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God won't lay a finger on you...

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Hey there to my future self, if you forget how to smile, I have this to tell you. Remember it once in a while.

Denial. "What was the point of him ... being around me? We weren't put on this earth to suffer," shivering hands fought against black locks of hair. The reflection in the water clearly did not match its viewer. Just a girl ... trapped beneath the muddy cage with nothing to do, while the real girl was also stuck, but in a world of pure torment with so many things she could not stand to do. Pretty faces obscured by masks of hatred, the human race stood without a chance. "I'm going to run out of ways to kill ..." but that didn't matter. Who was to say that her methods weren't good enough? Death is just death, nothing special.

Her feet uncurled off the rain-resistant bench only to be tossed onto sopping wet cherry blossoms. The beauty of the area had deteriorated thus forming into a twisted cruel spot like the rest of the universe. "What if I wanted you here right now? Would you fall in the fire, burn me down?" Lily slunk off the wooden boards, her body drifting into the forest. Another vision, another man, this time one less spectacular than the rest. Highly overweight and reeking of booze and medication, there would be no guilt in taking his life.

Aimlessly darting through the forest at top speeds, she began to wonder why anyone would choose to be isolated like this. But when you looked and acted the way he did, you couldn't help but be ashamed for him. He lacked a sturdy house, it uneasily leaned over to right, he so desperately needed a companion, he talks to a picture of his last girlfriend for comfort. But pity could not be administered to this problem. That man was a criminal in so many ways, shapes, and forms.

Up to his door, Lily groaned before harshly knocking. This kind of thing was starting to get a little too routine. Inside, the man made unintelligible noises as he thundered to his door. It swung open, his eyes warily staring at Lily, they moved up and down to absorb every detail about her. Her eyes rolled, her hips careened in an unsteady motion. "Pfft, don't just stand there," he growled, no emotion in his vocal chords.

"Fine," Lily's arm shoved him back through the doorway, she closely followed. Disgust manifested in her stomach as she trudged through mounds of trash and grime.

"Get back wench!" his unshaven face looked terribly itchy, Lily wanted to just tear it off. She sauntered over to his throwback plaid couch, the middle cushion a little out of service. "We were put here on this earth ... Put here to feel joy," Lily muttered while bending over to loosely wrap her hands around a dripping beer bottle, the liquid from inside staining the carpet to a vomit color. A drab botched tank-top comfortably clung to the man as his fingers tugged at the fraying strands. "Mental cases like you make me sick," phlegm was sent soaring into the air just as he spoke. "Don't be preaching to me. The words're wasted on other sick folks like me."

"Great. You have modesty. Too bad you won't be laughing when you get to meet the Devil yourself."

"I-I don't get it ...?"

"Sputtering lips, they'll be torn off. Your ass will be worked off in Hell. I can't say I've ever gone there, just a black void was all he showed me, but I can assure you that your days of drinking away hangovers and watching men wrestle over a pigskin are over," Lily backed him into the kitschy walled kitchen. She slammed the bottle fiercely on the counter-top, glistening pieces of glass shattering and soaring through the air. One thrust of her forearm was enough to scare her victim, his legs shaking like a gelatinous food item. "W-Why are you here?" the mustache resting on his unkempt face wriggled with ever plea and sound.

"Simple," Lily began to pant. "It's your fuckin' time to die." The terrified look that surged through the man's face was enough to jump-start Lily's passionate fire for killing. Never before had she wanted to harm another human this badly. For some reason, she didn't even feel like the same Lily anymore. Another thrust, this time the jagged tips of the bottom of the bottle reached the man, his shirt tearing through for the bottle's ends. "You can kill me, just please not like this!" death to him was not meant to be slow and painful.

Lily casted her arm out further and backed his blubbering self into the corner of the pantry. The man refused to fight back any longer and the tears in his eyes streamed uncontrollably. Faster each time, the bottle tore his stomach open with ease. She twisted and slashed as much as possible until she was satisfied with what she had accomplished. "My work here is done," she said with a proud grin.

"But I'm not d-dead yet!" her victim moaned.

"Oh you will be soon enough. I'm just letting exsanguination take its course. Having fun bleeding on the floor," Lily snorted, her heels clicking together and swiveling around.

"How do you know no one will find my body? They'll know you did it! The f-finger prints," oozing blood dripped at the corners of his mouth. "You'll get caught. I swear to God."

"I don't think so, tubby. As far as I'm concerned, God isn't going to lay a finger on you."
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