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Part 1 - Confusing Passionn For The Love He Never Gave

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Stacy places everything she wants in an entire kiss

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The howl that came from the kettle whistled with perfectly. Stacy stared at the small parts of steam that filtered from the spout and spiralled with the moonlit night sky. She sighed somewhat and began to pour delicious amounts of boiling hot water into the mugs. A sweet coffee aroma began to sensitize the buds within her nostrils and caused a homely wave to crash down on every single pour. The contrast in heat began to whirl around the lonesome cool night breeze. She huffed as the tug of her tight blouse began to stretch across her heaving breasts and she peered down with low self esteem as her belly protruded against her table top. Stacy let her aching eyes covet the ticking hands of the clock; 2 am, it was late and she knew the sun would rise from its sleeping cove in such a manner that her eyes would hurt more. She did not care though; words thoughts and feelings were being exchanged tonight. She bounced the metallic spoon of the sides and mixed the black coffee into a smooth creamy brown with the milk. Stacy grabbed the sides of the newly hot china and began to swiftly make her way throughout the intricate of her house and into the living room where the sleepy sound of Ray Charles beamed eloquently through. Her eyes darted over Patrick who sat comfy within the cushions of her sofa; he rubbed his eyes beneath his glasses out of tiredness and a small yawn fashioned from his lips.

Stacy curved around the white lounge and was careful not to spill a single drop to tarnish the snow like decorated house she had grown to love. She placed the mugs on coasters upon a transparent coffee table and through her body onto the same sofa. The weight caused it to bounce slightly but it was beginning to be too late to care or too late to notice. Patrick shifted within his position and leaned forward to grab the steaming cup of coffee from the table.

"Thanks" he muttered with a flash smile at her that unconsciously caused her cheeks to redden. She nodded at him with simplicity and too leaned forward to grab her coffee. Stacy held the cup to her lips and breathed in the taste before it began to wash over her taste buds and mouth. It slid down her throat with impeccable smooth coursing and settle in the pit of her stomach.

"Now," Stacy said with an inverted sigh. She flashed her newly found confident eyes up at him and slickly smiled with her teeth arranged in a series of white after white jewels. "Where were we?"

"I have no idea" Patrick replied with a simple chuckle that rolled out of him. He took a deep in take of oxygen which caused his stomach to rise and fall. Out of the corner of her eye Stacy watched it and admired the curves of his body and wondered if he knew the effect his non complex form caused on millions of girls world wide. Nor the effect it caused on her. "I think we had gotten onto, for some reason, people we like and why."

"Oh yeah" Stacy responded with lack of enthusiasm. She knew that every conversation she ever had would result in some kind of confession but the way the conversation had sped out of her control bewildered her. Stacy, and she was sure Patrick too, felt that it had dwindled into that of play school banter. The dawning was approaching her; she would have to admit everything. The secrets of the effects Patrick's charm had on her and her constant wondering if he ever felt the same. She furtively kept her eyes out for tell tale signs and had accumulated enough to let her wondering teeter on the edge of suspicion. "Is there anyone you like then? Because I can't for the life of me pick up on what has been said and what hasn't."

"I really don't think there is," Patrick said again placing his hands upon his face as if to progressively tell her that he was getting tired. The lack of sleep began to take a toll on him. Every now and then his eye lids would shimmer tightly shut then automatically snap open. "What about you?"

"Well," a whirlwind of announcement accumulated inside her and she thought it was about time she opened up; opened up to the possibility that he might like her too and perhaps if so the result would be glorious. "There is one person, I guess, I suppose."

"Oh really," Patrick said cocking his head out of interest. Stacy had placed down her cup again on the table and put her feet upon the floor. She leaned forward cupping the air with her palms and also the ends of her sleeves. She looked into the patterns that had begun to dance. "Who?"

Stacy didn't say a word, she leaned over in Patrick's direction and placed her lips upon his. She closed her eyes for a moment to hear her heartbeat stop entirely. Not because she had placed every bet on that mouth of his but because there was no response on his part. In fact, his whole body felt stiff and uneasy. She flung her eyes open and found his open wide and shocked. An air of awkward emotions pivoted around the atmosphere as she moved away from him, standing up out of disbelief.

"Oh god," she whispered to herself and brought her head up to her forehead as she shielded him from seeing a cascading waterfall of tears fall delicately down her cheek. Patrick stood up, placing his own mug down, and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I'm flattered, honestly," he said not knowing this was the worst set of sentenced he could ever say to her, clichéd and undressed. "And you're a really nice girl, one of my best friends. I just don't see you that way. I'm sorry."

"I think it's best if you left," came from Stacy with a low undertone as she tried not the choke the words out. Patrick went to move forward, offer her sympathy but he thought best off it. She turned around as he padded to grab his jacket and leave out of the front door, showing him the trickle of sadness that had begun to drown her features. He gave her one last apologetic smile before he slammed out of the door. His ambience lingered after the shudders faded. Stacy collapsed in her sofa, turning into a small ball and sobbing into the dissolving night.

ciao Bella
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