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Reno wonders what's changed. The genre for this is general, but they don't have that on the list.

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in FFVII and nor would I want to. Have you seen the mess they make of the place?

A/N: This is a short introspective piece that was inspired suddenly by the part in the game where Reno tells the soldiers to stay off the flowers when he's standing on them. I felt the need to find some kind of explanation for the change in Reno's personality from the game to the film.


He stood there on the edge, staring into the pool that had formed so recently. He watched as a lone petal floated gently on the surface, all to remain of the flowers that had once grown on this spot. He crouched down leaning forward to softly blow the petal toward the other side. Catching sight he noticed his reflection seemed different, softer somehow.

He adjusted the slightly crooked goggles and smiled. When had he started caring? Any help or just lack of hindrance he'd offered Cloud in the past had been because it suited him. Work had been work, you were prepared to die in the line of duty if necessary; that's what they paid you for, but vacation time was just that. You didn't stick your neck on the line off the clock.

Yet there he had been, voluntarily going above and beyond the call of duty for the Boss and even Cloud. It had happened gradually, but he'd noticed he'd been laying off the drink more lately too.

In one of his rare moments of humour, Rude had joked that he was going soft in his old age, he hadn't even moaned at Elena for a while now. He knew he hadn't changed that much, he still enjoyed his job. Parts of it immensely. Maybe he could appreciate large explosions better when he was sober?

What had caused this gradual change , he couldn't really say. AVALANCHE's dedication to saving the planet and being better people for it could have had a slight influence, or maybe the Boss's move to do something good in atonement for Shinra's past mistakes.

Somehow, this didn't strike as the most likely explanation, it felt wrong. But it hadn't always been there had it?

But then, he remembered the time when though failing to see where he'd put his own feet, he'd told the others to stay off. He'd always had been fond of the flowers.
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