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Drink Away the Pain

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This is my first story! Okay, so Pete finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him. Then he bumps in to two lovely ladies, and yeah. Just read it to find out. And I made a few grammar mistakes. And ...

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I don't look that bad. I just hope she thinks the same. I stepped out of my beat-up Chevy and took a deep breath then walked inside.

"Sydney? Syd, I'm home," he could hear giggling from somewhere upstairs.

What the heck is she doing up there?

"Sydney? Syd, where are you?" I continued yelling as he walked up the stairs. I could hear the laughing grow louder. What is she doing?

I heard her from the guest bed. I walked towards it and gulped slowly opening the door. Oh my God.

"Pete? Pete! It's not what you think!"

Oh my God! How could she cheat on me!?

Slowly I backed away and started to yell, "Sydney? How could you do this? You whore!" I exclaimed.

This sucks.

"Pete! Pete, no come back!" her yelling soon faded away.

I've gotta get out of here... but where am I supposed to go, I live with her.

"Take a look at my boyfriend, he's the only one I've got,"

"Not much of a boyfriend, I never seem to get a lot,"


Yeah, just wait until he cheats on you.

I've been listening to the two girls conversation next to me for about 30 minutes. It's been two days since I found out about Sydney.

"You've got me, Jenn!"

"Yeah, but we can't date each other, Violet," the girl next to me began, "besides, he takes me out to fancy restaurants and places that we couldn't ever afford,"

Oh, so just date 'em for his money.

"You're right. But it's wrong to date for money," she seemed to have read my mind.

She sighed, "Yeah, but we need the money right now. Come on! We work at friggin Jack in the Box! And besides..." her voice drifted as she looked up.

They seemed to be watching two guys dance around like drunken idiots. One must be her boyfriend. Then they started making out with each other. Maybe not.

They both sighed, "Look at him Jenn, he's completely wasted,"

Maybe so.

They continued to talk, as I continued to drink.

Man, girls like to talk.

The two girls were in a serious conversation when it all just became a blur.


I turned around to see the guy that had been sitting next to me drop his head on the counter. Men.

"Is he okay?" Violet asked me.

"We should bring him home with us," Violet nodded.

I sat up stood behind him and lifted his head up. I motioned to her to come help me.

"God, he's heavy!" We threw him in the back seat of my car.

"Well, let's head out" I nodded. I took the front seat and started to drive off.
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