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Is thier a connection?

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will they find some kind of connection between them?

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Thank you guys for supporting me!
I couldn't update cuz I ended up in the hospital TRUST ME IT WASN'T FUN THERE!
I have brusises all over my body because of all of the needles they put in me it was very painful!

I was awoke by a loud banging.


It was coming from the door. I walked towards the door and I opened it. It was Victoria.

"what do you want?" I asked in a angry tone

"look at the time we're late, we need to get to the stage" she replied

I looked at the time and she was right it was 12:00pm.We were late.
We had to get to the stage at 12:30.I got dressed put my makeup and ran out the door to the lobby.Every one was down thier ready to leave.Thier was no time for breakfast so we had a doughnut and coffee or white hot chocolate.
We went in to the van thier was no limo this time.When we got to the stage MCR were already thier getting ready so we ran toward them to get our instruments ready.

"You guys are late" bob said

"ya, we know" Kyle said

we were all out of breath.

"usally KASSANDRA wakes us up early, but I'm surprised she didn't" bob said ( brian)

"wow, you finally woke up late during work" vicky said

"I thought you sleep late only during the summer" Kiara said

"It IS SUMMER, you ass" I said


I just rolled my eye's.The guys just looked at us!
Then they started to laugh.

"well, let's get ready we can't waste time" I said

Everyone started to get back to thier bussiness.I saw Gerard cheacking the mic, so I went up to him to help.

"need help?" i asked

He just looked at me confused then he looked at what he was doing then he realized what I was talking about.

"no, not really it's already, ready" He smiled.

I returned the smile.He walked passed me toward the backstage.I was thinking he went to his dressing room, so I followed.
He was now walking down the hallway.He turned around to see if someone was folowing him.When he turned I went in a room real quickly so he wouldn't catch me.' this is fun ' I thought.He looked straight ahead again and went into his dressing room.I opened the door and steped out the room I was in was a janitor's closet.I walked towards his dressing room.I knocked twice.He opened the door and saw me.

"hey" he said

"hey, am I disturbing you cuz if I am I could just leave"

"no,no, come in"

I walked in and found him sitting on a chair looking at his engagement ring playing with it.
I walked towards him I could tell something was bothering him.'should I ask him or should I mind my own bussiness I really want to know whats bugging him'Right now I was behind the chair he was sitting on.

"Whats wrong Gerard is something bugging you?" I said in a concerned voice

"ya, a little"

"you want to talk about it?"

"no, not really"

"ok, but if you need someone to talk too you always have me remember that ok"

"ya,ok,I like you your very nice and friendly"
I laughed a bit.And just smiled at him he smiled back.(just to let you know when Kassandra and Gerard were talking they were looking at eachother from the mirror)
We were still looking at each other through the mirror with smile's still on our face.Gerard turned his head.Now he's faceing me but he didn't have a smile our smile faded away.Are eye's were locked together.Usaully I would brake the eye contact but this time I didn't and I don't know why.He satrted to get up slowly without brakeing the eye contact.Now he was fully up and we were still makeing eye contact.
He startedto walk around the chair to where I was standing. NOw we're face to face.Still makeing eye contact.He liftedup his hand.He was about to toch my cheek until Brian,My chemical romance manger knocked on the door.We both looked toward the door.

"Gerard your in thier? you got 5 mintues until the show starts"
Brain left. And it was silent once again.He looked down, I turned my head to the left and also looked down.
Gerard broke the silence.

"I better get going"

"ya, me too"
He walked towards the door and I followed he opened the door for me.
We were now back stage.Me and victoria were sitting on the couch talking. Kyle and bob were practicing on thier guitar going over the notes.Kiara was talking on the phone.My Chemical romance were on stage playing.I was talking to victoria about what happened in Gerards dressing room.I wasn't sure if I should tell anyone about it but I had to get it out! Me and vicky we always tell each other everything.I know I can trust her.

"Vicky if I tell you something personal you swear you won't tell anybody?"

"of course I won't,what is it?"

"ok,well remember earlier gerard left the stage and then I followed?"


"well when I went inside I saw him looking at his engagment ring then I asked what was wrong and he was like I don't want to talk about it then I was like ok then we just looked at eachother with smile's in our face then all of a sudden he stoped smiling and was looking at me then he got up and went over to me he was about to touch my face but then brian knocked on the door for gerard"

"HOLY SHIT KASSANDRA, you better be careful remember he has a fiance they're going to get married"

"I know but what if we makeout back at his dressing room will that be wrong"

"I think soo I mean I don't think Eliza would like you making out with her fiance"

"you're right"

Tomorrow if I have time the next chapter what would happen is maybe gerard and kassandra will have some kind of love reaction! I'm not sure yet! please review!
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