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Unicorniphobia (Fear of Unicorns)

by FreakOfNature 3 reviews

Aw, ain't Patty so cute in his panda hat?

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The next day, Patrick did everything Pete said. He searched through his closet and found something that was the closest match to 'hey, i'm hot, i'm hip but i'm not self-centered about it.' That was what Pete said he should do, so that's exsactly what he did.
He wore a pair of dark blue jeans, his favorite green and blue striped shirt with the green colar, and for shoes he slipped on a regular pair of white DC's. And, by the time he was done, he looked better than he normally would.
To accompany his look, he put on the purple hat with a panda on it that he had just recently recieved from Travis as an early birthday present. He looked hot as shit, as Pete would say. Just to make sure he looked fine and dandy, he went downstairs to ask everyone's opinion.
He got interesting stares from everyone in the house.

"Wow Pat, you look nice." Joe lisped.

"Yeah, very nice. Where you goin'?" Andy asked as he finished making his vegan smoothie.

"On a date." Patrick answered proudly.

"Nice one Pat!" Joe ran over and gave him a high-five.

"Thanks guys. Pete still in the livingroom?"

Joe and Andy both nodded.

Patrick went into the livingroom to find Pete watching the Teletubbies.

"What are you watching?" He asked.

"Teletubbies. The cables out!" Joe yelled from the other room, aparently overhearing their conversation.

"Oh. How do i look?" He turned towards Pete and stood in front of the TV.

Pete smiled and wrote down, 'YOU LOOK GREAT PATTYCAKES!'

"Thanks Panda." Patrick smiled back and left the kitchen.

"When you going to pick her up?" Andy asked.

"Oh, i'm not. She said she'd pick me up." Patrick sat on the table


"Yeah, super weird. Why?" Joe asked.

"Not sure. I offered to pick her up but she said it would be better if she could pick me up instead."

Joe froze. "Oh no, do you know what this could mean?"

Patrick shook his head.

"For all you know, the reason she doesn't want you over is because maybe she keeps dead people in her basement..."

Joe gasped and put his hand over his mouth. "Or even worse. She could....HAVE A UNICORN ADDICTION!!"

Patrick and Andy laughed.

"Unicorn additcion?" Andy asked.

"Yeah ya know. Like, she doesn't want you in her house because she has a horrible fettish for unicorns and her walls are probabley covered in pictures and drawings of...Unicorns"

"Joe, have you started smoking pot again?" Patrick asked.

"No guys, i'm serious. We could have a big mess on our hands..."

All of a sudden Joe burst out into song.

"AHHHH! Now we've got a big big mess on our hands tonight!"

"Joe! Shut up!" Andy yelled.

"Oh sorry. I like that song."

Ha ha funny....Did ya see, did ya see i had Joe sing The Academy Is? That's jus silly. More reviews = more updates
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