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Stockholm Syndrome

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Flashback chapter :] Do enjoy!

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I'd wait all day and even all night, just to see your midnight eyes.

So cold were the days without her angel guardians, Lily rested plainly on the front steps of the apartment complex. Her hands drooped down over the sides and even over her stomach at times, her body didn't even know where to put itself. And even when she was drained of all energy, she would refuse to get up to even eat. Pedestrians passing by gawked at the scene of an anorectic child with no parents to be seen. Names on her sidewalks, Lily came to the realization that there was nothing left for her here, but where was the good life? There was no place she could seek refuge in ...

Ambling up to the bronze scuffed doorknob, her ears picked up the noise of a wandering crying child. Lily's head swung back to check to see if she was hearing things again but her ears were not deceiving her. A girl who looked to be ten, just like Lily, came flailing down the sidewalk with tears in the corners of her eyes. Feet stretching and tumbling over each other, the girl's body met with the concrete, rolling up to the first step of Lily's place. Lily's curiosity got the best of her as she made her way down. "Hey."

"Hey. Wake up ... You've not gotten a concussion, get up," tongue flicking out like a seductive snake, Lily coaxed the girl to meet her demands. Slowly she complied and raised her bruised head. "You're not going to turn me in, are you?" she croaked.

"I do not understand what you mean. Speak up, tell the truth," Lily prodded harshly.

"Simple, I ran away from home. It feels like I've been running forever when it reality, it 'twas only a few blocks. But don't tell my parents! If they find out then I'll be getting a good beating tonight," her words were rushed and slurred, but Lily got it.

"M'name's Lily. I told you my name so tell me yours."

"Azy. Mom wasn't thinking straight when she named me I guess."

"Don't worry about that. Get inside my apartment, we can hide in there. No adults to tell you what to do," for the first time Lily had felt glad that her guardians weren't attending to her anymore. Azy didn't even have to think about whether she should be going into a stranger's house, but instincts told her that Lily was one she could trust. Besides, she seemed to be only ten! How could a ten year old hurt you? Lily swung the door open and welcomed Azy in.

After quite a bit of conversation, Lily persuaded Azy to go back home, with promises that it'd be okay to run here whenever she liked. "Really? I'll come visit you if you come visit me sometimes. It'd be a fine pleasure to make a friend!" Azy voice became filled with joy and squeals. Before heading out the door, she awkwardly gave Lily a hug and shot off and out the door. "But how do I stay sane until you come back?" Lily asked the spot where Azy had sat. It was a long dark, lonely night after the new girl had left, but to her surprise Azy knocking on the front door woke her right up.

"Mum and dad weren't mad that I was gone. They didn't even notice! Isn't that just great Lily? For sure they won't disapprove of my being here!" Azy bounced up and down on the stoop. Lily fought the urge to shut the door on the eager person but now Azy was more than a person. She was a friend. So the two spent their time talking each and everyday, and sometimes Lily would venture out and stop by Azy's place. Things seemed so unreal. Lily started caring about staying alive and healthy while Azy stopped being so angry with her parents, they no longer were a threat because Azy was never home anymore.

Years zoomed by ... The days were lonely while Azy resided in school but the afternoons were filled with so many emotions, it was hard to describe them all in one sentence. By the time they got through with life, the world would never ever be the same. Until things grew cold again ... Lily had noticed that Azy wasn't coming over as frequently and whenever she did, she never stayed for long. Obsessed with school and her lack of friends was what she was and there just simply was no time to waste on Lily. Being the nosy person she was, Lily started a conversation with Azy about this.

"Lily, now we're teenagers, sixteen going on seventeen! There's so much stress that comes with this age and what we used to share just doesn't seem relevant anymore. Now I'm not saying we can't be friends, but don't seem sad when I disappear for a week and don't be worried. I'll be fine, I just need to catch up with everyone around me. Time just isn't going to stop for us!" Azy whined in Lily's face, tempers rising.

"Just ... Just don't forget me," Lily whispered in a small voice, as if she did not want Azy to hear.

