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(Originally a challenge 100-1000 words about a trap. I'm considering extending it, please let me know what you think?) A job goes right for once, almost too easy, acutally. What happens when an ol...

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Job was done, surprisingly easily done at that. Mal, Zoe and Jayne had even been convinced by their contact to join him for a celebratory drink because things had gone so smoothly. Mal wasn't used to things going smooth. In point of fact it made him a mite nervous when things didn't have at least a bit of a hitch to 'em.

None the less, he, Zoe and Jayne were back and he was itchin' to get the hell offa this rock. He drove the mule into it's place inside the cargo bay and looked around for his mechanic. But Kaylee was no where in sight. He'd left her out front of Serenity to try and pick up a few passengers what could pay, they had room for 3 new passengers, Mal hoped Kaylee would lure at least 2.

Mal jumped down from the mule. Between he, Zoe and Jayne they had the supplies unloaded and stowed quickly.

"Kaylee!" Mal hollered for his young mechanic. He'd managed to get hold of a part she'd been begging for for months as well as two other packages. "I got packages for ya!" He sat the boxes to the side of the mule and glanced around.

Mal stepped outside and walked around the far side of the ramp. Her fold-up chair was laying on it's side in the dirt and her swirly colored umbrella lay broken, the strips of shredded paper fluttered about the chair and ramp. A small splatter of blood droplets led a few feet up the ramp then abruptly ended.

"Ta ma de!" Mal exclaimed and cast a glance to Zoe then Jayne. They drew their guns and made their way back into the belly of Serenity. Zoe took point, as usual, and slipped easily into full out soldier mode. She signaled for Jayne to check the infirmary as she and Mal made their way further into the ship.

Nothing. For all the mess outside there seemed to be nothing at all disturbed inside the ship. This only made the ball of ice in Mal's stomach grow.

"Ain't no sign of 'er Mal. Not so much as a bandaid outta place in 'ere," Jayne's gruff voice barked over the portable comm Mal had in this shirt pocket. This got Mal and Zoe moving faster. Zoe split from him and headed for the bridge.

"Kaylee!" Mal bellowed as he made his way to the engine room. "Bao bei, where are ya darlin'? How bad you hurt?" He knew she wouldn't answer, even before he reached the empty engine room he felt it in his gut. Kaylee wasn't there, she was no longer on the ship. Once he stepped into the engine room and saw this for true. the ball of ice spread through his blood and he let out a string of curses what would've got his mouth washed out with soap and his backside blistered had his mother heard them, even now in his thirties she'd have done it.

He turned on his heel and ran for the bridge. "Zoe!"

Zoe sat in the co-pilot's chair making contact with the other crew members. "Nara's five minutes out, Sir. Simon and River are in River's bunk. Had an episode in town an' came back 'bout an hour ago...said Kaylee was out front when they got here." She sighed.

"Well, she ain't here now." Mal said flatly.

Before he could elaborate further, all the screens fuzzed and flashed.

"Mr. Reynolds...." a heavily accented voice singsonged as the image focused before them. "Hello, Mr. Reynolds. I think perhaps you remember me?" The old man smiled broadly, reminding Mal of a demonic Gepetto. Zoe tensed. Mal swallowed hard to keep from throwing up. The thought of Niska being anywhere near Kaylee made him sick..

"Niska." Mal made no move to hide the hatred for the man from his voice. "What do you want?" the words were so forced he nearly choked on them.

Niska shook his head making a clicking noise normally reserved for children who broke some rule, like tracking mud onto a freshly cleaned floor. "Mr Reynolds. It is not what I want...well, not is what you want and I have."

The camera swung then to reveal the torture chamber Mal and Wash had spent an eternity in nearly a year earlier. In the center of the room hung the limp form of Kaylee. Her hair hung in wet chunks and shielded her face from the camera. Her wrists were bound above her head to a chain that suspended her a good two feet off the ground. Niska grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so they could see her face. She'd been beaten. The brilliant colors of deep bruises and blood had started to stain her face and her lip was swollen and bleeding.

"She was a pretty little girl. Very pretty.... do you have something to say little one?"

Kaylee forced her eyes open, they were red and swollen from tears and abuse. "M-mal" her voice was barely more than a cracked whisper. "P-please....."

Niska smiled in anticipation of the young girl pleading with Mal to come rescue her. He'd been unable to break him through his own torture, perhaps now, with this he'd finally see the real Malcolm Reynolds. Meet the real man and finish him off once and for all.

"Please...don't..." a sob racked her body as she forced the rest of the words out, "come fer me....t-trap...'s a trap!"

The camera went black then but the sound didn't cut for a few long seconds more. Long enough for them to hear the repeated crack of a whip laying lashes into flesh and Kaylee's screams cutting even deeper into Mal's heart.

I have been toying with extending this...if you guys have enough interest I will. The raitings and pairings will become more obvious if the story does continue. So please let me know what you think. The rating and warning will also definitely be earned.
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