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Life is Not Fair

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Day's two and three, and the boys of panic! are still around.

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Chapter 2: Life is Not Fair

"Oh that is SO not fair! I'm breaking up with Ben just for making me miss that!" Hannah was saying excitedly, as Belle and Gerard relived last night's patrons to a regretful Hannah, and an interested Samantha, who hadn't seen much of the guys after she had seated them, "You got to wait on fucking Panic! at the Disco! And I just handed their table off to you!" Hannah said pacing back and forth as she placed napkins on tables.

"Yeah, they were really normal, it was kind of cute." Belle laughed, thoughtfully placing silverware at each place, preparing the restaurant for opening.

"Kind of cute? Kind of cute??? " Hannah ranted, "They are fucking gorgeous! You must have been so star struck!"

Belle rolled her eyes at her friend. So star struck so fan girly, and all over four men who they would never see again. In all honesty Belle only knew them for their music, and a few passing glances at magazine covers that featured them.

"Only after Gerard made me realize who they were," Belle blushed at the memory of tripping and spilling icy cold water down Spencer's front in her nervousness.

"You should have seen her, poor thing. I mean she's naturally shy, but after she found out she was was kind of cute actually, if only she hadn't spilt so many things on them..." Gerard grinned from the kitchen doorway.

"Shut up, Gerd! Besides it's not like I'll ever-"

"See them again?" Cut in Hannah, mirth shining through in her voice, "I'd reconsider that statement."

Indeed, the restaurant had just opened, and who should come walking in, to Belle's good (?) fortune, but Panic!

Samantha, more commonly known as Sammy, cast Belle a wink as she headed over to seat the boys. Belle groaned inwardly. She knew that look on Sammy's face. Sammy was trying to 'make their paths conveniently cross' as Sammy, Miss Matchmaker herself, dubbed her own actions. Belle didn't groan because she didn't like the boys rather, plainly put, she sucked when it came to guys, and she honestly wasn't interested in dating at the moment. Especially someone famous. Or someone high on red-bull. Or someone with a flip-flop fettish. Or someone with emotional baggage from their childhood experiences of a drunken father. Or someone who relied upon drums for all satisfactions in life.

Perhaps Belle's pessimistic view of the boys, in the field of romance, was because of her own...quite frankly fucked-up relationships.

One stalker.

Two who where abusive.

One who lived with his parents (she found this out on the first date- there had been no second date).

One who raised pigeons....he was just weird.

Three who tried to bed her by the second date.

Multiple who had cheated on her.

And finally, her personally worst...

One who wanted her to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood.

Which reminded her: she needed to get his, and the stalker's restraining orders renewed soon....

She had to stop letting Hannah set her up on blind dates.

True to Belle's prediction Sammy sat the boys at table number six, a prime table in Belle's section of tables.

"Best serve them dear." Hannah grinned, giving Spencer the once-over from across the room.

"You are such a whore sometimes," Belle laughed, observing the object of Hannah's attentions, "Ben, remember Ben!"

"Oh...yeah." Hannah said, sounding a bit disappointed. Honestly she wasn't a cheater, or a slut, or a boy user! Well maybe Hannah was a boy user, but she was good hearted. She was going through all of her options before settling down, as she told Belle on occasion.

Belle rolled her eyes at the world in general as she wound her way past tables towards Panic!

"It's nice to see you back, I'll go get you some bread right away. Meanwhile can I get you some drinks, and maybe tell you about today's specials?" Belle felt like changing up her boring welcome speech.

"Hey aren't you that clumsy chick?" The one with the red-rimmed glasses, who was now recognized as Brendon Urie, asked innocently, causing a deep blush to spread over Belle's face, and Spencer to scoot his chair a little away from Belle, as if to avoid further water spillage over his front.

Jon whacked Brendon's shoulder.

"Yes, you could call me that." She said, becoming faintly annoyed, her voice faltering as her face reddened.

Have some composure Anabelle! Where is your posture? She berated herself for her shyness.

"Oh! No, no!" Ryan's voice cut into her thoughts, startling her, "I really don't think you ought to have dessert Brendon. You've already had three Red Bulls, two diet Pepsi's, four candy bars, and that left over slice of cheesecake today. I don't think you need the added sugar rush. I'm surprised you're actually hungry with all that food and junk in your stomach."

"This," Brendon stated, a pouting look from the denial of his favorite meal of the day taking over his manner entirely, "Coming from the one who has five large pancakes, seven sausage links, four strips of bacon, three eggs scrambled, coffee, orange juice, and fresh fruit for breakfast, two hours later several snack bars, for lunch a huge sandwich, French fries, a salad, and chicken strips, and then popcorn and chips for a snack later. Every. Day."

Belle blinked, both at the astonishing ability demonstrated by both Brendon and Ryan to recall food consumed by others, and at the sheer amount of food Ryan ate in a day.

