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Important announcements brought to you by Manda.

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Ok, if you have read "Bang the Doldrums" by HumHallelujah13 and would like to be featured in the story, then I need a favor.
What you need to do is either tell me or Emma that we need to write a chapter for you, or you can write one on your own. The chapter has to be about how you get to Chicago for the FicWad flyaway type thing, (I.E. before the plane ride, on the plane, when you get there, etc.)
Please include who/what you bring with you, any details on how you get there and what happens, it can be as crazy, weird, or serious as you like.
The deadline is July 9.
Please email your chapter to me at .
If you have any questions/comments feel free to contact me or review this.
Thank you,
Manda and Emma
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