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Oh, Why Can't You Behave?

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"She is a >special< girl, Brendon. She tried to lunge at me, but Dan held her back and accidentally pulled some of her fake hair out!"

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She continued polite conversation with her fiancé, always referring to him as "dear." With a frustrated sigh, she slipped the tiny phone into her tiny wristlet, going over her possible options:

1) Continue as if nothing happened
2) Tell Roger.
3) Break it off with Brendon.

Number one was typical Musetta, two was upsetting and almost dangerous, and three was even more disconcerting. She was starting to grow terribly attached to the boy - man. Or both.

Musetta initially decided on choice one, always a girl to avoid her problems until the last minute. It all seemed to work out in her favor if she waited and took the time to plan out a course of action.

However, she had to make more 'adult' decisions sometime in her life, Musetta thought suddenly. It was wrong to lead the poor boy on when she knew that she would ultimately end up as Mrs. Van Pelt in the end. She would let him down slowly and gently... sometime soon.

But, oh, it would prove to be incredibly difficult, she realized later that evening as his hands roamed under her top, tickling her sides as he guided her onto the bed. It would be downright impossible- she came to the conclusion as he planed delicious kisses down her neck and stomach as he pulled off her silk top. "You are being terribly difficult," Musetta stated, her voice caught between stern and husky as she ran her fingers through his dark brown hair, his face buried in her slender neck.

"Am I?" he breathed, gently nipping at the soft ivory skin, letting his hands roam her body.

Musetta bit back a moan, curling her body away from him. "Roger's coming to see me tomorrow."

Now Brendon was confused and he pulled back slightly, quirking an eyebrow at her. "I thought you 'always fancied a forbidden affair!'" he finished, attempting at her pseudo-British accent.

She sighed and rolled on top of him, tracing the outlines of his face with her fingertips, her eyes lingering on those lips of his. "Oh, I have darling, and you're absolutely wonderful, but I fear I'm growing too fond of you!"

"Well, that's common." He smirked before bringing her hand to his mouth and kissing the tips of her fingers. "You won't hurt me, I promise." It was a lie and he knew it all too well, but Brendon had blind hope, hope that she'd be on his arm in the end.

"I would hate to hurt you, darling, so I must- I can't you can't grow too fond of me."

But, it was too late.

"Did we do it again?" Fritzi asked that morning, eyes as wide as saucers when she looked under the covers and realized she was only in her underwear.

William, his long arms curled around her tiny frame, mumbled into her blonde hair. "Mmm, yes, I do think so, Pixie Girl."

She could feel him smile and resisted the urge to snuggle, scrambling out of his bed and tugging her clothes on frantically, looking absolutely terrified. "O-Oh my goodness..."

"What?" William asked with a crooked grin, rolling to his side to face her. "It wouldn't have been that bad."

"I am a PROFESSIONAL," Fritzi said after fumbling to tug on her short-sleeved sweater. "I'm not p-paid to come here to s-sleep with rockstars!"

He pushed some hair out of his eyes and watched her bemusedly. "Have you been sleeping with anyone else here?"

"No! Of course n-"

"And you're only interviewing one band, right?"


"Then I see nothing wrong with this." He grinned and she absolutely melted. "I will be out of your hair though, seeing as we're flying back to Chicago today." He sat up.

She straightened her back and began fiddling with her blonde hair, which Musetta convinced her to grow out. "Well, William Beckett, it has been undoubtedly interesting and I certainly hope we can carry on with this whole-"

He tugged her to him and kissed her soundly. "Sorry. Your professional speak is a huge turn on. And I would like to carry out with undoubtedly interesting business."

Well, while everyone else was frolicking about and kissing and whatnot, Ryan and Saffron had spent the night in their separate rooms. It had been ages since they had spent time apart since Saffron finished her freshman year at NYU in early May. The pair was testing out the 'separation thing' since Ryan would move from US tour to European tour while Saffron would go from rehearsals to actual performances.

Of course, it was a different story when she nearly lunged at him in the lobby that morning.

"Boston time!" Spencer sang as the tour bus started moving. "AYE WOULD-AH LIKE-ER AH PAH-TY PLATTAH?"

"JFK. Clone High quote," Saffron said quickly.

"Score!" He said, high-fiving her. "Have I mentioned that I really do like her, Ryan?"

Time passed on the bus and soon, Brendon and Saffron were the only ones awake in the television area with Spencer and Jon in their bunks and Ryan with his head on his girlfriend's shoulder.

"That's fucking /precious/," Brendon cooed with a quiet laugh, pulling out his cell phone and snapping a picture while Saffron stuck her tongue out. "Aw, come on now, look cute." She sighed and rested her head on Ryan's, pretending to sleep. "There we go, that's a keeper." Months before, if put in this situation, neither would have known how to act after the Brendon/Saffron/Ryan blow up, with his lingers feelings for her and everything. But, now, he figured they were okay- he was okay. She was more than good for Ryan: loud enough to balance out his shyness and snarky enough to overcome his bitchiness. She was more than passionate about her art, his art- music- and could carry on a conversation with him for hours, unlike some of the other girls he had dated in the past.

"How will Ryan take this while... well, me leaving for Manhattan thing?" Saffron asked, just as the said boyfriend shifted and tightened his arms around her.

"Well, he'll not talk about it, like now, and when you've been gone for a while, he'll mope around and be a little bitch for about a week or so," Brendon replied with a smirk. "He'll be fine in due time, don't worry."

"I don't know if constant calling and messaging will help or make things worse. I didn't know back then, and I'm still confused at this point," the brunette admitted sheepishly, absently running her hand through Ryan's hair.

"Well, I don't know - I'm n-not," Brendon began to stammer before: "Fuck, I just wish I had what you guys have," he confided, embarrassed. It was the first time he had said this out loud.

She looked at him in surprise as her eyebrows disappeared into her newly cut bangs. "Brendon," Saffron said finally, gently, "she is gorgeous and glamorous, but you will not find that in Musetta."

He sighed and added. "I know, it's, like, cheesy and clichéd and shit, but my last serious girlfriend was-"

"I know," Saffron interrupted with a laugh, "I saw her at a concert and she got all confrontational with me about our little music video scene."

Brendon burst out laughing loudly and Ryan twitched at this, which caused Saffron to join in with her giggles. "Are you kidding me?" he asked, wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes. "Jesus- she's just- fuck. And those pictures of us floating around the internet..."

Saffron reached over and patted his foot. "She is a special girl, Brendon. She tried to lunge at me, but Dan held her back and accidentally pulled some of her fake hair out!" It became difficult for her to finish the sentence through her and over Brendon's laughter.

"W-why didn't you tell me this sooner?" he demanded, full-on giggling like a little girl.

"At the time, I didn't think too much about it but... Well, back to our original topic- what about Fritzi?"

"Taken. She slept with Beckett."

Her jaw dropped. "SHE DID?!"

At this final outburst, Ryan sat up, rubbing his eyes and running his hands through his messy hair. "What did I miss?"
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