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Can you see my hands? they're shaking. again im not sure if the rating is right so apologies...

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Franks POV... if you read it and like it or hate it or whatever please give me feed back coz it really helps me. This is pretty different to the other story i have up here... enjoy

I hold open the door. I'm nervous and it shows. My foot keeps tapping, out of time with anything else, and my palms are sweaty. I follow her over to the table where she is waiting for me, some how she'd managed to get all the way over there in the time it took me to let go of the door and turn around. "Here are your menus. The specials are on the board to you right. Have a good night." The waiter tells us. Oh I will. I think to myself before engrossing myself in the menu, doing anything other than looking at her. If I look at her it will all come spilling out and that would ruin the surprise.
I can feel her getting restless, awkward with the silence I was imposing. Unused to the lack of attention she was getting. "Have you chosen yet?" The waiter asks as he reappears. This time I notice his scuffed shoes, stained apron, calloused hands and bored expression. I find myself drinking up all these small qualities, looking at everything in greater detail, just so I can remember this night forever.
"I'll have the lasagne with chips and peas." She replies politely when I don't reply.
"Erm the meatballs for me thanks I say. Daring for the first time tonight to look at her. She was dressed well. She was in a nice blue shirt that was new by the looks of it and a little top that showed just enough boob without being tarty. Her makeup was applied with perfection, the mascara and eyeliner framing her glittering eyes.
"Are you Ok Frank?" She asks me, looking at me oddly.
"Yeah I'm fine." I reply. In fact I was sh*tting myself but I couldn't admit that. It would ruin my plans.
"You seem a bit off."
"I'm just tired." I say. It was half true.
Polite conversation is made until the first course arrives. It's a shame. We usually get along s well. Of course usually I don't have the constant worry of blurting out what is to come later. Boy you'll be surprised. I can't wait to see your face.
We finish the meal and I pay the bill, ever the gentleman of course. She's had a bit of wine by this point and her cheeks are flushed. I was a bit more wary with the drink but her new found life seems to be catching and I giggle along with her in the back to the taxi we're taking back to my place.
It's nearly here.
I fumble as I try and unlock the door. You're in the middle of telling a story about some rowdy costumer from work when I finally I get the door open. You follow me into my apartment, switching on the main lights even though I'd walking straight past the switches myself in my hurry to act out what I'd been waiting for all night.
I walk through to the living space knowing that you'd follow me even if you were a bit confused as you'd have been expecting this to be a standard 'come back to mine and have sex' night. No such luck.
As I round the corner I see it all set up. My hard work. The photos spread over the table. Some blown up and stuck to the walls, even one framed above the mantelpiece.
Photos of you, and your husband.
"Oh." I head you gasp. Your brain processing the information quickly, trying to work out an excuse no doubt.
"There's something else." I say, turning towards the kitchen. I open a drawer and pull out another photograph. It was on me, and her, and her husband. That word makes me sick. "How did you do it?" I ask her incredulously. She just stands there gaping like a fish.
"Frank I'm so sorry."
"Don't be." I reply. This throws her off guard and I watch in interest as her brain tries again to process information through all the wine. "It's quite a sexy idea really." I say, moving slowly towards her, she looks surprised and happy. Good.
Our mouths meet in frenzied passion and a touch of urgency on her part. Hands skim bodies and claw at flesh through clothes. Soon most of the clothes are discarded save underwear and are lying scattered around my small living room as we fall onto the couch. I kiss her again and then glance at the clock. 8:28. Nearly time.
"Come on Frank." She pants, pulling me nearer. Pulling my hips down, wanting me so bad. It was quite a turn on.
"No need to rush." I reply, whispering the words into her ear which sends a small shiver down her spine. I can tell by the way she shudders.

I jump up, pulling my jeans on but not bothering to do them up. Then walk to the door. A smiling but anxious man meets me. "Oh hey, sorry about this." I say, motioning at my semi-naked body. "I just got out the shower. Living room is this way." I say, quieter, and lead him through to where his wife would be waiting. I smirk to myself and open the door.
"Holy Sh*t!"
"It's not-"
"Oh yes it is, don't lie for my sake." I chime in not even bothering to hide my smirk.
"You bstard!" Annie yells at the same time as Don shouts "You whre." at her.
"I'll leave you two to it." I say before pulling on some clothes and leaving my apartment.

No one lies to me and gets away with it.
No one breaks my heart and survives with theirs intact.
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