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character death!!! memory loss

Category: Bleach - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Abarai Renji, Kuchiki Byakuya, Kurosaki Ichigo - Published: 2007-07-02 - Updated: 2007-07-03 - 2856 words

I don't own any of the characters use, just the idea!!!
My steps keep getting heavier; I've lost more blood than I should have. I stare at my enemy one last time before I give the final blow, which I hope did it for him. I hear voices in the background, I know I should know them, but I can't figure out who is who. I see a flash of red as I feel my body move. Everything then turns black and I feel nothing, no pain, nothing. Almost as if I was dead.

"Ichigo!" many of his friends and companions screamed as he fell to the ground winning the fight. Renji got to him first got him to the Uahara shop for Hana to heal him. Renji laid him down and was purely shocked, but did his best.
"There is nothing I can do, Ichigo is dead," said Hana looking down and away from everyone as the shock and sadness overflowed the shop as everyone heard the news. Rukia looked at Renji; he looked like a broken doll, nothing there just a body, like he was really soulless.
Renji stood up no-one bothering to stop him, already out of his gigai he went back to the soul society to report what had happened. Word spread quickly; Renji went to his quarters and went into restless sleep. People talked and whispered around him, but when he stood or walked right by them they were silent; no-one wanting to bother him.
He entered his office with Byakuya Kuchiki and sat his desk looking at the pile of paper that laid there ready to written on. Byakuya slowly looked up to see Renji enter, but he didn't even feel his soul energy. He looked like a dead body walking; bags under his eyes, and shoulders sagged as far down as possible. If Byakuya was to send him in to battle he would surely die with in a second.

Days turned in to weeks which turned into one month. Although talk had stopped, it picked up a little when Rukia returned, but then died back down quickly. Byakuya couldn't stand the gloom that overshadowed his office from Renji and now his home from Rukia. Never had he seen such sadness, he wasn't even this sad when Hisana died.
He called his third in command to take things over while he was taking his leave, and then he was gone. He knew there was a slim chance, but Ichigo was still human so he would have to go to the soul society when he died right. Once he entered a building that had a lot of wandering souls, he really hoped he was here. Creepy as it was, he walked up to what seem to be the "check in" point for all the souls.
"I am Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, could you please tell me if Ichigo Kurisaki has come through yet," he ordered
Nervous the little man search through the data base and found that man that he was looking for had checked in and gave him directions to where he was staying for the time being. Byakuya followed the directions and knocked on the door. An orange hair teenaged boy answered it.
Ichigo's eyes went wide, "Byakuya! What are you doing here?" Ichigo asked surprised out of his mind.
"Good you remember who I am; I need you to come with me. There are some people you need to talk to," Byakuya said starting to walk away. Ichigo ran back into the room getting his sword and quickly following after.

After walking for about 20 minutes, "Captain Kuchiki, can I ask where we are going? Who am I going to talk to?" asked Ichigo looking curiously at the back of Byakuya.
"I'm tired of seeing my vice-captain so down and Rukia isn't any better, there is no peace anywhere I am at," he explained tiredly. Nothing else was said as the made it to gate. When they walked through people stopped in mid-step as the saw Ichigo walk through. Pure silence entered around them as the walked to Byakuya base.

Renji sat their, looking at the paper, but not really seeing it.


"Ichigo!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, blood was every where I turned. It seemed like an ungodly amount that was around Ichigo. He seemed deflated lying on the ground, "No you can't die, not yet! I won't let you!" he yelled carrying Ichigo on his back all the way to Uahara's shop, where Hana knew how to heal him.
I sat outside the door waiting for what seemed like hours until he finally came out, I knew that expression on his face. 'He's gone,' I thought as the shock appeared before my face. Everyone cried as Hana told them, he himself cried once he was done. I stood, no-one noticed. There was not reason for me to be here anymore; I dragged my feet as went back to Soul Society reporting what has happened. I returned to my quarters not seeing anything around and was engulfed, by the sadness which turned to darkness as I dreamt about Ichigo.
I knew that I was depressed and everyone was talking about me and Ichigo, you can't ignore constant whispers and pointing fingers. I entered the office that Byakuya Kuchiki and I shared when it came to paper work that we were forced to do. I looked at the pile and started.
I felt nothing, but grief as I wrote down my signature several times. One paper I had to write out was about happened in the living world. The only thing I could write was that Ichigo had died, and that they need to put someone out there to take care of the hollows that should be raging by now.

