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Spare Time

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It's an old ficlet. It's cliche. It involves Heero and his laptop, stalker!Duo, and an unfortunate Ming Vase.

Category: Gundam Wing - Rating: G - Genres: Humor, Parody - Characters: Duo, Heero, Quatre - Published: 2005-12-01 - Updated: 2005-12-02 - 707 words - Complete

Duo shifted his elbows on the rough floor, trying to shake off the numb feeling that was beginning to develop. He didn't know how long he had been lying here, on his stomach and hidden by tropical plants. He was starting to get hungry though. But he was on a mission and such things had to be put aside, especially when his target was right in front of him. The Deathsythe pilot looked down at the little green gecko who had been crawling around him for the past ten minutes.

clack clack clack

Duo looked back up, blue eyes peering through bright fauna.

clack clack...clack

His target looked up for a split second before returning to his work. A smile quirked his lips.

There was a polite cough from above. Eyes widening, Duo rolled up into a sitting position to better see the intruder.

Quatre was standing there, looking rather confused but trying to cover it with a polite smile. "Oh, Duo! Trowa and I were wondering where you had gotten off to. We were about to have lunch by the arboretum if you want to join us." The Winner heir smiled charmingly, sun glinted off his pale golden hair. Servants of the family bustled about them, going about their duties as they had been though a bit more cautiously around him.

Duo still felt kind of bad for making that one guy trip. He wondered vaguely if he could afford to replace the Ming vase.

The brown-haired boy chuckled. "Naw, sorry Quat but I'll have to decline. Got a mission an' all." He flashed a grin.

Quatre raised an eyebrow. "Oh. Is that why you've been watching Heero like a hawk for the past three days?"

"Shhh!" Duo motioned for the other boy to lower his voice. "Get your mind outta the gutter banana-boy." Quatre smoothed his pale-yellow locks down. "Haven't you ever wondered what Heero does on that laptop of his for hours? It can't all be mission reports..."

Quatre shifted. "Well...yeah. I have. But that doesn't mean you have to stalk him!"

"'s only stalking if we're living in separate houses." Quatre was sure that wasn't quite true but felt it would be pointless to argue.

clack clack clackclackclack...clack clack

Both Gundam pilots looked over to where Heero was siting at a small table, typing away on his laptop. They were both rather surprised to see the normally stoic boy was grinning rather evilly.

The sound of a metal chair scraping against cement made the pair duck. Heero had closed his laptop, though Duo could see not completely. The Japanese boy silently walked away, through an archway and down a hall. They could hear a door open and click shut.

"The bathroom? Well, good to know he's actually human," Duo observed.

Quatre lightly smacked his arm. "Come on, now's our chance." Duo gave him 'a look.' The blonde shrugged. "I'm curious now."

Duo led the way, keeping an eye on the hall Heero had disappeared down. He could feel Quatre taking light steps behind him. Finally they reached the table. Opening the laptop, Duo opened the last program Heero had been using.

And blinked. Twice.


"What is it?" Quatre asked, peering over his shoulder. Duo wordlessly pointed at the document.

" ...'Heeeeero!!" the pink creature screamed for the tenth time. It was enough to make the young pilot wince, something he had not done since he was but a child. 'I'm right over here, so come and kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill me!'

In the cockpit of his Gundam, Heero smirked. 'Mission...accepted.'

The creature below could only stare in shock as a giant foot made of gundanium alloy hovered above her. Had she common sense, she would have run. However, such a thing was not common among her kind and thus the pitiful creature could only watch in horror as the foot rushed towards her at an alarming speed.


In his cockpit, Heero began to laugh. The world had become a better place. 'Mission accomplished.'"

The pair slowly turned to look at each other. "I didn't know he could do that," Duo commented."

"Do what?"

His eyes scanned through the pages on the document. "Think of that many ways to kill her."
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