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this never happened

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We drunkenly danced in an unfortunate type of way that entertained us and the occupants of the bar alike.

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The Jealous Sound was pouring through the speakers. The wind was in my hair. There were fireflies in the field and my car was on the wrong side of the road. My best friend was in the passenger seat. A smile was on my face. I thought that life couldn't get any better than this.

Patrick rolled the windows down with the push of a button and fireflies invaded my small yellow car. They circled our heads as beams of lights, dodging in and out of the car like the drum beat with the speakers.

"When I die I want to come back as a firefly." Patrick spoke eloquently over the music.

"When I die I want to come back as your firefly." I grinned as I looked him in the eye.

"That would light up my life." He spoke as time ceased to exist. We laughed uncontrollably for the duration of the car ride. I was certain that life couldn't get any better than this.

An hour later Patrick and were parked outside of a local bar in downtown Omaha deciding if we should attempt to get my underage self in. Patrick was confident that not only could I get in, I could also get potentially smashed. I lacked his confidence, but totally appreciated it. In the end, Patrick's confident argument won out as we stepped out of the car and walked through the door. As it turns out, no one was there to even card us and we walked straight to the bar. We figured if I were to get us kicked out, we might as well have a bold story to tell afterwards.

Patrick ordered two rum and cokes and we grinned at each other like idiots. I always felt so alive when I was around Patrick. Fortunately, that was one thing I could always count on.

The bartender slid our drinks to us and we consumed them in large gulps for no reason. We took turns smiling at each other and making up our own words to the music we could barely hear. This particular bar was unfairly empty tonight and it made me feel as if the entire world revolved around us. I grabbed Patrick's hand as a radio friendly 80's song was picked out on the jukebox. We drunkenly danced in an unfortunate type of way that entertained us and the occupants of the bar alike.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Pete sitting in a desolate booth with three empty beer bottles and one to his lips. We made eye contact as he rolled his and sat his now empty beer bottle on the table with a thud that I couldn't hear, yet knew existed. He broke our eye contact and sauntered out of the bar. I didn't need him to explain why he left so abruptly; I already knew. He felt that Patrick and I had invaded what he thought was his. Aside from the fact that Pete so obviously loathed seeing people happy, Patrick served as a reminder that he was once that way. Patrick and Pete had been in a band together once upon a time. They were kind of a big deal.. Rightfully so. They were together for eleven years, were signed to a major label, and produced two EP's as well as three full length albums. About a year and a half ago, they disbanded and while Patrick stayed here because of his love for this small town, the rest of the guys moved away and continued to do music. Pete was the oldest of the band, which now puts him now at twenty seven. Pete became severely depressed as he witnessed what he thought was the end of his music career and instead of having that inspire him, Pete chose to settle by marrying his long time girlfriend and staying in this town he never fully appreciated. Seeing Patrick still young enough to accomplish what he wished, pissed Pete off to an extent that even I couldn't comprehend. Which unfortunately, worked out in my favor. When Pete was angry, our sex was more desirable. I was sure that later tonight Pete would show up at my doorstep needing to relive tension and smiled at the thought.

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