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Joe makes it hard for Steven to sing a song

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Why would Joe do this to him? During a concert t say the least. God it was eating him up inside and the guitarist, his non-spoken affectionate one, would never know it. It didn't help thecause any by singing the song he was going to. Using every bit of his strength to turn away from his guitarist, Steven grabbed his harmonica to start the song. Of all days why did Joe have to trade out his trademark black shhirt for a silk pink one? If there was a god out there he enjoyed seeing Steven hot under the collar and no possible way to fix that.

Quickly snapping back into preformance mindset as to not miss a beat, Steven started the song.
"Pink it's my new ovsession, Pink it's not even a question, Pink on the lips of your lover..." Steven continued to sing but he couldn't help to turn and look at Joe as the word left his mouth.

Head down, hair in his face strumming and producing the most lovely music. 'wonder if he'd make just as beautiful music if I...' he left the thought incomplete and continued singing. He decidd to dance around the stage to keep the seductive thoughts out of his head.

"Pink on the bing of your cherry Pink 'cause you are so very..." Not this part. No he thought now wishing he'sd never written this song, although if he hadn't, he'd proably be singing angel right now instead. Who knew how that would end up with the thoughts he had now floating in his head.

Well here it goes he thought as he unconsciously began twirling to his lead guitarist with the mic in hand.

"Pink it was love at first sight," Joe raised his head finally looking at Steven, confused but still playing. "Pink when I turn out the light, and Pink gets me high as a kite, and I think everything is going to be alright no matter what we do tonight..." There it was out, he said what he felt through song. He knew Joe had picked up on it. Now he just had to wait to see how he felt. the wait wasn't long. Joe turned fully to Steven a smile gracing his face as he dance to the beat. his eyes beamed as he mouthed 'yes' answering the unspoken question 'would you' that had passed through the two by eye contact.

Sure they both had other lives but all that was left behind when they were in each others company. like the song said Steven mused as he sang "It's kink- but you don't ever tell her..." this would be their secret their life's guilty pleasure.

Steven danced around Joe before stopping in front of hime, facing the audiance then sneeking a look behind him he sang."I, I want to be your lover, I, I wanna wrap you in rubber..."

'Promise?' Joe mouthed.

It was a sure fire promise, Just three songs left til he could fulfill it.
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