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My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon

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I sat there looking out the backseat window as the car went down the interstate. We were moving once again. An hour later the car came to a stop. My mom said We're here. I said Oh yeah, another house, Another school, another year of being a loner. My mom said that's enough. Now get some of your bed stuff and pick a room. I grabbed some of my stuff and started inside. I glanced over at the house next to my house and I seen four guy's standing out there, staring. I looked at the sign that said Hurley's. I thought hmm Hurley live's there. That's their last name. I walked into the house. I walked upstair's. I seen a door. Too Bad Jessi, This is my room. That's what it said on it. I said AGH, you annoying little fuck. I sometime's wonder if my older brother is actually my brother. I wonder if I'm adopted. I picked the room, three door's down from it. It was awsome. It had a walk out. But it wasn't a really pretty sight, just see the Hurley's house. I settled down. I layed my sleeping bag on the ground, cuz it was too late for me to unpack. I went to lay down but I couldn't sleep. So I went out on the walk out and looked out. I seen a light come on over in the house beside me. Then I seen about four guy's pile into the room. I turned around and walked back in. I heard someone say Hey. I turned around and seen a guy with glasses and long hair looking at me. I didn't say anything. He said Hey you, what's your name? I said umm Jessica but Jessi for short. What's your's? He said Andy Hurley? Nice to meet you. I would shake your hand but, you know your over there and I'm over here with annoying friend's. I said yeah, okay. I went to head back in. He said Wait, you wanna hang out? I said Umm it's 1 in the morning. and Why hang out with me, you don't know me. He said yes indeed it's one in the morning and if you hang out with us, I'll get to know you. Another guy with an fro like hair came out and said What are you doing Hurl's. Andy said nothing, just asking this girl if she want's to hang out with us? he looks at me and says so how about it? I said aww what the hell.Crap, I can't leave the house. The fro dude said Don't you worry, Trohman to the rescue. I just laughed. I said Is he on anything. Andy said no, just probably showing off to you. He alway's does that. I said don't guy's usually show off to hot/pretty girl's? Andy just laughed. I wasn't really paying attention to that fro dude cuz I got the shit scared out of me when he jumped up on my walk out. I said holy fuck. He said Sorry, by the what's your name? I said Umm Jessica but Jessi for short. Your's He said Joe Trohman but you can just call me Joe. I said ok. He said follow me. He started climbing. I said Umm I can't. I'm kinda scared of height's. He said Crap, why. I laughed and said I'm not. Now go before my freak of a brother come's here. He climbed down. I finished climbing down. Last step and i jumped. He thought I was going to fall. He said now, for climbing up this way. It's tricky. Ha Tricky. Sorry. He said for me to go. I was at the top. I put my hand on the rail. Andy grabbed my hand and pulled me over.He pulled a little to hard cuz I fell over it and on the floor of the walk out. I said holy mother of Jesus, that hurt.He laughed. Joe climbed up. He step right on me. I said I'm fine. I got up. Joe and Andy laughed. I said I'm glad, I can make you guy's laugh. Geez, you Chicago people are mean. I should just leave. Andy said No need, we just laugh cuz your funny and you are going to fit right in with the rest of us. I said Jump for joy. Andy said c'mon in. He grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I was only freaked out when I seen two guy's staring at me like WTF. Andy said Guy's this is Jessica but Jessi for short. Jessi this is Patrick and Pete. I just waved. What can I say those two were good looking. Hell I don't know hoe to describe it. Andy said have a sit on the couch over there. I said why, I think I'm just going to leave. Andy said Oh no, we are doing you a big favor as to be here. Your one our friend's now. I said Oh Sweet Jesus. You guy's arent into killing people are you, cuz I'm not into that stuff. Joe just laughed. Andy said No, We're kinda in a band and no killing involved. I said Oh okay, I've made a big ass of myself already. Everybody laughed at that. Andy said you in school? I said yeah.You? He said yeah, all of us. What grade you in? I said umm 12th. He said sweet, we're in 12th too. I said cool. Joe grabbed my arm and sat me down. I was still standing. I said crap, scare me why don't you. He said yeah, I've been doing that to you. Basket Case started playing. I realize that it was my phone. I pulled it out of my pocket. It read Big Boc. Shit my brother. I said You guy's gotta be quite for like a few minute's. It's my brother. I answered it. Hello. WHERE HELL ARE YOU? Umm I'm out walking. I couldn't sleep. GET YOUR ASS HOME NOW. Are you my father? No, so stop bossing me around. GET HOME NOW OR I TELL MOM. Go a head tell mom. Like I give a flying fuck. I hung up. Everybody looked at me. I said Umm I think, I'm just going to go. Andy said yeah, maybe. Joe said I'll help you sneak out using the front door. I said umm okay. Joe opened the door. I walked out. I seen two people walking this way. I pushed Joe back in. I said No way, there people out there. Joe said it's cool. I'll just say your my girlfriend and say I brought you over to get interduce to the guy's and I was taking you back. I said Umm okay. Kinda scared. Joe grabbed my hand and we walked out. The woman said Joseph who is this young lady? Joe said Mrs. Hurley, this is my girlfriend Jessica. She just moved here. Mrs. Hurley said Aww your that girl. Aww Send you mother over for some tea, sometime. I said Sorry, Mrs Hurley, but my mom is a busy woman and never has time. She smile's and said Alright. Well nice meeting you. We finished walking out the house. I said thank's for helping me out. and Nice meeting you Joe. I started walking toward my house. He said wait, can I atleast get your number? I said sure, if you give me your's. We exchanged number's. I said If you want, you can give Andy my number too. He said sure thing. He grabbed me and gave me a hug. He ran back over to the house. I walked inside. My mom was up. She said Where have you been. I said I went on a walk. I didn't realize the time it was. I'm sorry. She said Just don't do too often. I said yeah. I walked upstair's and layed down. My pant's started vibrating. 1 New Txt Msg from Unknown Hey Jessi, it's Andy. U make it in safe? I text back. Hey Andy, Yeah, I can't do that too often. That's what my mom said. I'm gonna go to sleep. g-night you guy's. -JB
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