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Episode 2: Getting to Know You

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Toru Lani left Earth for Bajor in search of excitement and meaning. She found what she was looking for on DS9 when she scored a gig at Quark's. There's more in store for this Dabo girl than the D...

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Episode 2: Getting to Know You

The door chimed at exactly 6:50 p.m. Lani reached it on the second chime, and the doors slid back to reveal a very punctual Cardassian standing in the corridor. Lani greeted him with a grin.

"You're early," Lani told him

Reyal smiled. "I don't like being late," he replied.

"Come in," Lani invited, stepping aside.

"Thank you," Reyal said once he had stepped into her quarters.

Lani's eyes fell to the box in Reyal's hands. "What's that?" she asked him.

Reyal looked down at the box and regarded it as if he'd forgotten that he was even carrying it. "Oh, yes - it's just a little something I replicated," he said. He handed the package over to a surprised Lani.

"Thank you, Glinn Reyal," Lani said, accepting the box. She opened it and immediately recognized it as a Bajoran delicacy. "Wow - I didn't know you were familiar with Bajoran foods," she said.

"I had it once, and I thoroughly enjoyed it," Reyal said. "I thought you might, as well."

"You were right," Lani said. "It's one of my favorites."

"You look absolutely delectable, my dear," Reyal complimented. He openly admired the manner in which the revealing gown she wore clung to her curves. Her dark hair cascaded down her back and came to rest at a point well past her shoulders.

"As always," Lani responded, her dark eyes twinkling with mischief.

Reyal tore his gaze from her long enough to survey his surroundings. He scanned the room, and his eyes landed on the small table near the replicator. It was completely bare, save for the small vase of flowers in the center. "What are we having?" he asked.

Lani shrugged. "I don't know. I haven't decided, yet."

"I've heard of waiting until the last minute, my dear, but this is taking it to an extreme," Reyal said.

"I have a confession to make," Lani revealed.

"Oh, really? And what would that be?"

"I'm not really all that hungry," Lani said.

"You're not?" Reyal said. "That comes as a relief to me because neither am I." He looked at her, questioning. "So, what ever are we going to do this evening?"

Lani placed the box on an end table, freeing her hands so that she could do ... other things with them. She stepped up to Reyal and finally got her hands on his body, something she'd been dying to do since he'd walked into Quark's the night before. Now, it was on to the real test. She slid her hands beneath his uniform shell and let her fingers explore his waist, which she found to be firm and sculpted, even through the undershirt he wore,

"I know a young, virile man such as yourself can think of one or two things to pass the time," Lani purred suggestively.

Reyal gazed down at Lani. She wasn't touching his skin directly, but the contact was like electricity to him. She was aggressive, moreso than he'd known other Bajoran females to be. Reyal found it to be an irresistible quality in a woman. He lifted his hand and gently stroked the smooth skin of her neck. The small shivers it elicited from her excited him even more. "I think I could come up with a few ideas," he finally said. He pulled Lani to him and kissed her smoothly.

Lani pulled back and looked up at Reyal with the slightest hint of hesitation. "I've never been with a Cardassian before," she revealed exhibiting uncharacteristic timidity.

"Well, this should be quite an experience for you, then," Reyal said. He kissed her again, with more passion this time.

Lani could feel him rising against her, and her excitement rose right along with him. Her mild apprehension dissipated. "Reyal ... "

"Call me Dorien," Reyal insisted.

"Dorien? Are we on a first-name basis already?" Lani inquired playfully.

"We're about to be a lot closer than just first names, my dear." Reyal kissed Lani again. And again. And again. He began to move with her, guiding her to the bedroom. They burst into the room in a whirlwind. By the time they collapsed together on the bed, both were only half-dressed. It didn't take them any time to rip the rest of their clothes off each other.

Reyal stopped for a moment and let his eyes roam the generous curves of Lani's body. His eyes lingered at her breasts, and he gave in to the urge to touch them. He stroked and caressed the firm, round orbs.

Lani's own eyes fell to Reyal's swollen member, and she had the irresistible compulsion to wrap her lips around it. She pushed Reyal onto his back and wasted no time going after what she wanted.

"Great guls ... " Reyal exhaled, letting his head fall into the pillows beneath his head. An intense wave of pleasure quickly built within him, and he couldn't hold it back. "Ah!" he cried out in orgasmic delight. His entire body went momentarily limp as his heart rate and breathing slowed.

Lani crawled up beside Reyal and kissed his lips. He opened his eyes and looked at her with renewed hunger. He rolled her onto her back, taking over and kissing her eagerly. Lani could feel Reyal growing hard again. "So soon?" she asked.

"Cardassians have very large appetites," Reyal explained. "It takes more than just one go around to finish us off." He kissed Lani again, spreading her legs and settling between them. He teased her with his fingers, drawing moans from her. His fingers quickly found the little bud that was the epicenter of her pleasure, and he knew he was in the right spot when she began to moan and her hips began to buck upward. She grasped his hips, pulled him closer to her body, and urged him to enter her. Reyal obliged her, gently pushing into her and filling her.

"Oh Prophets," Lani moaned once Reyal was inside her. When he began to move, the sensation was almost too much for her to take. The small ridges at the base of his shaft rubbed the bundle of nerves between her legs, driving her closer and closer to the edge of the abyss, and she was about to go over. She wanted this to last longer, but she wasn't going to be able to hold on. She was almost there now ...

Lani's fingernails dug into Reyal's back, and he cried out in the haze between pain and pleasure. It didn't stop him, though; it just made him want to go faster and harder.

Waves of pleasure rose and overtook Lani, and she forcefully climaxed. As the stars she was seeing started to subside, her body relaxed, and she felt completely drained. She'd never had anything quite like this before. The combination of the different sensations and their eventual outcome had left her momentarily light-headed. She didn't have the strength to do anything at all but lay there. "Well, Dorien," she said, "I think we're going to be wonderful friends."