~end flashback~

Renji sat at the dojo watching people train or practice or both, "vice-captain Abarai, would you like to practice with us?" asked one of the lower members. Renji looked up at him with the same broken eyes that he had the day he returned.
He just stood up and walked away. Looking for a place to be by himself, he since his Captain coming closer with someone with him that he didn't recognize, but he knew that he should. Finding a tree he jumped up to the top, and fell asleep sitting there.

Byakuya and Ichigo entered the base, found out that Renji wasn't there, and that he had ran off after being asked if he liked to spar. Byakuya took notice of this, and walked to his office and saw that all the paper work was done.
"I'm curious," Byakuya started, "you don't have a speck of sadness on you anywhere, why is that?"
Ichigo looked at him and then down and then back up, "It's because I should know all these people, but I don't really. I only know you are because of what I heard, and they had some sort of picture of you. That is how I knew you. I see all these people point and whisper something; I should know what they're saying and should grieve, but I can't because, I don't know what I'm grieving for.
I should talk to these two people that you want me to talk to and I understand that, but I don't know what I can to do to help. I want to, but I don't know how, at least not yet," he explained looking Byakuya straight in the eye, "When ever you say those names, I am over come with this love that is just so strong that I almost can't take it, especially when you mention... Renji."
Byakuya was taken back by what he said; most people forgot their love as they come to the soul society. Theirs was so pure and true that it couldn't be forgot by anything, "let's go find Renji," said Byakuya as he stood once again.
Ichigo followed quickly keeping up with Byakuya as he talked to one of the lower members and pointed in a certain direction.

After walking for about ten minutes Byakuya came to quick stop and looked up at the tree; there was a fuzz of red that popped out a little from the branches. Ichigo was already on his way up, when he got there Renji was in deep, restless sleep as he repeated Ichigo's name.
Ichigo reached out his hand and rub the cheek that seemed to lean into the touch, but the body stayed asleep. He retracted his hand the body cried out for Ichigo.
Ichigo jumped down and told Byakuya that he will be staying here with Renji until he awakens and then was back up in the tree. He sat in front of Renji and leaned back with his back to Renji's, and chest and fell asleep himself.

Renji felt heat against his chest and hair under his chin, it was chilly and dark. He opened his eyes slowly and found orange hair underneath him. Fear over came his body as he turned the head to prove that it was Ichigo. Ichigo's eyes fluttered open and saw red eyes looking straight back at him. He jumped back falling out of the tree; Renji heard a thud a few seconds later. He jumped down after the orange haired man.
"Who are you?" Renji asked looking down on Ichigo. He looked up at the blank face and felt sadness hoping he wasn't the cause of that sadness.
"Ichigo Kurisaki and you are Renji Abarai, correct?" Ichigo said bowing and then asking a question himself.
Renji nodded not believing this "Ichigo" one bit, "Why are you here?" Renji interrogated.
"Captain Byakuya Kuchiki got me from a building that had a lot of souls. I was told I had died about a month ago and that I could stay there. I don't remember anything from when I was alive though, but when Captain Kuchiki said your name, I got this feeling of love and happiness. I told him that and he brought me here, I know you probably don't believe me or anything, but it is true. I love you and I can't deny that," explained Ichigo looking straight into Renji's eyes and blushed.
"Why don't you remember anything from when you were alive?" he asked standing there.
"I think it is to protect me, I can kind of understand that. I hate not being able to remember. I've missed so much and I don't like it, I wish I could tell you who I am, but I can't because I don't remember. It makes me feel angry and useless," Ichigo said looking down and away from Renji.
Renji took Ichigo's hand and grasped it tightly; he put his other hand on Ichigo's cheek as he leaned into the touch. He leaned forward and kissed Ichigo, the action surprised Ichigo, but it felt so right.
Soon after Renji removed his lips from Ichigo's who was now smiling, pain shot through his head as he crumbled to the ground grasping tightly to his head.
"Gah...Ahhh! It hurts!" he screamed every part of his body was burning as if he was on fire. Flashes of memory returned right before his eyes.
Renji knelt in front of Ichigo grabbing hold of his shoulders trying to him to look at him, "Ichigo, Ichigo! Are you okay?!" yelled Renji terrified of something happening so quickly after they got together.
The body trembled, Ichigo slowly looked up at Renji, "I...I re-...remember," Ichigo passed out from pain and Renji put Ichigo on his back and running to medical base for him to treated.

