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Ode to Shanimal

by futbolgrl4life 1 review

An ode to Shannon Leto. Warning: All views expressed in this fanfic are the views of the authors alone and said authors take no responsibility for offence that may be cuased by these views.

Category: 30 Seconds to Mars - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor, Parody - Published: 2007-07-08 - Updated: 2007-07-08 - 241 words

This is something me and my friend Carly wrote on a 7 hour drive home from North Carolina. Enjoy!

Ode to Shanimal
(sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree)

Oh Shanimal, Oh Shanimal, you're not as cool as Jared
And that's what we have learn-ed.
You're not as hot as Jare-bear,
You're not even as hot as a care bear.
But you're still cooler than Matt,
When you wear sunglasses and a hat.
You play the drums like a Bob,
But you're still better than the drummer from FOB.
Jared says you should follow your mantasies,
Which might be over teh seas,
Sometimes on your head there is hair,
You should think about keeping it there.
Cause without the hair you look like an ugly man,
And by the way, you need a tan.
And you really need a hot bod,
So we can watch you on our video ipod.
We like to call you ShanMan,
And Jared is a tan man.
You make tofu scramble for lunch,
And we don't really want to eat it a bunch.
We love you Shannon,
But you're not as hot as Jared in
A box,
Cause you're not a sexy fox.
Speaking of boxes, we're writing this on a cheez-it box,
So we hope, you don't get chicken pox.
Jared's hair isn't ugly,
But yours is kinda fugly.
Oh Shanimal, Oh Shanimal, you're not as cool as Jared,
And that's what we have learn-ed.
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