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Through Wise Blue Eyes

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One-shot, sequel to "Mentor and Protege" and "The Wisdom of an Angry Old Man"! So what does Harry do and whom does he meet up with after leaving from Hogwarts for good?

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own /Harry Potter/, etc. J.K. Rowling and a bunch of other people have that honor.

SUMMARY: Due to popular requests, I'm continuing with the storyline from my stories "Mentor and Protégé" and its sequel, "The Wisdom of an Angry Old Man." Harry definitely needs his romance in his life, and after nearly everyone betrayed him in this storyline, Ginny, Hermione, Cho, and even Tonks are definitely out of the question... also, some people suggested little Gabrielle Delacour, but I decided not to, because of the age difference between Harry and her, not to mention the lack of any real sort of relationship between them. Anyway, please consider this as a gift for the holidays of 2005. Enjoy!

/"Through Wise Blue Eyes,"/

By Quillian

Dedicated, of course, to marietsy.

Also dedicated to Barkeeper, whom I've worked with before and had pitched me some ideas for these stories.

Also thanks to Alara Moonrunner for beta-reading this fic.

"He who finds a friend finds a treasure." -Italian proverb

Slowly, Harry Potter opened his sleepy eyes.

Strong yet gentile sunlight filtered in through the curtains into his room. He was in a room reserved for him in Beauxbatons, where he and Dumbledore absconded to after the British Wizarding Community had betrayed him and had given the former Hogwarts Headmaster a difficult time for supporting and believing in Harry.

For so long, Harry looked forward to finally vanquishing Voldemort so he could live his life in peace... and yet, his victory wasn't a clean one; it had been spoiled by how the people whom he wanted to win it with had instead betrayed him and thrown him aside without a second thought.

Well... it would do no good to dwell on the past. He had a nice, big opportune future to look forward to.

But the question was, with who?

While he would have been perfectly happy to never see or have anything to do at all with his betrayers ever again, that didn't mean he wanted to spend the rest of life lonely, either.

He pushed those thoughts aside as he got up and got ready for the new day. After taking a show and getting into fine new clothes that were laid out for him, he turned to the nest where Magnus slept. This great grey owl was the mate to Harry's old snowy owl, Hedwig, who was now unfortunately deceased. Also in the nest were seven little owlets (four boys, three girls), the offspring of Hedwig and Magnus; they all dozed peacefully, dreaming sweet little owl dreams.

/Cute little guys/, Harry thought to himself with a smile. With that, he went down to breakfast.

Beauxbatons was a wonder in itself, with its marble halls, gilded ornaments, and animated portraits. Overall, the school itself seemed more like a palace than Hogwarts, which was more like a castle. Finally, he arrived in the dining hall.

At the end of a long table sat a few people. There was Headmistress Maxime, who was currently talking with Dumbledore. Sitting next to Dumbledore was...


The ditzy girl gazed serenely back, a graceful smile on her face. "Hello, Harry. It's nice to finally see you again."

Harry felt himself smile back. "I'm also glad to see you again, too." Still, as he sat down next to her, he noticed that something was different about her, and wasn't how she had grown in the past several months...

However, he just sat down next to her and had breakfast with the people who believed in him. He engaged himself in some conversation as he tried some crepes, but quickly learned through trial and error not to bring up the topic of the late Hagrid around Madame Maxime.

When both Harry and Luna just happened to finish at the same time, Luna asked him if he wanted to talk with her. Having no real reason to decline her invitation, he accepted it.

Both of them sat outside in the magnificent garden, where there were long rows of trees and the paths were lined with roses and other beautiful flowers. It was a bright day with a few fluffy white clouds, with warm early-summer air tempered by the occasional cool breeze.

"So how are you doing, Harry?" Luna asked without preamble.

Harry remained silent for a moment before choosing his answer. "I honestly don't know how to answer that."

"Hm," Luna commented. "Well, then, what are you feeling?"

Harry didn't know how exactly he felt right then. He felt neither happiness nor sadness, neither joy nor sorrow, but just... emptiness. As though he wasn't feeling anything at all.

"Nothing," he finally said.

Luna nodded in understanding. "That doesn't mean you're incapable of feeling anything ever again. You have a new chance to start things over... as do I."

Harry turned to her, trying to understand what she was saying... until he had a very good idea what she meant.

"You were ridiculed for believing in me, weren't you?" Harry said dully, feeling sympathy for one of his last remaining friends.

