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Twenty Three

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Pete has something to tell Ryan...

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Sorry I havent updated :/ I got a review/comment from ryanrossISsove and realised I really needed to finish this story and not leave it hanging. Thanks to the lovely people that always comment the new chapters and I hope you enjoy this one :)


Pete waited patiently in the hotel bar for the boys, hoping they wouldn't let him down even though he went Missing In Action on them for a while. He was aware there would be better situations than a photo shoot to be sharing some truths with Ryan but it had to be done. He needed to be grown up about the situation and he owed Ryan some honesty. He smiled when he saw Brendon breeze through the doors, sliding his shades down his nose to look around.
"Hey!" Pete called out lifting his beer with a smile. Brendon grinned, he seemed pleased to see his friend and Pete felt relieved, he wasn't sure if they were going to give him a hard time for not being around for the last few weeks.
"Pete?" Brendon smirked; he added a fake gasp of breath. "Is that really you?" he played for a while until Pete finally kicked him and he sat down laughing. "Dude what's up? Been a while."
"Hot huh?" Pete said as he caught the eye of the barman. "Another beer and..." he looked at Brendon.
"Water." Brendon said slipping his phone from his pocket subconsciously checking it for messages. Pete turned around to greet the rest of the band when he heard their voices behind him; he was surprised to see Helen in tow, holding tightly onto Ryan's hand. Truth was he was horrified that Helen was in tow that ruined everything, how did she keep ruining everything?

"You gotta hear the stuff we've come up with." Jon told Pete confident he would love the new songs they had been working on. Pete nodded with a smile but he was far more interested in the bizarre body language between Ryan and Helen. "Brendon's been working on this keyboard part for..." the sound of his voice trailed off as Ryan's eyes met Pete's across the table and for a second Pete wondered if Ryan actually wanted saving from Helen after all. Pete had always believed they were an ill fit but he knew from experience you never try to interfere with a friend's relationship whatever you think you know. What Pete knew was enough to break them up though, what Pete had to tell him was going to be some serious interfering. Ryan's eyes went back to Helen as she held closely onto his arm, talked quietly into his ear; she kept her body firmly pressed against his in case he escaped her. Ryan felt nauseous again, he couldn't help but carry around this odd sick feeling in the pit of his stomach and every time he felt her grasp a little tighter the nausea would wave over him some more.

"Shit! We should go up, we're gonna be late for the shoot." Pete said looking at his watch. As everyone began to gather their belongings and get up from the table. Pete held out his hand to Helen and Ryan wondered why. "How about dropping into the salon?" he smiled at her and she frowned. Ryan felt the nausea again as she grasped for his hand like a lost child. "Oh well, its just you can't come up with us." Pete explained with a fake expression of concern. "Sorry, it's Derek, the photographer" Ryan felt her hand slip out of his and the nausea leave his body. "He wont work with an audience you know how fucking insane the guy is." Pete just laughed as he guided Helen from the table. Ryan watched as Pete lead her towards the doors. "Take my room card, go to salon, have a massage or something, just put it on my card." He held back the urge to shove her in the direction of the salon but decided that would look a little odd if anything. "We'll come get you when we're done." He added as he ushered Ryan and Spencer towards the elevators trying to move the guys before Helen convinced Ryan he couldnt breath without her.
"Come on guys we'll be late." Jon smiled as he stepped into the elevator.
"Call me." Helen told Ryan as she stood and watched the doors close on them.

Ryan was getting irritated by Derek's insistent pestering and even though Ryan was much more accustomed to the photo shoots than he used to be he was not in the mood to be man handled. They were meant to be having some pre-interview shots taken, casual shots of them hanging out in the hotel room.
"If you keep giving me that sour expression." Derek warned him.
"Stop fucking whining at me!" Ryan replied. Pete saw his opportunity and as he crossed the room he tugged at Ryan's sleeve and the two of them disappeared into the corridor outside. "I'm sorry man, I just can't handle him pushing me around like that." Ryan told Pete expecting some kind of telling off.
"We need to talk." Pete told his friend. Ryan nodded. "About some serious stuff." He added making Ryan nod his head again. "It's not good."
"Well what is it?" Ryan asked him starting to sense that sick feeling again and wondering if Helen was approaching. His jaw dropped when he realised he was right.
"There you are!" Pete spun around to see Helen walking towards them and his immediate reaction was to try and stop her.
"Can't you take a fucking hint?" Pete shouted. Ryan saw Helen stop halfway down the corridor with a slightly shocked expression on her face and part of him wanted to smile. "Can I have TWO minutes with him or does that need to be signed for?" he added angrily. Ryan couldn't understand why Pete was being so aggressive. Helen began to approach them again but she edged over to Ryan as if Pete was infectious.
"Don't listen to anything he says." She whispered in Ryan's ear. Ryan looked at Pete as he shook his head and pouted his lips, he trusted Pete, he knew Pete and he sensed that Helen was nervous, why would Helen be nervous? What did Pete want to tell him anyway that was so serious and what did it have to do with Helen?

"Ok you need to leave!" Pete shouted at her. Ryan saw her squint her eyes and her expression changed from vulnerable to malicious in a second.
"Are you on the drugs again Petey?" she asked. "You're depressed and you're jealous of Ryan." She added. None of this was making any sense to Ryan but every time he went to speak either one of them would spit out another strange insult.
"Least I'm not trying to control him." Pete replied.
"No you just want to be him!"
"You're a fucking liar Helen!"
"You're a fucking liar!"
"What the fuck is going on?" Ryan shouted just as the door opened behind them. Brendon was stood in the doorway with a confused expression on his face, a similar one to Ryan's.
"What's happened?" he asked.
"I have no fucking idea." Ryan replied watching as Helen and Pete continued to insult one another.
"Pete's having some kind of episode." Helen added pretending to be concerned.
"You are fucking unbelievable." Pete said shaking his head angrily. "If you weren't a female." He threatened.
"Oh seeee!" Helen squealed. "He's lost it!"
"You crazy bitch, you know exactly what I'm going to do and you cant bat your lashes out of this one."
"Complete madness." Helen told Ryan.
"Everything ok?" Spencer asked sticking his head out of the door. Pete felt like his head was about to explode he was so angry.
"She cheated on you Ryan!" Pete shouted at the top of his voice and everyone fell silent.
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