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A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

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in which we explore the summer between Parts 1 & 2 of "Would You Believe Me If I Said I Didn't Need You?"--how did Pete and Molly reach an understanding and friendship...

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A/N: This is a one-shot taking place between Parts 1 & 2 of "Would...". I highly recomend having read that first. Just in case, Molly has just tried to do herself in and is now spending the summer in a hospital on Long Island, only Pete knows where she is.

Molly O'Conell approached the desk slowly. Sitting behind it was a stern looking woman who clearly did not want to be where she was. Glancing behind herself Molly saw her father walking just as slowly holding her suitcase. Stopping at the desk Molly took a deep breath and opened her mouth to speak allowing only air out and no sounds. Trying again Molly closed her mouth in frustration at the choked up feeling in her chest and lowered her eyes in defeat and shame.
"Hello?" her father finally spoke gaining the nurses attention. "We're here to check in."
"Jack O'Conell." her father stated quietly and Molly almost giggled when the nurse rolled her eyes at her father.
"Not your name. The patients name. Unless you're really a teenage boy under that pompus suit." And at that Molly did giggle.
"Molly O'Conell." Molly said finally finding her voice.
"Ok hun, I need you to go sit over there and fill these out while I talk to your father." The nurse motioned over to a bench a little ways down the hallway and Molly took some forms and a clipboard from her and walked away. As she wrote she tried to overhear what the adults were whispering about but finally gave up and observed her surroundings.
Grey walls with bars on the windows effectivly cutting off any means of going outside into the surprisingly well kept grounds of the hospital. Looking down Molly saw scuffed up linoleium floors that looked as though they hadn't been polished since at least the seventies when black and white checkered tile was still fashionable. The ceiling above her had water marks on it and the wooden bench she was sitting on had a cracked vinyl seat.
'peachy....' Molly thought to herself as she finished the standerd issue paperwork.
"Molly?" at the sound of her father's voice Molly looked up and was surprised to see him looking very upset. "I have to get going now but Nurse James is going to get you settled in." Suddenly feeling as though she was five years old again and falling down a hole Molly jumped up and flung her arms around her father and just started begging.
"Please Daddy, please. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know it was dumb, I promise I'll be good. Just please take me home. PLEASE." on the last word Molly's sobs broke out and as her father hugged her and whispered that he would see her soon he passed her off to the nurse and hurried down the hallway.
"Now there there darling. No crying. Trust me, this isn't as awful as it seems on first glance." Molly actually stopped crying long enough to look at the Nurse as though she was the crazy one.
"Not that awful? Have you SEEN this place?"
"This is just the downstairs. Now come on. You'll make lots of nice friends." Molly just rolled her eyes, grabbed her suitcase and followed the nurse upstairs.

Later that night Molly was lying in her room facing the wall trying to fall asleep. Thinking back on earlier she remembered arriving at her wing to see a depressed looking group of teenagers, male and female sitting around an equally depressing living room ignoring a councilor.
"Well Molly, this is it. J wing."
"It's....just as bad as downstairs." Molly glared accusingly at the nurse.
"Let's get you to your room." The nurse ignored Molly's glare and led her to a small bedroom with another bed in it.
"I have to share?" Molly asked as she put her bag down on the unmade bed.
"Yes. That's Lucy's bed. Now open up your bag."
"Because I have to check it." Molly eye's widened as the nurse reached over to open up her suitcase and began rifling through it. Nausea began overcoming Molly as the nurse removed her razor blades, tweezers, manicure kit, sisscors and migrane medication.
"You'll be allowed to use all of it, you just have to be supervised while doing so."
"But I didn't try to cut myself! Look! No scars." Molly exasperatedly pushed her hoodie sleeves up.
"That doesn't matter dear." The nurse began in a normal voice and then lowering it a bit she added, "besides, its not just you we are worried about having these around." Molly swallowed nervously as the nurse walked out of the room with her things.

Rolling over in bed Molly stared up and then jumped when her roomate spoke.
"If you're not going to sleep could you at least go out onto the couch. We don't have a real lights out here. We aren't the really crazy ones."
"Sorry." Molly whispered grabbing her laptop and a hoodie and walking out into the living room. Walking past the nurses station Molly told them she was going to be sitting in the living room so they didn't freak out when they did bed checks.
Sitting down on the couch Molly plugged in her lap top and booted it up. As the screen lit she wondered what she was going to do this summer to get out of here. She was startled out of her thoughts by an instant message popping up on the screen.

writer_xxx_boy: they let you get online there?
XRockerGrrlMx: who's this?
writer_xxx_boy: pete. I'm trying out a new SN. you like?
xRockerGrrlMx: no. it's lame. and the internet: news to me too dude. apparently they have the net here. who knew. I plugged it all in, i just didn't think it'd work.
writer_xxx_boy: it is not lame. it's creative.
xRockerGrrlMx: it's lame. deal with it being lame.
writer_xxx_boy: I could just sign off you know.
xRockerGrrlMx: but you won't.
writer_xxx_boy: unfortunately you're right. So how is it there?
xRockerGrrlMx: sunshine and jelly beans. how do you think it is? it's grey, i'm surounded by crazy kids who tried to kill themselves (not one word peter) and i can't even shave my legs unless i ask and someone watches.
writer_xxx_boy: kinky.
xRockerGrrlMx: if you're going to be an ass I don't want to talk to you.
writer_xxx_boy: sorry. I miss you?
xRockerGrrlMx: I've been gone two days.
writer_xxx_boy: so? I can still miss you. I haven't had a good fight with anyone since you left.