Luna nodded, although she didn't look upset, or at least not as far as Harry could tell. "Everyone just became so... bloodthirsty. For them, it wasn't enough to be cruel to you at the trial or to rub it in my face afterwards. No, I had to be continually teased and ridiculed for it. I just suggest the possibility of you being innocent, and I get persecuted for it endlessly. The staff essentially encouraged all the hostility - not outright, mind you, but by not interfering and telling off the students for doing so, they essentially said that it was fine for them to do so. Some of the things they said... not just Ron and Hermione, but also Ginny and even Neville -"

Luna's voice was rising by that point, and she suddenly stopped herself, forcing herself not to go on any farther. She closed her eyes and forced herself to take deep breaths.

"Anyway," she said after a moment or so, "it's in the past now."

Part of Harry couldn't help but wonder what she was about to say, but he decided not to press the matter. He wasn't so sure he wanted to hear whatever it was, either.

Luna opened her eyes again and turned to face him.

It was then that Harry figured out what was so different about her: Her /eyes/.

Before, they seemed to be wide all the time, as though frozen in a permanently shocked expression. Now, however, they looked almost... /normal/, for want of a better word.

"So you've noticed," she said, as more of a statement. "About my eyes, I mean."

"Yeah... what -?"

"I had - still have - this kind of ability to... see things."

Harry blinked. "Come again?"

Luna sighed. "It's like... it's not exactly clairvoyance, or precognition, or anything like that... it just seems so... /random/. I could see your trial as it was happening, I saw possibilities of the future, like some where you won and others where you lost... it's really hard to explain. Apparently, what also makes it so strange is how I can do so by widening my eyes, which is how you remember them. In fact... that's how I kept on seeing all these hidden magical animals which no one else believed existed."

Harry took a moment to digest all this. "I'll take your word for it, then."

Luna now wore a ghost of a smile, looking down. "Of course, it's not as though I needed those particular abilities... I didn't need to 'see' that you were innocent or that everyone else was not acting as they should have... but I knew that. What's so amazing and sometimes scary is how people wished they could see beyond what they normally do, and as a result, they completely neglect what's right in front of them..." she trailed off again, but this time because she was being thoughtful rather than upset. "If people aren't careful, they can allow themselves to see or not see what they should. With my own two eyes, I've seen enough of this to know."

Without even realizing it, Harry took her hand in his. "I understand completely."

Luna noticed the gesture, and gently squeezed his hand in return. Turning back to face him, she smiled a gentle smile and said quietly, "You're really quite noble, Harry."

Time seemed to slow down as she moved in closer to him...

And then she kissed him.

Harry's lips still tingled as she withdrew a moment later. He just regarded her, gazing into her light, wise blue eyes than sparkled like twin pools of water.

Finally, for the first time in what felt like an eternity, Harry smiled.

Luna was silently happy that she was able to bring some happiness back into Harry's life, and that both of them would be able to move on from the struggles of the past year.

The rest of them spent the next hour or so in an embrace as they enjoyed the tranquility of the garden, made even better by each other's company.

They spent the rest of the day finding books to read, as well as Luna trying to help Harry with new spells he hadn't had the chance to learn for the past several months. Later that evening, after dinner and as the sun was nearly done setting, they saw Dumbledore by a window, sending off one of the Beauxbatons school owls with a letter in its beak. After watching it for a moment as it flew off, he turned to see Harry and Luna - holding hands, no less.

"Oh, hello, Harry, Luna. I was just sending an owl off to the Ministry to... inform them about Rita Skeeter being an unregistered Animagus. Is there anything I can help you with?" he asked kindly with a twinkle in his eye.

Harry raised an eyebrow while Luna merely smiled. "Oh, nothing much, Grandfather."

Harry turned his head around so fast he thought he cricked it.

"Ah, well then. If that's all, dear Luna, I'll just be visiting your father to help him with his latest article. I should be back late this evening, so I'll see you tomorrow morning. Take care, Luna. You too, Harry."

Both teenagers bade the former professor farewell as he departed. Turning back to Luna, Harry said, "Grandfather, huh? Somehow... I'm not really surprised."

Luna flashed him another grin. "Actually, he's more like my great-great-great-great-grandfather on my father's side of the family... but as you can imagine, I call him 'Grandfather' just to keep it simple."

Harry laughed softly. "I understand."

Harry sat down on his bed, and Luna plopped down next to him. Together, they watched the first stars come out as they put an arm around each other's waist.

"I love you," Harry whispered in her ear.

Luna smiled. "I know."

A/N: Well, Harry/Luna seemed like the best, if not only option left, and I saw nothing against it working.

Also, some people asked about Fleur. Well... To be honest, I have no idea what happened to her in this AU timeline. (Personally, I imagine that either she died in the war or left Bill after Harry's betrayal. I'll just leave you all to draw your own conclusions.)

At this point, it's rather doubtful that I'll ever write any other stories for this storyline, but if I do, then you'll surely know... -Quillian
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