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Nick of Oz

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~The story of the Tin Man while he was still made of flesh and had the name Nick Chopper. It starts when he was a baby, and goes to when he rusts. ~WARNING: Done on a Mac, so might have funky symb...

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In the Munchkin County in the Land of Oz, you'll find a deep forest. In this forest you will see part of the newly constructed Yellow Brick Road. And, right next to the Yellow Brick Road, you'll find a newly constructed cabin made of strong wood. This is the Chopper cabin, where Mr. Klaus Chopper, a woodsman, and his wife Amelia Chopper live.
Inside, Clara Amu was trying to be calm, for her job could get a bit frustrating.
She was a midwife.
She was trying to calm Mrs. Chopper down, for a baby born of a stressed mother will be stressed their whole life through, a complete and utter nuisance to family and friends. But Mrs. Chopper just wouldn't calm down! It seemed like Clara Amu would have to make a calming drought, and quickly, for Mrs. Chopper had entered labor.
As Clara Amu scuttled about in the bedroom, Mr. Chopper, the soon-to-be father, and his brother, Zogo Chopper, waited in the small living room of the small cabin. All Mr. Chopper could do was ring his hands and pace over the hearthrug.
"Calm down, Klaus!" Zogo advised his younger brother. "You'll have that rug in to if you keep pacing like that, and Amelia will find out and bring the Wicked Witch down to pay you a visit!"
"Ha! You can always make me laugh during nerve-racking times, which is why I'm glad you're here."
"Me, too. If not, I wouldn't be able to see you in this state, it's comical!"
The door opened and Clara Amu stuck her head out.
"Mr. Chopper, would you like to see your son?"
Mr. Chopper beamed down at her, for she was very short, a typical Munchkin, and said, "Y-yes! I would! And my wife, is she all right? Is she in pain? Does she-"
"Mrs. Amelia is fine. And so is your baby. And here he is."
Now, Mr. Chopper had seen a few babies, but none as fine as his. The boy had fat rosy cheeks, a tuft of blonde hair, and his mother's ears, and was that his chin? Yes, it was!
"Congratulations, Klaus! You've made me an uncle! Yah woo!"
"Zojo!" Mr. Chopper hissed. "Be quite! The baby's sleeping."
"What will you name him, Mr. Chopper?"
"A good, sensible name for any nephew of mine." Zojo exclaimed, puffing out his chest on that last part.
"Not exactly in fashion," stated Clara Amu, "But nice enough in it's own right. You and your wife should be proud to have such a fine son."
"Thank you very much. You have been a great help to me and my wife."
The midwife grunted. "I'll be back in one week to check on your wife and child. Call on me if need be."
"Thank you."

Mr. Chopper went into the bedroom to see how his wife was. She was asleep.
"My dear," he said as he smiled down to her, "Meet out new son."
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