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Itachi is in Konoha, and remebering his past.

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Itachi looked at the flat. The little seven year old Uchiha was having a nightmare. He closed his eyes and remeberd what he read from a pice of paper Sasuke once wrote. As a story.


Sasuke was bored. Itachi-nii-san(1) had comed home three days ago, from a A-ranked mission. He was tired when he came home. He didn't act like himself. But he did tap Sasuke on his forehead when he asked nii-san if he could train Sasuke. Sasuke felt that something was wrong whit ANBU-Itachi...he totally changed. Ottottsuan(2) said that when you come to a new place, you'll be a new person. You simply change. But Sasuke didn't like this new Itachi. Not at all. Sasuke could see it in Itachi's eyes. They didn't show emotions, not even to Sasuke. He had decided. He was going to wake Itachi. They were gonna go to the lake, the place where Sasuke always went when he was sad.

"Nii-san! Nii-san!"

"Otouto(3), go back to sleep." Itachi said, shifting side.

"Nii-san, I have to show you something!" Sasuke was annoyed. But then, what was he expecting?

"Tomorow. Otouto come in here. You should just say you had a nigtmare." Not even bothering opening his eyes, he put his arm around Sasuke, pulling him int the bed.

"Nii-san, I didn't have a nightmare. I just... wanted to show you something." The last words were spoken as a wisper, as Sasuke burried his face into his brothers chest.

"Really? What?"

"Well you just missed the chance to know, you know." Sasuke knew that Itachi would fall asleep soon. Just a little bit more.

"Hn...Guess I can live with it. Now go to sleep." He kissed Sasuke on the cheek and then went to sleep, followed by a dissepointed but smiling Sasuke. Well he could live whit it...Or?

(End Flashback)

Itachi went into the window for a last goodbye. He went in and kissed Sasuke on the cheek, comepletly waiving away the nightmars.

"Goodnight Otouto."

This was the last time Sasuke went into sleep whit a smile. For the next five years.
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