Hours passed and he still wasn't aloud to see Ichigo, the Captain of the medical base walked up to him, "he wasn't supposed to remember you, he wasn't even suppose know you. What ever you did made him remember and now we have to suppress the memory again so he is not in any pain. He is going to go through the academy and you are to interfere what-so-ever. If you guys come into the same unit you don't anything. You are under strict rules, got it?" she ordered. He nodded
"Can I at least say goodbye to him? I didn't get to the last time," he asked. She nodded and led him to the room. He felt like he was walking to his death.

~10 years later~

Ichigo stood proudly as he defeated a hollow that vanished into thin air. His hair was a little bit longer, but kept it at certain length.
"Hey Ichigo, Captain Kuchiki and vice-captain Abarai are coming! Let's go!" yelled one of his classmates, and they ran towards a group of students that watched in amazement as the two men walked by. Byakuya had a look of seriousness as Renji had a blank look upon his face.
Ichigo got pushed out a little and hurried back into the line, Renji saw him. The orange hair was there and it was Ichigo. He couldn't show any emotion though otherwise he would be punished.

Byakuya and Renji stood with the head master, "here are our top students. You want more members of your squad right?" asked the head master.
"Renji, leave go walk around," he ordered and Renji followed his order and left quickly and swiftly.
'Class must be going on, I guess I can sit in on one, they won't mind will they' he thought walking to a class that had small number of students.
Renji saw orange hair in the group of student that seems to be on a break.
"Hey, it's vice-captain Abarai!" yelled what seemed to one of the younger students. Some gathered around him and he kindly pushed them away.
"Where is your leader or teacher?" he asked one of them. Another pointed over at Ichigo who was sitting under a teacher, when he felt eyes on him; he jumped up into the tree at the highest point.
Renji followed after him and sat in front of him on the tree branch, they just looked at each other.
"Do you remember me?" asked Renji looking Ichigo straight in the eyes never losing contact.
"No," Ichigo answered not wavering once and then Renji jumped down from the branch and ran off.

Renji walked off to a corner that was abandon a long time ago, he sat and pulled his knees up to his chest; tears blurred his vision as he let them fall freely, 'he still doesn't remember. Maybe that's a good thing. No, it's not a good thing. It will never be a good thing'
Someone walked up to Renji looking down upon him, but he didn't care, "I lied to you, but I didn't think that you would get all this emotional about it," said the voice.
Renji looked up through blurred eyes and saw orange only to tell him that it was Ichigo standing to front of him.
"So you remember?" Renji asked standing up wiping away the tears. Ichigo nodded, "bits and piece, but memory fades with time right? Can't remember everything perfectly,"
Renji nodded, "Why aren't you in any pain?" he asked.
Ichigo looked shocked, "I was for a couple of days, but after that it seemed like it never even happened like the pain was never even there. I decided that I needed to be in your squad to get back, so I made my way to the top and stayed there until you guys came. I refused everyone else and told them that I wanted to stay here, because I wasn't ready just yet. Head master let me and told me I had to help out teaching until I was ready," Ichigo explained walking towards the head masters office.
Renji walked beside him, "why don't you smile? You use to all the time," said Ichigo.
"I can't otherwise I'll get punished, by the captain of the medical squad. I am under strict orders not to influence you to remember anything, but since you already to I think her order void now," he said thinking aloud, smiling a small smile.
Strong soul energy overcame Renji as Ichigo was unaffected by it, "it's captain Kuchiki," Renji said looking a little surprised how powerful it was, almost as if he was mad.
"You are Ichigo Kurisaki?" asked Byakuya as he walked towards the two men.
"You know that I am," Ichigo answered, the answer took Byakuya by surprise and wondered if Renji did anything.
"Renji, you didn't, did you?" he warned. Renji had fearful eyes.
"No, he didn't. I remembered on my own 8 years ago. He had nothing to do with it," Ichigo said stepping in front of Renji blocking anything Byakuya was about to do.
He smiled, Byakuya Kuchiki smiled, and "good, now the dark cloud that rests over my base will go away?" he asked looking at Renji.
"If I'm not going to be punished, yeah it will go away!" said Renji smiling like his old self.
"It's over, it's finally over. Now let's go you two, we're going home," Ichigo and Renji smiled as happy as they could.
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