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Chapter Nine

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just a dream? and swimmingggg.

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Pete's POV-

As we shot the music video, I had come to a conclusion. I was so beyond tired this morning that Hemingway only appeared to be talking.

He wasn't really talking, I'm sure.

I'm just going a little insane, is all.

"Okay, that's a wrap, boys." I heard the director screech. I walked over to William, and slung my arm around him.

"Great job today, Dandy." I said, smiling.

"Thanks Pete, you're an amazing actor yourself." he said, smiling back. Just like I imagined Hem talking today, I think I even imagined William blush.

"Hey, how about we all go swimming at the lake!?" Patrick asked everyone.

The room exploded into one big yes, and soon we were all heading for home to get our bathing suits, then all going over to the lake.
I got in my car, Patrick with me, and drove home, because his car was at my place.

"Alright Pete, I'll run home, and then see you at the lake." Patrick said, retrieving his car and leaving. I waved him off, and walked into my house.

I looked around, and saw Hemingway fast asleep on the cream colored couch in the living room. I smiled at my normal dog, and walked into my bed room, getting changed into swim trunks, and heading out the door.

I got in the car, and drove down to the lake, the lake was right down the street from William's place, so I knew he'd probably be there when I arrived.

I was right. When I pulled in, he, Mike, Brendon, Andy, Patrick, Spencer, and Joe were splashing around in the water. He was so beautiful.

I got out, and headed over to the three boys.

"Hey Pete!" William said, splashing me with the water. I giggled, and ran into the water, tackling him under water.

He rose up, breathed, and splashed water in my face again.

"Bitch!" I said.

"Break it up, you two fags." Joe screamed. My face and heart dropped, and I glanced out of the corner of my eye at William, and he looked as if he was about to vomit.

"Joe, shut the fuck up." Patrick and Mike said at the same time.

"Sorry. Hehe." He said, diving into the water. Joe doesn't know any better. Only Patrick knows.

William laughed uneasily, and looked at me.

I turned to him, and chuckled as well, to cover up my hurt.

"Asshole." William muttered. I chuckled at the remark, and William threw me a smirk, as I splashed him again, and he splashed back.

Soon, I became tired of swimming, and crawled up on shore, and sat on the beach, just tanning.

"Whatcha doin' up here, Pete?" I heard a rambunctious voice say. I looked up, and saw Brendon sitting next to me.

I sighed, and looked at the lake.

"Nothing, just tanning." I said, admiring William's body.

"But your already so tan." he said, looking at my arms.

"I know, but water isn't all that appealing to me right now, might as well get a tan." I said.

He nodded, and got back up.

"It's very appealing, Pete. You should come in." he said, running and jumping in the water.

I just sat on land, and watched the boys splash around for a while.

"Hey Pete, why aren't you in the water?" William called, looking at me.

"I dunno. Should I be?" I asked.

He smirked.

"Of course." he said, wading out, and running up to where I was sitting, smiling, and outstretching a hand. I looked at it, then at his gorgeous face, and took it.

He smiled as he helped me up, and then we both ran for the water, and jumped in, splashing around for the rest of the afternoon, and having a great time.

When it was time to leave, I got in my car, and headed off for home after saying a short goodbye to all of my friends. I ended up having a great time, and me and William were so close.

When I arrived home, I walked through the door, and trudged into my bedroom, getting changed into pajama bottoms and a tee shirt, and walking out to the living room. Hemmy was still asleep on the couch, what a lazy boy.

"Hey boy, I'm home!" I said in a squeaky voice.

Suddenly, he shot up, the tags on his collar clanking and making noise, and just starred at me.

I giggled, he was adorable.

He let his tongue out, and panted heavily, and just smiled at me.

Well, he wasn't blabbing, I must have just imagined things.

I smiled, and pet his head, and sat down next to him. "I'm beat, long day at the studio. Wanna finish that nap up here?" I asked him, patting my chest as I laid across the couch.

He jumped up on my chest, and nestled his head into my skin, as I sighed, and shut my eyes, falling asleep.
(Still Pete)
Once again, I found myself lost in the white room, everything, which was a car, now added fire hydrants scatted about, mailmen dancing around the place, and my bass, propped up against the car, was black and white.

"So, did you tell him?" I heard.

I turned my head, and saw Hem standing on the ground, wagging his tail violently.

"Oh god, not this again." I said.

"Well?" he asked, again.

"No, I did not tell him, and no, I will not tell him." I said, sitting on the hood of the car.

"Why? You must! I apparently didn't get through to you tangibly today, huh?" he said.

I shook my head.

"That's called fuckface Pete going insane, Hem." I said, looking over at the peculiar mailmen.

"Please do it Pete, before it's too late." he whined.

"Never, I'd mess up our friendship, throw everything away, I'd make a fool of myself." I said.

He shook his head, and panted more, turned on one foot, and trotted off.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked.

He didn't reply, he just trotted off.

I ripped my eyes open, and ripped myself out of the crazy dream. What the hell is wrong with my head?
I rubbed my eyes, and yawned, Hem was still sound asleep on my chest, and so I laid my head back down, and tried to fall back asleep.
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