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If I could stop the fading

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Just a stupid little oneshot I did when I was extremely bored. x3 HakuxOC, if someone had saved him from Kakashi's chidori. Enjoy? ^^

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Ahem, well yeah. My second one-shot(the first is on my LiveJournal). It's a little wordplay, the title; Haku mean 'fading' in japanese. So yeah.

In brief, this is a little story... Oneshot, ReaderXHaku, if he hadn't died.

I have vivid imagination spazes. xD

Characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Read On!! =D


I had been simply watching, from the trees above the bridge. I'd seen everything, from the group's arrival with that bridge builder to the arrival of the two shinobi, and to that ice dome... But NEVER would I let that boy, Haku as I heard he was called, die, be it by someone else's hand or his own. I'd keep him alive... Mission or not.

But, when I saw the grey haired ninja prepare to just blast the poor boy to bits, I decided to intervene. I wouldn't let him die. Over MY DEAD BODY. And, as I thought that, I jumped off the branch I had been in, teleporting in front of the man going to perform his Chidori. I grasped his arm violently, slamming it into the ground. Of course, being attached to his arm, the man fell down with it, groaning in pain.

I lashed around; how my heart had pumped and beat in my head at the thought of arriving too late...!

"Are you alright?" I asked Haku, who seemed in a daze, Zabuza behind him. I didn't like the older man, he seemed scary... And just plain evil. I didn't want him around. And, thank GAWD, he would be killed, eventually, by the angry villagers. And, to try and cover my tracks... I had efficiently created a replacement jutsu for the boy with whom I ran off.

He debated longly on this subject; he seemed to refuse to depart without Zabuza(was that the only name he had on his lips?) but eventually gave in. I had told him, after a while, that Zabuza would want him alive, and that he probably knew he himself was going to die anyways. After that, though, Haku seemed eerily quiet. It made me uneasy, when he finally spoke, with that voice that seemed to mess with my fluttering heart.

"I know you know my name... But I would like to know yours." he asked slowoly and quietly, not even looking at me.

"It's not like it's really important... But, just so you konw, it's Kuusouka." I asnwered curtly, smiling to myself as I remembered me elder sister. She had taught me so much about being a ninja... She had given me the perfect name, as well!

Too bad she had been killed...

I stared up at the boy whom I had saved, flushing at his eyes met mine. I was a SHINOBI, geez! Simple things like gazes shouldn't make me blush like this. Yet, it did. For some ODD reason I was too stupid to realise, yet.

I stopped dead in my tracks as Haku's hand grabbed mine, pulling up my kimono(well, it was more like a kimono you had made into a comfortable shirt...)'s sleeve up, observing the red, swollen wounds carefully.

"It's nothing." I shrugged, pulling down the sleeve. I had gained so many wounds and scars for a reason; to protect. Everyone. The ones I loved, at least.

Even then, it hadn't clicked in my head, yet.


In the village...

"Just put it on, PLEASE." I pleaded to the boy who sat on my bed, thrusting a kimono his way(THIS one I had kept untouched.).

But he refused, saying that it would be taking advantage of me and my hospitality. I kept on countering with various replies, such as the fact that I had started to take care of him, and might as well finish my job... But he refused to listen.

"PLEASE. You're hurt, and I'm still perfectly healthy. And, I saved you. It's only natural for me to see you through your healing." I said, half-desperately, and happily noticed that Haku had listened, though apparently against his will.

I turned around, the time to let him change, and headed for the door. When he asked where I was going, I smiled softly and just said I'd be back. He smiled back.
He trusted me.


A few days later...

I stared in his eyes and he stared in mine. I lowered my stare to Haku's chest, as I carefully bandaged it. A few times, I was tempted to just touch, feel.... But I restrained yourself, and simply took to my job and tended to the boy's wounds. For the FOURTH time yet.

Once and a while, I'd ask if he was in pain(which WAS a stupid question, come to think of it), and he simply shook his head, saying that he could barely feel it anymore. It worried me some bit, but I shrugged away the matter.

"There! All done. Feel better...?" I asked Haku as he stood up. I was a little disturbed with this sudden rising, and took the slightest step back.

He stared at me, for quite a long and odd time, before roughly grabbing my shoulders, his lips crashing violently on mine. I stayed paralysed for a while, before returning the kiss... A little more gently than Haku had done. Our tongues played a game of dominance for a few seconds, but I gave up, unable to keep up with the overpowering boy.... Maybe I should call him a man, now?

He parted slowly, his breath lingering on my skin, as we both panted slightly, and his body, his warmth, left me slowly, fading away. I closed my eyes, relunctantly letting him go. His name said it, Fading. He was fading away from my life as quickly as he had appeared.

"I'm sorry, Kuusouka-chan..." He said quietly, opening my window. "I.. Really am grateful. But I just..."

I interrupted the b...Man, with a sad smile, tilting my head to the side.

"I understand." I said, smiling still, though my heart sobbed. "You go do what you think is right."

On that, the Fading man jumped out, and... I probably thought I'd never see him again.


That night... I slept. Calmly. Passively. Actually, I must've cried so hard I didn't even notice I had fallen asleep. I was breathing steadily as I was sharply awaken from my sleep, the sound of my window being opened deeply confusing me...

From then on, I spent the night in the warmth of the arms that had protected me all along.



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