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Part 4 ~ You Made My Heart Stand Still, Just For A Thrill

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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There was no explaining as to why Patrick decided to step into the shadows of his affection to Beata, not even he knew, but perhaps it was for the best. After the party it became clear that Patrick neither wanted to hurt Pete, or act upon his desires. He also had come to realise that Beata did not feel the same for Patrick, nor did she remember their chance meeting in the café. With a sigh, and a heavy heart, Patrick pushed his feelings aside to forsake them completely.

On the other hand though, over the course of months, days, minutes, seconds, Patrick and Beata had thrown themselves into a strong relationship. Conversations seemed to never end and they would swop intellect with heated verbs. Patrick and Beata were similar in every concept. Their thoughts, emotions. They connected on a plane that had never been experienced before. Close and loved. They became best friends, weaving their lives around each other with intimately. And Pete had no objections, though often he would feel the lingering sense of isolation. He knew that Patrick and Beata were alike, but he also knew that Pete was the one Beata was going home with. The one she'd fall into bed with. The one she'd make the physical connection with. Pete would snap out of his haze of displacement and smile, knowing that a relationship like this was worth while. Perfect.

It was golden, down to the core of the hearts, impeccable lives that were strung together through a sense of knowing and belonging. Pete and Patrick's friendship grew stronger and Fall Out Boy were set to break worlds. The release of Infinity On High, was looming and now the band were embarking on the fast selling Friends Or Enemies tour. Beata had kissed them both goodbye, with a promise of constant communication.

Pete and Beata's phone calls and text message were fast and flushed. Not even content in silences they would hang up after five minutes with a hurried "I love you." Pete would sigh and miss her. Patrick would put ignorance to his own pining for Beata, but he couldn't help but yearn for a more public display of adoration. Envious of the sympathy Pete gained.

Patrick and Beata, would have hours of unending conversation. Laughing and joking, as though she was in the room. On one evening in Atlanta, Pete glanced other, dragging his eyes over Patrick's chuckling on the phone, he darkened his eyes, the pang of jealously stronger.


Grace was the kind of girl who got what she wanted. Whether it was giving to her willingly, or she would have to bend backs to get it, she would always come out of the end result a winner. A dancer, burlesque in every way, she charmed men with her stunning beauty. Her blonde hair flowing into the atmosphere as her thin frame entwined with the beats of the music. She entranced many with keen hungry eyes. Returning the look of lust, and running away with everything they owned. Including their hearts. Grace left a path of destruction, with a hint of desire, with every move she makes.

She made her way through the contours of the bar. Scanning the room for more weak willed men, be it old or young, the broken are the generous. Throwing everything on a chance to replenish their happiness. Grace played on their emotions. She twisted her head around the room. Clocking a head, bowed in sorrow. She ran her tongue over her lips and contorted a smile on her face, a smile of knowing. A smile of pure apathy.

Grace strutted over next to him with an air of natural intentions. She focused on him. His details. His frowned face of sorrow. Running his fingers along the rim of an untouched drink. She drank in his appearance and once the bartender placer a glass down next to her she struck up conversation;

"Well what's wrong with you, sugar?" Speaking in false Southern drawl.

Without warning to her or himself, the boy had indulged her in his sadness. She half listened catching little but the plotline. Something about a girl and something about his best friend. .A story she had heard a million times. Once he had drawn a breath she leaned her glossed lips over to his ear. Breathing heavily and salutary to him;

"Why not let me solve your problems?" she looped her varnished nails within his and dragged him, not far, to an alleyway behind the bar, where he took full advantage of the situation. Releasing himself into her without care or thought. He needed a new form of liberation for his anguish, and she was the best bet. She gripped on to him afterwards and slipped a piece of paper into the back of his pocket. Arranging herself, winking and leaving him.

Grace was, today, driving around the same area of town when a familiar tone vibrated from the seat of her handbag and, keeping her eyes to the road, she fished out her phone to find and unusual text. As she glanced over the words "Can you make it to Atlanta?" She sucked in a breath, and grinned. Knowing who it was, and knowing what she could get from this. Paced she replied and spun the car around. Making a fast trip to Atlanta.

And this is where she met the boy from before. It was late and he grabbed her hand, turning his head to make sure no one would catch them. He kissed her furiously on the lips whilst running his hands up and down her hips. She moaned into his lips. He guided her onto a darkened bus that she had met him at.

He let his eyes glance around and could only find one sleeping body around the seating area. Hearing the heavy breathing, he knew that the person wouldn't wake in a hurry. He clung onto Grace's hand and took her to his bunk within the bedrooms.

He wasted no time in peeling of her small tank top to reveal lavish breasts. He sat down upon the bed whilst she straddled him. Knees placed on both sides of his. He placed his warm mouth upon her breast. Hearing her gasp in joy, he ran his tongue along the nipples and cells on her chest. She clenched the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. His eyes ran up her semi naked body with awe.

She ran her hands over her own jeans and unbuttoned them. Standing to slid them and her underwear off. He, too, swiftly bought out his own erection. Grace placed pressure upon his lips. Teasing him until she let him enter her. Groaning loudly at the penetration.

The two worked up a high speed intercourse..

Ciao Bella
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