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chapter 8

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AU high school Rydon

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Pairing- Ryan Ross/ Brendon Urie
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Ryan's POV

I switched of the light and lay in my bed listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain, and letting it lull me to sleep.

Yeah, I wish.

I lay irritably in bed glaring daggers out the window and at the rain. Its not sprinkling nor raining cats and dogs, its kinda more like elephants and hippos. I started to hear hail. Really loud hail? That looks like rocks and is hitting my window?

My curiosity got the better of me and I jumped out of bed walked to my window and looked out. On ground outside there was thats oh so familiar pair of doe eyes staring back at me. They were a little blood shot and his flawless face, tear stained.

I immediately forgot all the aggravation I had built up and pointed to the front door, Brendon got the sign and turned around, heading in the opposite direction he was in. I ran down the stairs, nearly tripping as I did so, and unlatched the front door and swinging it open to reveal Brendon already standing there. Soaked to the bone from the not so light rain.

A million questions were building up in my head, but I'd have to wait for him to answer them I'm sure. I led him gentely up the stairs and into my bedroom. He walked strait to my bed and sat down.

I copied his actions and sat next to him. Our thighs pressed together and our hands brushing at our sides. We sat in silence for a while, I was about to say something when I was cut off.

" I told Brent I'm gay. " Brendon stated quickly. I gave him a reassuring look and tried to push him to finish what he had started, " And.....?" I asked and Brendon just shook his head. " Did he handle it badly? " I questioned him.

" worse then I could have imagined. " was all Brendon said.

" Was he mad? " I questioned further.

Brendon started laughing and said, " Ummmm, well I don't think so, if he was he did a pretty good job of hiding it. " Puzzled, I gave him a weird look. " Then what is it exactly your so unhappy about? "

" Brent kissed me. "

I never knew just three little words could have the affect on me they did. I was completely confused to say the least. Brent? Homophobic Brent? Jock Brent? What the hell? Brendon must have seen my confusion and continued what he was saying.

" Trust me I wasn't any less shocked then you are. We were in the middle of fighting cuz he was calling you a ' queer ' and.....bam. it just happened. "

I know I sound completely pathetic right now but I cant help but be jealous that someone else was kissing Brendon. I know we aren't even going out know. But I couldn't keep myself from asking.

" Did you kiss back? " Brendon smiled at this and looked at the floor, " The only person I'd kiss back is you. "

I'm sure I blushed a million shades of crimson at this and joined him in an intense stare at the floor, until I worked up the courage to ask the question that hadn't left my mind sense we kissed.

" Hey Bren? " I asked. He looked up at me in a silent attempt to tell me to continue. " What exactly are we? "

He thought for a minute and looked up at me. " I'd like you to be my boyfriend. " He questioned more then answered. I don't think the death of a million puppies could wipe the grin of my face. I couldn't hold back anymore and I pounced on him.

Pressing my lips against his big soft ones. It started of sweet and innocent enough but soon got more needy. I felt him run his tongue along my bottom lip silently begging for entrance. Wich of course I granted him slightly parting my lips.

He slipped his tongue in and ran it threw every crevice of my mouth. Soon his tongue became entangled with mine as we both fought for dominance over the kiss.

Finally because of lack of oxegen we broke apart. We both lied down on th bed. He put his arms around my waist and me doing the same to him. We slowly drifted off into a peaceful, content sleep.

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