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What Daphne Porter did do

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The blonde fan girl is interrogated, Kirsh talks to Maxwell. Pete suffers some more.

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Chapter 17: What Daphne Porter did do

After the blonde girl, who quickly identified herself as Daphne Porter and claimed to have nothing to do with the harassment Pete had been under during the last weeks, had been seized, she was taken to the police station for interrogation. She seemed thoroughly confused as to why this was happening to her.

Currently Officer Maxwell is speaking to her himself, the development of this case has taken a turn in a direction he doesn't appreciate. It's high time for him to take a more active role in this matter.

Kirsh and Pete are waiting in the female detective's cubicle.

"Are you alright?" she asks the man. He hasn't said a word ever since they got to the station.

"You're probably shocked that you faced her in person, but this is a breakthrough. Things are going uphill from here," she wants to place her hand reassuringly on his shoulder when they are interrupted by Officer Douglas.

"Maxwell's waiting for you in his office," he says flatly and walks away.

Why did he grin so smugly? He can't be happy I finally caught her.

"Is it ok if you wait here?" the woman looks at Pete as she gets up.


Shortly before she reaches her boss' office at the end of the hall, she sees Daphne Porter and a woman, supposedly her mother, who is talking to one of her colleagues excitedly. The older woman looks enraged, the teenager's face is streaked with tears.

So now you're sorry about what you've done to him.

Kirsh takes her eyes off the scene and knocks at Detective Maxwell's door.


"So do we know where Ms. Sommer is yet?"

The man points to a chair, "Sit down, Kirsh."

She does as she's told, anxiously waiting for an answer to her question.

"Kirsh... I am pretty sure that this girl is not our stalker."

She furrows her brow, "Excuse me? Wentz identified her. He saw her in the woods!"

"How sure is he about that? Didn't he previously tell us that he didn't see anyone there?"

"I don't..." she trails off.


The woman starts again, "He probably just pushed the memory of seeing her into the back of his mind. You should see him right now. He's terrified... I think that's understandable after all that's happened to him."

"Eh, still not kosher to me, Kirsh. And you better pray the girl's parents don't sue you."

"How can you be so sure it's not her? What did she say?"

Officer Maxwell pushes a few sheets of paper over to her, "See for yourself. She has an alibi for almost every time that the stalker contacted Wentz, including when the kidnapping took place. We checked that, called the people she claimed to be with, etc."

The female's eyes wander over the scribblings, "She's probably got accomplices, and they're covering for her now. She couldn't have done this on her own."

"I'm doubting she did this at all," the man replies.

There's another knock at the door. Douglas sticks his head in, "I sent the girl home with her mother. Wentz backed down. Like you said he would."

What the fuck is going on here?

"Thanks, Douglas."

Martin Douglas casts a glance at Kirsh who turned around to see him.

"Shouldn't have counted your chickens before they were hatched," her colleague sneers at her.

"That's all, Officer Douglas," Detective Maxwell points out.

"Of course, sir." The door closes behind him.

As soon as her co-worker is out of earshot Kirsh, who's pulled herself together with great difficulty until now, jolts up and send the chair toppling to the floor, "Did you call me in here so you could have that asshole Douglas put Wentz under pressure behind my back?!"

"Kirsh, calm down. You know half of my staff is working on this case, it's huge. This is not a one-ma- woman-show, you know. I simply asked Douglas to confront the victim with the suspect again and make sure that he's 100 per cent certain that he saw her at the crime scene... And obviously that was a good idea. She's not it."

The female is finding hard to process what her boss is saying.

He was so sure it was her. She fits the profile perfectly.

"But -..."

The senior executive interrupts her, "Drop it, Kirsh. You're not going to argue with me. What's her name...?" He flicks through a folder on his desk, "Daphne Porter is not our stalker."

He's never seen Kirsh this distraught.

"Also, I want you to take a week off."

She huffs in surprise, "You're kicking me out now?"

"No, I am telling you to go home to your family and spend some time with them. You've been under a lot of stress these past weeks and you've just returned from your maternity leave shortly before that."

Her eyes gleam with anger, "Don't you get sexist with me." She's never acted aggressive towards him but this is not fair in her opinion.

Officer Maxwell knows he has to stay calm. She's disappointed and it's natural, but he's in charge and she has to respect that.

"Listen, Adrienne, you know I am not a sexist. This is not about you being a woman or any bullshit like that. Don't try to accuse me of this because it's your last resort. As your supervisor I think that it would be irresponsible not to give you a break now. You're neither doing yourself nor Mr. Wentz nor your colleagues who are working on this case a favor if you don't take a few days off. I want you to go home to Brian and Fey and stop thinking about this for a while. Don't worry about Mr. Wentz, he's being looked after by somebody else."

She has a bad feeling.

Douglas. Douglas is staying with him now, I know it.

Kirsh knows when she has to give in. She leaves the office with her head hanging.

Wentz will never get along with Douglas. That asshole is going to be the death of him, he's the last thing he needs right now.

When Pete lies in his bed later that day he feels as alone as never before. Down the hall, Douglas is occupying the guest room that formerly belonged to Kirsh, but the new cop only makes the musician feel uncomfortable and misunderstood.

During the confrontation with Daphne Porter and the following short interrogation the officer made it clear that all he is seeing in Pete is just another case, a job opportunity, nothing more. His questioning methods were rude and questionable themselves.

If I hadn't accused that girl Kirsh would still be here...

What drove him to publicly claim that Porter was his stalker, that he had seen her in the forest, he isn't sure about. When he saw her face that afternoon it short-circuited his brain. In front of his mental eye images from his nightmares of the girl flashed and he found it difficult to distinguish between what had been only a dream and what reality. And on top of things she knew about the stalker business.

When he was waiting in Kirsh's cubicle with her he already knew that he had accused somebody who was probably innocent. He was definitely sure that he had't seen her in the woods. He had seen no one there. But he wished he had.

While Kirsh was packing her stuff to go home Pete busily talked at her. He hadn't wrongly accused the girl deliberately. His mind had really played a trick on him. He was stressed, he was slowly going insane. He never meant for Kirsh to have to pay for his mistake. She shouldn't leave him, now that they were getting along. He needed her.

She was moved by his words but she couldn't allow herself any emotions. It would be wrong to say that the woman isn't partly angry with him. If he hadn't made her arrest Daphne Porter, Maxwell wouldn't have taken her off the job. At least that's what she thinks.

In fact, her boss is somewhat relieved that Pete had erroneously voiced his suspicion because that enabled him to send Kirsh on a break. He takes all doubts concerning his officers seriously if they come from trustworthy sources. If Dr. Morley thinks she's getting too involved with Wentz' situation then she better un-involve herself fast before this affects her professional conduct.

Detective Maxwell doesn't hold it against her that she brought the girl to the station. He would have most definitely done the same if the victim said he had seen her. But this instance served as an excuse, granted, a rather poor one, to make her clear the scene for a while. It's only for her own good.
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