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I don't Blame you for Being you but you cant Blame Me for Hating it....

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Eragon and Murtagh run into a stranger in a Heroic way, on the strangers part, who is this stranger? and who do they serve? MurtaghXoc.

Category: Eragon - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance - Characters: Durza, Eragon, Galbatorix, Murtagh, Saphira - Published: 2007-07-07 - Updated: 2007-07-08 - 622 words

This is my first Eragon fanfic.
so please tell me if its good!
Disclaimer: i do not own Eragon, Trust me you would know it if i did,=]


The wind howeled as Durza lurked,sniffing the air.He was looking for the fear of a shade.Durza could smell fear but the person he was after he could not find,For they did not Fear him.He took a step forward, and hid behind a bush.


"The wind Sounds violent."Eragon stated leaning by the fire."yes it does sound it, we should probablly set up camp,the horses and ourselves will not be able to see."Murtagh said wiping dirt from his eyes.
Eragon and Murtagh stopped somewhere in the forest not to far from the road but not close enough to be seen.

"Did you hear that?" Eragon asked.
"no, what did you hear?" Murtagh said
Eragon wasn't suprised he didnt hear it, he was busy wolfing down dinner, They hadnt eaten in days.
"Ill be right back."Eragon said getting up and walking to the edge of the camp sight.On the far edges of camp were shadows. He couldnt see anywhere passed those shadows.He took one more step...

He was suddenly grabbed by a dark cloaked figure,
A hand swung up to his mouth to keep him from yelling.He stuggled at first.
That was until he heard the voice of Durza.
"She's not here,"The wicked Shade Yelled in frustration as he steped out from the shadows and into the moonlight.
He evaporated into a shadow figure and disappeared.

The cloaked figure held eragon for several minutes to make sure the shade was gone.
The figure loosened their grip and eragon stumbled forward.He fell to the ground and quickly scrambled back up.
"Who are you?" He asked demandingly
"It is of no importance to you."The figure said staying well in the shadows.
Eragon looked puzzeled.He immedieatly realized the voice was feminine.
"Durza can smell fear, How were you able to escape that?" Eragon asked quizically.
"In order not to Fear a shade you must not be afraid of Death itself,And if a shade causes death and fear over Alagaesia thus he would be death itself."The figure explained.
"So you dont fear Durza?"
"No...Do your questions end?" the figure replied
"Who are you?" Eragon asked again.
"You've already asked that."
"I'd like to know your name." Eragon stated.
"My name is Saralina,"The figure ,obviously woman, gave in reluctantly.She stepped out from the shadows still wearing her cloak.
"I am not someone you associate with."She said.
"Why not?" Eragon asked Yet again another question.
"Trust me, you musn't associate wth me."The woman said.
Eragon smirked,"no one can be trusted."he said.
"Eragon, i know who you are.Do not mock me i am not one to toy with."She warned.
"How do you know me?" he asked suddenly curious again.
She pulled down her hood to reveal her face.
Eragon looked closely.He soon went wide-eyed.
"Eragon?"A voice called from behind him and Saralina stepped back into the shadows and deeper into the shadows.
Eragon stared at the place where she used to stand.
"Eragon? what are you looking at?"Murtagh asked looking over the shadows.
"I just met a girl i knew fom carvahol,My old friend.She went into the spine one day. She never came back,But Shes....alive."Eragon said dazed.
"you need sleep.Your probablly hallucinating again"Murtagh said walking back to camp.
"Yeah, maybe your right......" he said.
Eragon took one last look at the shadows and turned back to camp.
"Saralina,where are you?"He muttered.

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