Holy cow. How is he so skinny? He's skinnier than me and he eats like a horse! I'd look like a pig if I ate that much! Belle coughed to remind them of her presence.

"So...can I get you anything, or just stand here for your entertainment?" She asked wryly.

"That depends...." Brendon started with a strange, slightly perverted look that rather unnerved her.

"Brendon don't even finish that." Ryan snapped warningly as Jon snickered and Spencer, off in his own little world, examined a menu carefully, a look of concentration creasing his rounded forehead and his lips pursed slightly, covering the white teeth that were normally flashing in a grin.

"What?" the singer asked innocently.

"I'll be back in a minute then!" Belle announced, thoroughly creeped-out.

"Oh wait Annie! Can we get water and some of that cool bread with the dipping sauce?" Brendon called after her.

"Sorry, what did you call me?" She asked, turning on the spot, and grimacing a bit at the nick name.

"Annie? It is your name, right? Anabelle...Annie...Anna...Annabannana...." Brendon said.

Belle shook her head lightly, a small frown upon her lips as she replied coolly, "I'd prefer Annabelle, or Belle. Bread and such will be right out."

"Annoying." She hissed to Gerard and Hannah, who were engaged in deep conversation back in the kitchens as they waited for patrons to arrive.

"What's the matter, hun?" Hannah asked sympathetically.

"Oh, they're just annoying! I mean they seem normal, but they've got this arrogant air about them! Arg! I hate that."

"How are they annoying though?" Hannah pressed her friend gently for details.

"Oh...I don't know. They just are."

"What you need..." Gerard started,

"Is a break." Hannah finished for him, grinning at Belle, "We've been talking about it,"

"And we think you've become too stressed with school, and work, and life." Gerard finished for Hannah,

"And since Hannah's just ended things with Ben." Gerard continued,

"That was fast." Belle interjected at that point,

"We think," Hannah continued in a slightly louder voice, ignoring Belle's comment, "that a day of relaxing...partying-"

"So you can meet some hot guy to replace Ben," Belle interrupted again,

"Is in order." Gerard finished finally.

"So...." Belle said blankly, not sure what her friends where getting back, but sure that it could mean nothing good for herself.

"Next week when school break starts and we can use that as an excuse to take a few days off work we are going to take you out!" Hannah grinned.

And so it was planned, with barely a thought given to Belle's thoughts on the matter. She convinced herself however that a night or two out was just what she needed, and she could use the other nights on her school break to study. She basically was allowing Gerard and Hannah to kidnapped her. She could only pray that she'd come back in one piece.

The week before break, Belle found herself at school during the mornings, and working in the afternoons to late nights, and then studying further into the night.

It was the third evening after her first encounter with Panic, and so far that evening she had not seen heads or tails of them. She didn't know what bothered her so much about them. Maybe it was the fact that they had the excitement that she longed for, and still seemed too normal. They acted so commonplace, as if they didn't realize how awesome their lives were.

Belle was just placing an order for table six, and feeling rather grateful that the boys hadn't shown up for a third night in a row, when Sammy walked over and told her that table twelve had just been seated.

Belle's attitude sank a little, as she had been hoping to steal a few minutes of studying in the back room, but headed over to the table anyways.

They were back.

"Hey, I'm still Belle, our drink menu hasn't changed, and you've got your menus." She said wryly, "What can I get you to start?"

"Sup!" Brendon grinned happily, causing Belle to grin despite herself, "Um...redbull?" He asked hopefully, to which he received a shake of the head in response, "alright, Mountain Dew then."

"Rootbeer." Ordered by Spencer.

"Water," For Ryan.

"Pepsi Please." Jon murmured, not looking up from the child's menu that he was attacking with a blue crayon.

"Mountain Dew, Rootbeer, Pepsi, and four waters," she ran off her list, then added, "You guys are really becoming regulars here."

"Yeah well," Ryan said, "Not for much longer. We're leaving to hit the road again soon."

"Oh?" she commented, with more than a little jealousy. They got to travel places and explore!
"Back to smelling his old clothes from the next bunk over," Ryan said sadly, nodding towards Brendon.

And the last she heard as she headed back to fill their drink orders was:

"I don't smell that bad! At least I don't wear the same ugly scarf every day of the week!"

It is an ugly scarf

"Yeah well at least my Dior bag doesn't smell like I packed an entire sweating gym in it!"

Oh ew

"Well at least I don't have a gray jacket with white piping that's been passed around so many times it has STD's!"

What the fuck? To much information! Too much!

Belle was seriously considering having Hannah take over that table, but she knew that she enjoyed what small thrill she of being involved -distantly- with rock stars, and t hat she wanted to savor what time she had dealing with them, after all they were leaving soon.

Life isn't fair

A/N a work in progress. something to relieve writter's block. something fun.
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