

"But how?"

"Love Inuyasha, it is the strongest healer of all..."
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