"Molly?" Molly glanced up from the computer screen to see the night orderly standing there with a clipboard. Waving slightly at him she watched as he marked something down and walked away.

writer_xxx_boy: u there?
xRockerGrrlMx: yea. sorry. bed checks...sort of. I'm actually gonna try and go to sleep. I'll talk to you soon.
writer_xxx_boy: fine leave the insomniac alone!

Molly rolled her eyes and closed the computer screen. Laying back on the couch she let her eyes drift closed and passed out for the night.

A week later Molly was sitting in the phone booth, as they had very quickly taken her cell phone away as well, staring at a small piece of paper with nine numbers written on it. Glancing at the other kids who were once again sitting around and staring at each other in between fits of rage or tears she picked up the phone and punched in her calling card number before dialing the number on the piece of paper. Tapping her feet on the bench Molly listened to the ringing in her ears until finally a voice answered,
"Hey. It's me." Molly croaked out.
"Me who?"
"Dick. It's Molly."
"Oh! Hey. One second." Molly heard the phone being covered up and someone talking muffled on the other end before Pete responded again, "So whatsup?"
"I hate it here."
"Yea, I didn't think you'd like it. What are the other kids like?"
"Other then that."
"That's about it. My roomate is weird. She's like anorexic or something."
"or something?"
"Well it could be that's she's just a skinny little emo bitch. She acts like it."
"Need I remind you what you did?"
"Don't "no" me missy."
"Don't mother me asshole."
"I'm hanging up now."
"Why did I call you in the first place?"
"You have no other friends currently. Goodbye." Molly stared in shock at the phone reciever as it admitted a dialtone in her ear.
"FUCKER!" She screamed and hung up the phone before storming out of the booth and into her room.

The next few weeks passed pretty much the same. Molly ignored everyone there, except for when she was forced to speak to a councilor and a few times a week would call Pete to bicker with him on the phone. She had been in the hospital for a month when she finally realized that they had stopped fighting on the phone and now their three times a week phone calls had started lasting an hour or so. Pete kept Molly updated on what was going on in Chicago with their friends and the band and Molly kept Pete enthralled with her stories of, "The inmates"

"I'm telling you they're going to riot."
"I highly doubt that Mol."
"You didn't see the way one of them was looking at me the other day."
"One of "them"? You are one of them."
"I am not."
"Yes you are and if after a month you haven't realized that basically admitting that is your fastest ticket out of that place then you aren't as smart as I thought you were. I gotta go. I'll talk to you next week." Pete hung up the phone leaving Molly to contemplate his words on her own for the rest of the weekend.
It was later that afternoon that Molly was silently sitting through group therapy. She had yet to open her mouth to anyone except during her private sessions. As her eyes wandered around the circle she thought back to what Pete had said earlier. And when the doctor asked if anyone had anything to share Molly found herself raising her hand.
"Yes Molly."
"I tried to kill myself in May."
"Why Molly?" Molly resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the question.
"I didn't want to be alive anymore."
"Why Molly?"
"Because I was mad at my friends."
"That's not a very good reason to want to kill yourself." One of the kids Molly insisted in her head on keeping nameless and faceless shot at her.
"...give me a good reason." She answered snottily before continuing, "I have this friend. He's smarter then I am, but I'm not about to let him know that, and he realizes a lot more then he gives himself credit for. He basically told me the only way to heal is to admit and accept that I'm a little bit crazy."
"Molly, you are not crazy. You're sick."
"No doc, I'm a little crazy. I can admit it now. I just don't know when I'll be able to accept it." The doctor smiled at Molly's statement and asked for any other imput from the other patients.

The next week Molly was waiting for Pete to answer his phone and when she heard a "Hello?" She didn't even question the voice she just shot out, "I did it!"
"Patrick? Why are you answering Pete's phone?"
"Why are you calling it?"
'None of your business jerk-face' Molly thought, but outwardly said "Just 'cause."
"Oh...well he's in the shower."
"Oh..." Molly trailed off and looked at the nurse who was tapping her watch. "Tell him I'll call him back tomorrow." Molly sighed and hung up.
Molly never did address to Pete the issue again, it laid unspoken between them. In fact, the rest of the summer was spent getting to know each other as friends, because somehow subconsciously a wall had been broken down in that first month leading up to Pete telling Molly she was nuts.

The end of August finally arrived and Molly was called into her therapist's office.
"Take a seat Molly." The doctor instructed, "How do you think you're doing?"
"Pretty good. I didn't think I needed to be here in the first place."
"BUT...I realize now that it did a lot of good."
"Ok. That sounds better. Are you ready to face your friends?"
"Well, at least you're honest."
"It's the best policy." Molly answered cheekily.
"Don't be a smart ass. Ok, let me cut to the chase. You're going home next week. School starts soon and I figured you wanted a few days to readjust to being home."
"Yes, back to Chicago and that brilliant friend of your's."
"Watch how loud you say that doc, the dude has spies everywhere. Don't think I'm kidding." The doctor laughed at Molly's serious tone and then looked curiously around when she saw that Molly was still not laughing.
"Well anyway, I don't know who it is but whomever you've kept in touch with while you were here helped you immensly. You were to put it bluntly, a mix of an self-important brat and a shy child when you got here."
"Are you allowed to speak to patients that way?"
"You aren't a patient anymore."
"oh. Well...I guess?"
"Anyway, my point is you're going home. So pack up and you leave on Monday." Molly sat dumbstruck by what the doctor had just told her. Getting up slowly she walked out of the doctor's office before the woman changed her mind.

The rest of the weekend was spent packing and contacting her parents about her coming home and musing over what the doctor had said about Pete.
'Wentz, helpful? yea right.' Molly thought with a laugh.
Two days later as she gathered her things to get off the plane Molly couldn't help but wonder what the next year would bring now that she was home and finally friends with Mr. Personality himself.
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