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A Different Kind Of Story

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I'm writing this because I'm officially tired of all the Gerard+random chick love stories from when he's in high school. Read until the end and you might kill me.

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I walked through the halls, trying to smile at every person that passed. Tonight was homecoming and I wanted everyone to vote for me as queen. Then the two freaky emo brothers passed by. I officially forgot their names, so don't ask me to mention them in any valedictorian speech they wanted me to say when I was awarded top in my class. They just glared at me, and I didn't even try to smile. The older one, he was in my English class, just looked down at his feet and walked past with the air of someone who really didn't want to be here.
"Why do you even show up for school anyways? Nobody wants you here." I snorted, walking past them.
"Fuck off, bitch," the younger one said, spitting at my feet.
"Freak!" and with that I ran to catch up with my friends. Which, at least I had, unlike those two. They where friends with the voices inside their heads, and the freaks they played online D&D with. Not someone I wanted to mess with.
Mikey and I walked through the halls as fast as possible. Last period was the class we always ditched and got drunk out behind the school. We walked past the goup of preppy girls who would inevitably be spazzed about homecoming. Was that tonight? Whatever, didn't bug me. I would rather kill myself then goin a group of girls all jumping up and down and screaming. That's why I didn't go to concerts on the weekend. The most popular of the group came over smiling and then looked disgusted as soon as she saw us.
"Why do you even show up for school anyways? Nobody wants you here," she looked at us like we where gum stuck to the bottom of her designer shoes. I looked at me feet as I tried to think of some witty thing to say to the bitch, but Mikey pretty much summed it up.
"Fuck off, bitch," and he spit at her feet.
"Freak!" and she stormed off, fuming.
"Nicely handled. You could have added and "asshole" on there somewhere though," I smiled and he laughed. I didn't laugh anymore. Not since junior high.
"Wanna just go home today. A lot of people are ditching last period for homecoming preparations," he rolled his eyes in digust. He just wanted to go home and prepare for homecoming himself. He was going with Alicia.
"Whatever, I really don't care." I walked away, towards the front door of the school, and walked out to my car. Mikey followed, about ten yard behind. He probably didn't want to be seen with me, and I didn't blame him. I'm not Mr. Popular, you know.
When we got home, Mikey went straight to his room, and I went straight to the basement. That's where I go when I want to die, so as you can assume, I'm there a lot. I opened the cabinet which I knew was where my dad kept his guns. I pulled out the one that seemed most likely to be hidden in my shirt, and walked upstairs to get ready for homecoming. I'm going after all, I thought.
I walked up to the front steps of the already crowded school. I walked in the front door and looked around at all the excitement. Most people liked shit like this, it gave ME a headache. I walked over to the food table and leaned against it. For about twenty minutes I stayed there, just looking at people as they passed. They all looked so happy. Bitches, all of them.
Mikey walked in, and with him Alicia. A pain grew in my stomach because I knew it was going to be a great night for him and I was probably going to ruin it for him. Possibly ruin his life. I decided to wait until the end for my...presentation.
"Mikey, how do I look?" Alicia looked at me and tossed her hair over her shoulder.
"You look amazing," and she did. She had on a pink dress, although I refused to wear a pink tie with all the hatred in my veins. She had her hair tied up in some convoluted way and it made her look older, but she natrally looked twelve. Now she looked about fifteen, so it looked like I was dating someone my age, unlike before when it seems like I'm dating a toddler.
"You look good too, but I'd rather you wore a tie the same color as my dress." She looked sad as she fingered the laces of her sash thing.
"I told you, tough guys do NOT wear pink. Gay guys wear pink. Girls wear pink. Normal guys DO NOT WEAR PINK." She laughed at that. "Sorry, but honestly, you wanted me to wear pink?"
"Actually I saw an awesome dress that was RED and I figured you'd want to wear a red tie, since that's your thing and all. But I wanted to torture you with something frilly and pink."
"Bitch. Your lucky I'm not like Gerard, or you'd be out of this house before you could even SAY pink." I walked out the front door and into Alicia's mom's car. I wish I could drive, I thought. Gerard is so lucky.
"Hi. You must be Mikey. I'm Kim, but I'm Mrs. Simmons to you." Alicia was right, her mom is a bitch.
"Mom, don't talk." Said Alicia, crawling into the car. "It's embarrassing enough to have YOU drive us there. Please don't talk." She looked at me with pleading eyes and then looked out the window.
Mikey was walking toward me as Alicia headed toward her group of friends. He looked worried.
"Dude, you said you weren't coming tonight. Everyhting OK?" he said as he got close enough for me to hear him. The speakers where so fucking loud.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I just wanted to see all the preppy girls freak out when their boyfiend isn't King." Lies, all lies.
"Yeah, well, add Alicia to that list. Even if I get it, I'll refuse it. You can do that, right?' he looked over at Alicia, who was now laughing and dancing to some song by some random rapper freak that I could care less about.
"Yes, Mikey, you can refuse the throne." He smiled when he figured out I was being sarcastic.
"Well, I'm gonna go make sure Alicia isn't laughing about me, like she has before." And he walked away. They wouldn't be laughing b the end of the night.
I walked over to the bathroom and looked inside. It was empty, luckily. I pulled out the gun from my pocket and looked at it. I tried to think of a million things to say to Mikey before the end of the night. The only thing that came to mind that wouldn't give him a clue as to what I was doing was "Sorry."
I walked out of the bathroom and they where crowning kings and queens.
"Homecoming king is awarded to..." I didn't even listen to that. I didn't really care, until I saw Frank walk up onstage and take the crown. I had to smile, in spite of Frank. He's always been Mr. Popular, and Jemina was always Mrs. Popular. Hopefully she got queen.
"And the homecoming queen is...." They opened an envelope, which was pink and covered in flowers, "Alicia Simmons?" What the hell? Didn she even sign up? Guess so.
I looked over at Mikey and he smirked at me. He probably put half the votes for her in the bin.
I looked around the cafeteria, smiling. Homecoming was always fun. And, my infinite crush, Gerard, was going to be here. I hoped. I looked around and saw him at the food table. He was standing there with his hands crossed. I walked over.
"Hi, I'm Eliza." I chirped. He looked at me like I was crazy. His eyes where bloodshot like he was crying and his hair was messed up.
"Hi," he said and looked away. He put his hand in his pocket and I saw something reflect the light. "Are you just gonna stand there all night?"
"Oh, um, sorry," I walked away, defeated. He didn't seem like the kind of guy who would dance, anyways. I heard a gunshot, then a scream. I whipped around and saw Gerard with a gun pointing towards my friend Melissa. She was holding her stomach, with blood seeping through her fingers. Gerard looked scared. His eyes went from the gun, to Melissa, to me. He pointed the gun at his own head. I ran up to him and he shot me in the stomach. The world went black.
I didn't expect to shoot anyone so soon, but Eliza just made me want to shoot something. Melissa seemed like a good victim. She was the one who called me a freak earlier today and she had her super-star football boyfriend beat up Mikey for sitting at the wrong table. She was a bitch. I pulled the gun our of my pocket and fired it at her. She didn't seem like a bitch holding her stomach, bleeding. She seemed so innocent, so helpless. I put the gun to my own head, the cold barrel making a mark on my temple. Eliza tried to stop me and I fired it at her stomach. I knew from health class that the place I shot at was not lethal, by any means, and would probably just give her a scar. Melissa wasn't so lucky. Again, I held the gun to my head, but thought better of it. I held it to my stomach, looked at Mikey, mouthed "I'm sorry," and pulled the trigger.

oooo, cliff hanger:):):)
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