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Chapter One.

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Mikey thinks he's not crazy, his other band members seem to disagree.

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Okay guys, tell me how it is. Should I continue, yes no?
I own nothing more than the plot. :]

Thoughts = italics.

Day 214

Mikey's POV.

"I'm not crazy. I have to keep telling them over and over. I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy!" I looked up as the doctor walked into my little white room. "Please, I'm not supposed to be here!" The doctor told me otherwise, "Don't worry Mikey, don't worry your head." "Please! I am not crazy! Let me go!" I shouted at him, but nothing worked. He checked his little stupid clipboard and then walked out. I sighed.

"You are crazy Mikey. You know you are. You want to rip that doctor in half. No I don't, who am I talking to?"

I looked up again as someone else walked in. I sighed with relief as my brother came into focus. "Oh thank god, please Gerard! I'm begging you, please let me go. Please help me! Your brother. Please..." I put on my best pleading face.

Gerard's POV.

"Oh no, here he goes again. He looks so...sad. But he keeps getting into bigger trouble..." I looked over at him, my face saddened. I pushed the small black strands of hair out of my face. "Please Mikey, don't start begging. This is already hard enough..." "But Gerard! Please! You have to believe me!" He shouted those words to me. "I can't help him, he's getting his help here." "Mikey, I do believe you, I really do. But please, the doctor said in a matter of time you'll be able to get out. I promise..."

Mikey's POV.

"That's all they ever say! I'll get out! Don't worry! Be careful! My god I can't even move from this bed the way they have me strapped down, like some sort of animal!!" "That's all you guys ever say! I'm alright! I'm not crazy!!" Gerard was silent, staring downwards at his feet.

"But on some I stare at my ceiling, I think I am crazy. That's right Mikey, you are crazy, just admit it already." I sigh and let my gaze travel to the ceiling as Gerard sat next to me. "Yet another silent visit."

Once again, sorry if it's like boring. But this is only the beginning. Hopefully you like it. :]
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