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I was just board and came up with this poem... though the title doesn't seem to go with it...

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Between the beginning and the end,
Many things can change.
Like a hug could help make a heart mend.

At the start,
Things are great.
Everything comes from the heart.

What a complicated thing.
One mistake,
Could turn love into hate.

But when it all comes to a close,
Things could be simple.
Like trying to touch your toes,
Or smelling a beautiful rose.

Things could also go awry.
Like trying to catch an arrow,
That passes you by.

Or it could be worse.
Like getting something stolen,
Like your purse.

But even then.
Much worse things could happen,
When things come to an end.

(A/N) Sorry it's a little wierd, but I had fun writing it. (A/N)
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