Reyal looked at her and laughed heartily. "Indeed," he said.


"Now, if I remember correctly, I asked you if your father knew how much of a con artist his daughter is," Reyal reminded Lani. He lay in bed on his back staring up at the ceiling. Lani was on her side looking down at him, her head resting lazily on her palm.

"Correct," Lani affirmed. "And I said I would tell you at dinner."

"Correct," Reyal said. He waited expectantly.

"But we never had dinner, now did we?" Lani reminded him. "But, I suppose I'll tell you anyway. Yes, my father is perfectly aware of my abilities. Who do you think I practiced on to get so good?" She shifted onto her stomach so that her weight was resting on her elbows.

"He was perfectly aware of it, though," Lani insisted. "I've had a pretty good life, compared to a lot of Bajorans. I wasn't here during the Occupation. I grew up on Earth. My first trip to Bajor was last year. I lived there for a few weeks before moving up to the station."

"You seem like such a nice girl," Reyal commented. "How did you get mixed up with that Ferengi?"

"Quark? He's the reason I moved to the station," Lani replied. "I visited, and I ended up in Quark's, just to see what it was all about. It looked like a fun, friendly environment. And Quark just happened to be looking for a girl to replace one of his old Dabo workers, so I decided to give it a try. I guess it stuck. I barely even knew the game when I started. Now ... " She let her voice trail because she and Reyal both knew that she was an old pro at the wheel, now.

She continued. "Let's see, what else could I say about myself ... Like I said, I grew up on Earth, which wasn't bad at all. I had the ideal childhood, I guess. I went to a religious school with other Bajoran children. Graduated at 17, which is when I decided to take the trip to Bajor. My parents had mixed feelings about that. They wanted me to see it, but they were worried about my safety. Plus, they wanted me to go to college or Starfleet or something along those lines, but I was tired of school. I wanted to try something different. That was a little over a year ago, and now here I am. What about you?"

Reyal sighed. "Well, there's nothing out of the ordinary about any of it," he began. "I grew up on Cardassia Prime, in the capital city, actually. Both of my parents were in the military. My father's a legate now; my mother is an engineer. On Prime, she runs the department that's responsible for improving engine efficiency and speed in our military ships."

"Call me crazy, but you sound a little less than enthusiastic," Lani pointed out.

Reyal rose to his side and propped himself up on his elbow. "It isn't as if I'm not proud of my parents' accomplishments; I am. It's just ... it gets a bit stale after a while." He paused but felt the need to elaborate, so he did. "They've been who they are my entire life, but I don't even feel like I know them all that well. They were always gone or busy when I was a child, so I was raised by a fleet of servants. And when my parents were around, it was always so awkward. They barely talked to one another, and talked to me even less. And they were always so serious. They still are. They are my parents, and I do love them. But they aren't my first choice for how I'd want to spend an evening."

"So, what made you want to join the military?"

"It's just the thing to do on Cardassia," Reyal explained with a sigh. "If you're from a good family, you're expected to join the service. That is the way it has been for as long as I can remember."

Lani rolled over onto her back. She was staring up into Reyal's blue eyes now. "Do you like it, being in the military, I mean?" she asked him.

"Of course," Reyal replied quickly. "There are aspects of it that I would change, if I could, but overall, it isn't a bad deal. You get to see the galaxy. The financial stability and benefits are unmatched by almost anything else on Cardassia." He looked down and met Lani's ebony gaze. "And then there are ... other rewards." He smiled and lowered his head to Lani's, kissing her.

"How do you know you won't end up like your parents - serious, and awkward around children?" Lani asked, once they'd parted.

"Because I know how to do one thing my parents never seemed to learn," Reyal answered.

"What's that?"

"I know how to have a good time." Reyal kissed Lani again, this time pulling her body close to his.


There seemed to be heightened sense of excitement on the Promenade, Lani noted, as she made her way to Quark's for the start of her shift. Everywhere she looked, people were chattering busily about something or another, but Lani couldn't discern what it was. She only picked up bits of conversation here or there, she couldn't piece any of it together to provide a coherent explanation for this buzz that had fallen on the Promenade.

When Lani walked into Quark's, she found that the same excitement pervaded the establishment as well. She made a beeline for Anta Corin, another Bajoran Dabo girl and one of the few people that Lani counted among her close friends.

"What's going on around here today?" Lani inquired.

Corin was shocked that Lani didn't already know. "Where have you been?" she asked. "The news is all over the station."

"To answer your question, I've been with a certain Cardassian glinn," Lani said teasingly. "And what news are you talking about?"

"Li Nalas," Corin said. "He has returned."

Lani's response to Corin was a confused stare. "Come back? Who's Li Nalas? Does he owe Quark some money?"

This question rendered Corin momentarily speechless. "You don't know who Li Nalas is? What kind of Bajoran are you?"

"One who didn't grow up on Bajor," Lani replied. "Who is he?"

"He's a hero," Corin gushed. "He was probably the greatest leader there was during the resistance. He went missing 10 years ago. But Major Kira found him. He was in a prison camp on Cardassia IV. And now he's here. He's actually here on the station."

It was, yet, another reminder for Lani of how she differed from the native Bajorans. They all knew who this Li person was because they'd grown up hearing about him. Lani knew that she'd lived a better life on Earth than her peers had on Bajor, but even so, a small part of her wished that she'd been around for the Occupation. Her absence contributed to a lack of shared experience that created a rift between her and most other Bajorans. It was a rift that Lani had been unable to completely bridge in the past year. It was a rift that she would not easily bridge anytime in the near future, if ever.
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