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When Kaoru is about to give Yahiko another lesson it is interupted by a man. Who is this strange man and what will happen to Kaoru?

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"So Kaoru, when are we going to get my lesson started?"

"In a minute Yahiko."

"You said that thirty minutes ago!"

"Just wait until my shows are over okay!"

"You girls and your stupid shows!"

"That was so sexist!"

"No? Really?"

"Yahiko you little brat!"

"Umm...Kaoru I'm going to go to the grocery store and pick up a few ingredients for the curry I'll be back in five minutes."

"Okay Kenshin." Kaoru decides to sit on Yahiko instead of beating the crap out of him.

"Get your fat self off of me!"



"Great! Now I've got people coming to my dojo probably looking for money I owe them. Hello?"

Kaoru ducked, just barely avoiding a sword.

"Well excuse me! That is not a very polite answer!"

"Yeah you stupid giant! You don't treat Kaoru like that! Even if she is as big as you."


"Fat Heifer!"

"That's it your dead!"

Kaoru began chasing Yahiko around the room while the giant just stood there dumbstruck.

"Get off of me you fat cow!"

"No! You stupid snot nose brat!"

"Ummm...excuse me?"



"Umm well I kind of came to fight a girl by the name of Kaoru Kamiya. Does she live here?"

Kaoru got up and walked over to the giant.

"Well giant, you're looking at her."

" are Kaoru?"


"Well then I came here to challenge you."

"Okay. Yahiko get me my sword."

"Which one, the wood or metal?"


"You plan on beating me by using a wood sword?"

"Are you going to fight me or not?"

He swung his sword and hit the wall as Kaoru ducked and knocked the giant on his butt.

"You're quick but not quite quick enough." He jumped up and swung his sword like a mad man. Kaoru was constantly moving until she felt pain in her lower stomach. She grabbed her stomach and fell to her knees.


"I'm fine, it was just a cramp." 'What was that? It felt like someone just shot me through my stomach.'

"Kaoru watch out!" Kaoru woke up out of her daydreaming world and jumped back, just barely avoiding the blade. She got up staggered a few steps backwards and gripped her head. 'I feel so dizzy, I can't keep up with the blade. What is happening to me?'

Yahiko stood there judging the two fight. His eyes never left Kaoru. 'Something is wrong. Kaoru is acting funny. Maybe I should call off the match.' As Yahiko finished that last thought, he heard a loud THUMP, and saw Kaoru fall on the floor.

"Match over! Kaoru! What's wrong?"

"I...don't know...Kenshin, where is he?"

"Hold on a minute, I'll go find him. Sano!" Sano came walking into the room.


"Watch Kaoru for a minute. I'm going to go find Kenshin. She really needs him right now."

"What happened?"

"I'll tell you later!" Sano walked over to the closet and took out a few blankets and a pillow. After he finished making the bed he gently picked up Kaoru and lied her on the bed and covered her up. 'Her breathing is very heavy and she has a really bad fever. I better call the doctor; it'll take Yahiko forever to find Kenshin in this town.'

Yahiko ran through town until he spotted Kenshin at a food stand buying some rice.

"Kenshin!" Kenshin turned around, surprised to see Yahiko.

"What is it Yahiko?"

"Its Kaoru!"


"Hurry come on!" When they returned to the dojo they saw Sano sitting on the porch with his face in his hands.

"Sano! Where is she?" Kenshin stopped when he saw the blank look in his eyes. 'This has got to be bad to make Sano's eyes go blank.'

"What is it Sano?"

"She has cancer..."


"Kaoru has had cancer since she was eight years old."

"Why didn't she ever tell me?" Kenshin walked over to the porch and slumped down, his face buried in his hands.

"Kenshin...this is very hard for all of us." Just then the doctor walked out.

"Are you Kenshin?" He looked over at Kenshin with a questioning look.


"Kaoru is awake now and would like to see you."

Kenshin walked past the doctor and hurried to sit beside Kaoru.

"Oh Kenshin...I'm so sorry I didn't tell you...I just didn't want you to worry about me..."

"I worry when you don't tell me things like this. From now on tell me okay?"

"Then I'll start by telling you that I'm pregnant." Kenshin's eyes widened.


"The doctor just told me that I was pregnant. That's what made me pass out. It wasn't the cancer."

"So you mean...I'm a father?"

"Yes, and you'll be a good one too."

"How are you feeling right now?"

"110 percent!" Kaoru got up and started prancing around Kenshin. "In that case..." Kenshin literally swept Kaoru off her feet and began to snuggle with her in his arms. Then Kenshin dashed to the door and screamed for all to hear,

"I'm a father!"

Yahiko and Sano looked at him in surprise.

"What?" They both asked with a dumbstruck look.

"I am a father!"

"Congrats little buddy."

"You too you fat cow." If looks could kill Yahiko would've been dead years ago.

"So how are you feeling Kaoru?" Kaoru thought for a moment, her body was in pain but it always would be, so she answered with the, "I'm fine" answer.

"Hey Kaoru?"


"These pills are for you." Sano handed her the bottle of pills and read the lable.

Kamiya, Kaoru
½ pill every three hours.
These will help with the pain and from getting tired so easily and then passing out.
Please use them, Dr. Shizuka

Kaoru stuffed the bottle in the pocket of her kimono. Kenshin looked at her worryingly and gave her a concerned nudge.

"Oh Kenshin...don't worry about it." She whispered softly in his ear.

"Shall I go and make some dinner?"

"If its not too much."

"Nah, its not." Kaoru walked out and went to make some food for everyone.

"I'm going to go help Kaoru out in the kitchen." When Kenshin got to the kitchen entrance he saw Kaoru gripping the counter and leaning against the fridge. Her free hand was fidgeting around in her pockets for the bottle of pills.

"Kaoru! What's wrong?"

"Nothing...I just...need my...pills." She took out the bottle, popped of the top and stuck half a pill in her mouth. Kenshin got a glass of water and gave it to her.


"Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah...I just need to sit down..."

"Then sit. I'll make the food."

"I'll help you in a minute."

Kaoru understood the tone of his voice and his words. He didn't want to put up with the cancer and a child. She understood just fine. That's why she was going to leave that night, leaving nothing but a simple letter.

After everyone ate, they all headed in their directions to go to bed. Kenshin and Kaoru undid their futon and snuggled up inside. Five minutes later Kenshin was fast asleep. Kaoru slipped out from under Kenshin's strong warm arm and hurried to find a piece of paper and a pen.

I write you this letter as a thanks and as an apologize. I thank you for all the good times you have gave me and the times I made you laugh and you made me. I am sorry for not telling you about my cancer. I can clearly see that I will be a burden, so I am leaving tonight. I don't know where I will go, but I have faith that I will survive in the cold. Despise my conditions, I am not as weak as I look. The dojo is yours and tell Sano and Yahiko good bye. I'll miss all of you and trust that you will take good care of my dojo.

Kaoru slipped the paper on her pillow and lightly kissed Kenshin on the forhead.

"Good-bye..." She whispered, almost barely speaking. She slipped out the door and into the night...
Futon- japanes bed
What will Kenshin do when he sees Kaoru's letter? Can Kaoru survive in the winter all alone? Will she find shelter? Will I ever stop asking these stupid questions!? Read Miracle, to find out. PLEEEZ gimme lot's an lot's of reviews! >
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