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The New Kids!

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Bekki meets the brothers on not so great terms

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When Heidi and I got off the bus we both went our separate ways. I headed over to the back of the school to where my four friends and I usually hang out. It was no surprise to see them all stood talking to one another. As soon as they saw me they came running over giving me big hugs one by one.

"So how was your summer Bekki?" Frankie asked linking my arm with his and leading me over to the bleechers. We took our usual seats at the top then I told them about my summer.

"It was okay, just more of my Mum and Dad nagging me and Heidi to come home, I don't see why she bothers," I replied and shook my head. Ray gave me a sympathetic look and shook his head to. "So what have you guys done this summer?" I asked to hopefully to cheer up the mood.

"We went down to the lake and Danielle got herself a boyfriend!" Bob said mocking Danielle.

"Well at least I have got one, I don't see you Mr. Bryar with a girlfriend!" Danielle half yelled in her defence.

"HA! You just got merked!" I laughed stupidly. They all gave me funny looks until I realised what they was looking at me for. "Oh merked is just a word my two friends called Callum and Kieran kept saying and it kinda stuck," I said explaining myself. They all just nodded at me then smiled.

"So met any cute boys while over at the UK?" Ray asked me. I shook my head. My friends knew I had a hard time trusting guys and that I didn't really care for a boyfriend that much. I think mostly though that boys were afraid of me because I could be really nasty if I wanted to be, but it wasn't my fault I was this way, I just get paranoid sometimes and it gets me angry.

We heard the bell signal first class and we all stood up heading off to the school hall. At the beginnings of the year, each year group come in on a different day so that they can go to the hall and be taken to their form rooms from there and in form they give you your timetable. In the hall I sat between Danielle and Frankie and Ray and Bob was next to Frankie. The assembly was boring, in fact Ray fell asleep. Frankie kept poking Ray so that he would grunt in his sleep, which made Frankie and Bob laugh, and Danielle and I had no idea what was going on at all.

After that Danielle, Frankie and me went to our form room because Ray and Bob's were somewhere else. I looked at my timetable and was quite pleased with it.

PERIOD 1: I.C.T - Mr. Cunning
PERIOD 2: Art - Mr. Thomas
PERIOD 3: Creative Writing - Miss Silverman
PERIOD 4.1: Lunch
PERIOD 4.2: Gym - Miss Hulme
PERIOD 4.3: Music - Mr. Brown
PERIOD 5: Media - Mr. Walsh

I was happy with it because I had most of my favourite lessons and even though I had gym, I had nothing to worry about because I am actually really good at it, in fact I think most of the preppy girls are jealous! Anyway, I had my favourite teacher for Media. Mr. Walsh. He was a really awesome guy and last year he got me out of some serious trouble and ever since then we have been friends. I looked over at Danielle's and hers were similar to mine but some differences. Frankie and me only had two lessons together and I had yet to see Bob and Ray's.

The bell rung and I went to lesson 1, I.C.T which luckily I had with Danielle and Bob. Bob was a genius on computers, which was great for Danielle and me because we honestly sucked badly! As we all settled around our usual computers from last year, I noticed Bryan wasn't here anymore but instead there was another boy. He was defiantly something to look at but I didn't date so I knew I was wasting my time and looked back at the teacher.

"Alright guys, new student. Gerard Way moved from New York and is in this class so lets help him out guys. Okay so it's the first day back so I'll let you all get to it." Mr. Cunning said and left the room. He wasn't really a good teacher because most of the time he left us alone but that didn't bother us. On first days back we got to do what ever we wanted on the computers then next lesson we would have to 'get down to business'.

"Hey, look at that Gerard kid, he kinda looks like you Bekki," I fake laughed and punched Bob in the arm. We had no similarities apart from we both wear a lot of black. "OI! Way! Who died!" Bob shouted over at Gerard. I didn't want to laugh and it was kind of taking a stab at me too but in the moment it had been funny. Every one turned and laughed at him and I saw his cheeks flush red. I felt sorry for him but had no time to dwell on it as he shot me an evil glare. I couldn't blame him but at the time it got me angry.

"What you fucking staring at!" I shouted over to him. He didn't answer he just turned away and I left him for the rest of the lesson, boy he wasn't very nice. But then again neither was I.

As the day progressed I realised I was in most classes with Gerard. Well, all of them up until lunch. At lunch I went out to meet the rest of my friends on the bleechers when I heard the chants of 'FIGHT'. I headed over to the big crowd of people and pushed my way through. Under a big pile of footballer jocks was a boy. He had to be the cutest thing I had ever seen. I couldn't let these guys beat up an innocent lad. His glasses were broken on the floor and his hat thrown across the field. I jumped onto of one of the bigger boys and they started to back off. Everyone knew you couldn't hit a girl.

"FUCK OFF!" I shouted and almost everyone ran away apart from my four friends that came running up to me. "Are you okay?" I asked the young lad who was standing up in pain.

"No, I can't find my glasses or my hat," He explained. I picked them up and handed them to him. I smiled when he could see me and he smiled back. "Erm, Thank you for helping me," He said blushing and looking down to the floor.

"No probs kid, what's your name?" I asked.

"Mikey," He answered still looking to the floor. I smiled and patted him on the back until I saw Gerard come along. He looked over and saw me and the look on his face was honestly frightening.

"Mikey, What the fuck are you doing with her!" Gerard shouted whilst pointing at me.

"She saved me from getting my ass kicked further into the ground than it already was," Mikey answered still seaming a bit nervous. Gerard looked at me then back at Mikey.

"Just stay away from her okay?" Gerard said to Mikey as though I wasn't even stood there. In fact I made my presence known just in case he actually had forgotten.

"I am stood here you know?" I said waving my hand a little bit.

"I know!" Gerard said through gritted teeth.

"I just thought I would let you know seen as you're acting as though I'm not!" I half shouted at him. He just gave me another death glare then walked away with Mikey.

"What was that about?" Ray asked looking in the direction that Gerard went.

"Bekki made a new friend in I.C.T!" Bob laughed.

"It's not funny!" I said punching him in the arm. He carried on laughing until we got onto the bleachers. "So Bekki when's the baby due?"

I turned and looked at Bob as though he was an alien from another planet.

"What?" I asked in confusion. Bob started to laugh again. Sometimes he was totally weird.

"You and Gerard are so alike, a match made in haven!" Bob carried on laughing and just sulked. This Gerard guy was getting on my nerves, there was no way we were a match in haven!
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