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Chapter Eleven

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oh fuck!

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William's POV- (a week later)

As I got off of the plane, I looked around for my newest friend, who agreed to picking me up, this fine day. I was staying at his house, after all.

"WILLIAM!" I heard a familiar voice scream. I looked left, and saw a scrawny, tan skinned, boyish looking man waving his skinny little stick-arms in the air. He had a violent purple hoodie on, and tight jeans, with bulky skater shoes.

"Gabe!" I said, running towards him.

"William, my darling, how was your flight?" he asked me. I nodded. "It was wonderful, very short too." I said.

"Well, Chicago isn't very far away..." he said.

"No, it really isn't." I told him, confirming what he had just said.

"So, let's go, my place is gonna be so much fun. You'll be there for about two weeks, what with the video and all that jazz." he said, as we walked out.

"Cool." I said, looking around, once we got into the atmosphere of new york, outside. The buildings were in sight, they were all so big.

"Like it here, huh?" he said, turning to me, as he continued walking.

"I do." I said, breathing in the air.

"What's your favorite kind of ice cream?" he asked.

"Random much?" I asked.

"Not really, every question has a purpose." he said. "True..." I said. "So?" he asked, again.

"Well, I prefer just vanilla, but I love those strawberry dips..." I said.

He nodded.

"I like vanilla too, and I also like chocolate chip, mint, and cobra." he said, counting them on his fingers.

"Cobra?" I asked.

"Oh it's excellent! You've tried it before, haven't you?" he asked, stopping, and looking back.

I giggled, and shook my head, no.

He gasped.

"Oh, it's by far the best flavor, we'll have to get it on the way home!" he said, as we stopped at a little blue car, and he opened the front seat door.

I walked around to the passengers side, assuming this was his car, and got in.

"Cobra?" I asked, again.

"Yeah, dude. You'll love it. I promise." he said, starting up the car, and pulling out of the airport.
He drove down the road, singing to something I had never heard, and then he pulled into a local Dairy Queen, and parked the car.

"Stay here, I'm going to run in, and grab you some cobra ice cream." he said, getting out, shutting the door, and running into the store.

I chuckled, and shook my head when he left. He was quite a character.

Soon, he returned with two familiar looking cones. He opened the door, and handed me one.

I looked at it. It looked exactly like vanilla with a strawberry dip.

"Try it, it's amazing." he said, as he bit the top of his, violently.

I bit into it, and tasted the vanilla and strawberry flavors.

"So? Whadaya think?" he asked, as he started up the car. I laughed, swallowed, and opened my mouth to speak.

"I'd say this is vanilla ice cream with a strawberry dip." I told him.

He gasped.

"No, no no, that's cobra." he said, looking at me, with a straight face. I chuckled.

"That's cobra." he said, again, as we drove away, and I took another bite.

"Well, I like cobra." I said, my mouth full.

He nodded, and ripped off more of the ice cream cone, and chewed it obnoxiously.

"I do too." he said, his mouth stuffed full.

I nodded, and smiled. What a fantastic guy.

After driving around, listening to Gabe screaming the words to who the fuck knows what, we pulled into a big looking apartment house, and got out.

"I'm Spanish, incase you were wondering." he said, as we got out, and shut the doors.

I nodded, and raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't, but okay." I said. He nodded, and ran in.

I walked in, lugging my bags after him, and opened his door. The inside of his house smelled wonderful, and it was greatly decorated, too. Surprising, really.

"Put your shit anywhere, you can have the pop out couch, but your sharing it." he said, from the kitchen.

"With who?" I asked, putting my stuff down.

Suddenly, I saw someone walk out of the kitchen that wasn't Gabe. He was munching away on nachos, and those tattooed arms wouldn't fool me anywhere. I looked up at his face, and he smiled when my eyes met his.

"I didn't know that William was the special guest." He said, directed at Gabe.

Gabe walked out, munching nachos himself.

"Oh, boss man's stayin' here too, producing our album. He's a cameo in the vid, as well. So, you two are sharing the pull out couch." Gabe said.

I starred wide eyed, at Pete's smile, then Gabe's cheese and ice cream covered face, then back at Pete, and laughed.

"Fine with me." I lied. I could NOT handle this...sharing a bed...with him?
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