"Lily, I'm not going to forget. I'll never forget. Trust me, I would never do anything that would make me just up and leave you. We're too good of friends! I don't wanna make you hate me or miss me because then I'll be sad, for lack of a better word or emotion," she patted the whimpering girl on the shoulder and made her way back home. More weeks passed and then they turned to months. The numbers of Azy's visits were going from few to close to none. But Lily didn't mind because she was told not to worry, she had to respect the wishes of her only friend. One weekend, Lily finally gave Azy a call to see if she could come over ...
"Oh sure! I thought you'd never ask! I missed seein' ya Lily, I really did. Mum and dad aren't home or anything, so we could wreak some extra havoc," Azy replied to Lily's request, but something about her voice was a little different. It was hard to pinpoint but it just seemed to be hiding something. Each word was strained and every end to her sentences seem to crack and fall into the abyss that was an awkward silence.

"Okay, make sure you're there to answer the door nice and quick! We can plan my seventeenth birthday party, since we had fun with yours," Lily faked a smile into the phone as if Azy could see it. They both hung up but Lily wasn't sure she wanted to go anymore. Sure, she desperately wanted to see Azy once more since she missed her dearly, but she felt like it was a bad time. Seeing as there was no choice since the call had been made, Lily stepped outside, her world turning to gray. The trip to Azy's home was tedious and tiring, but Lily got there in once piece.

A soft knock on the pinewood door, Lily tapped her foot impatiently. No answer. Another knock and yet no answer still. "Azy?" she pounded on the door with great force. Surely Azy knew how much turning seventeen meant to Lily. A party meant another reason to hang out so Lily was holding it dearly in her heart. Today the house looked a little shady with blinds shut tightly and curtains filling up the other windows. "Weren't there flowers here?" Lily looked over to see nothing but a blank yard with dead, curling grass.

"Azy I'm just going to come in!" Lily warned and shrugged, surely her friend wouldn't be too mad. Cautiously the door creaked open, cold air swooping outward from the inside. Her eyes stayed on the polished floor but they crept upwards with the utmost slyness. Before her, an effigy dangled from a rope that was tied with perfection, a fallen chair laid sideways under it. Wow, Lily thought, that doll looks pretty damned similar to Azy herself. Upon closer inspection, the doll was not what it seemed. "No. No ... No!" denial was clearly setting into Lily's mind. Azy committing suicide? Impossible.

Lily slid over to Azy's side and psychotically grinned, her hair fraying out. Her arm reached out and grabbed Azy's, only to feel that it was as cold as winter. She was gone, no, far from gone. And because she killed herself, she'd rot in Hell. Lily ran home immediately, refusing to even see Azy anymore. That was the last look at her she would probably ever get. "I didn't know she was ever really depressed. It's my fault for not noticing. That's right, my fault. Heh, she's dead because of me!" Lily screamed at the top of her lungs once she made it back to the empty apartment.

She lost her mind and her will to live, but somehow she made it for two more years. Exactly two years from that day, Lily sat in the fetal position on the bathroom floor. Her stomach begged for food and there were no edible items left in the fridge. She was so hungry, the bitter taste left on her lips was starting to get to her. Her left hand swung over to the bathtub and she allowed herself to get up. "To the store ..." Lily's voice moaned. Today just felt like a really dreadful hangover, every sound was amplified, every scent seemed palpable.

Lily had gotten to the store finally, but realized she forgot her wallet. "I'm such a dumb ass," she cursed under her breath. Trudging back home for the shrinking wallet, Lily stopped halfway ... It was her damned instincts again. A tingling breeze smoothed over her cheeks, making her feel warm just thinking about it. For some reason, it was as if it was Azy's hand just brushing along her body. But no, instead, a click was heard. "He tells me you're the chosen one. He tells me you'll be the end of humanity. I got a family back home in New Jersey and I ain't letting them die while you're still around," a gruff voice snapped at Lily.

She tried to turn around but in a flash a trigger was pulled and a bullet went through the back of her skull. Another shot was fired just to make sure she was dead, but it was pretty obvious she was. "I know he told me not to, but I don't fuckin' care. I'm dead too so there's nothing he can do to scare me. Good riddance, Lily," the voice said before disappearing down an alley. Lily Monroe, dead before life could really even start.
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