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Jason speaks with Kikki and learns more about his enemy, but can he convince her to betray her master and join the human cause?

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-Serf meandered across the Dark Territory with Jason and Kikki on his back. The behemoth grumbled in response to Kikki's cheerful humming. Her happy toon seemed an ill omen for Jason and his men. Despite his bolstered force which marched towards her master, Kikki didn't seem the least bit concerned. If anything, she was looking forward to it.

-"Are we there yet," Jason said jokingly, trying to lighten his mood.

-"Almost," Kikki chimed. "You'll know when you hear the noise."

-"What noise?" Jason asked.

-"Screaming mostly," Kikki answered. "I'm kinda bored, can I kill some of your soldiers?"

-"What? No, you can't kill my men!" Jason snapped.

-"You can bring them back to life again," Kikki pointed out. "Or we can have sex, or torture someone...or fight?"

-"I have a feeling we'll be doing plenty of fighting soon enough," Jason said, his voice full of foreboding.

-Kikki sighed and rested her head against Jason's back. "This is no fun at all," she pouted.

-"Then why don't you tell me about what we'll be up against," Jason offered.

-"Nightmares more terrible than anything you can imagine," Kikki answered happily. "Master has gone out of his way to prepare for this; it should be great fun."

-"Fun?" Jason exclaimed. "The world has been turned into a living hell, people are dying, and we are about to slaughter each other. Is that your idea of fun?"

-"Yep," Kikki chirped.

-Jason sighed in defeat; it seemed impossible to get through to her. As if in response to his bad mood, Kikki's tail wrapped around his waist and she held him all the more tightly. Jason tensed up for a moment; he had been trying to forget that she wasn't human, but she seemed determined to shatter his delusions.

-Before Jason could pry further, a small scraggly demon leapt off of a rock, catching him by surprise. Jason had been so distracted talking with Kikki, that he was taken completely by off gaurd and couldn't react in time. Jason knew he was about to take a hit as the vicious little beast was only a foot away from him, its claws reaching out and its sharp teeth dripping with drool.

-Just before the demon cut Jason to ribbons, Kikki snatched it out of the air. The three foot tall creature flailed around, fighting hard to free itself, but Kikki's grip held it firmly in place. Jason could hear his men panicking, but waved them off so they wouldn't shoot Kikki.

-Kikki held the demon by the neck with one hand and then grabbed its leg with her other as she lifted the struggling monster over her head. With the first angry expression that Jason had seen her wear, Kikki snapped the monster in half. The beast let out a pained scream, and Kikki tossed its crippled body away as if it were a piece of trash.

-"You shouldn't let your guard down like that," Kikki said casually as if nothing had happened.

-"You said that the demons were all at the black castle," Jason said in his defense.

-"I guess that one didn't get the message," Kikki said with a sly grin.

-"You didn't seem to mind killing your own kind," Jason pointed out.

-"Those that disobey the master's orders deserve to die," she said with a dark tone in her voice.

-"You know, if you had let that thing kill me, your master would have won this war," Jason pointed out.

-Kikki wrapped her arms around him and sighed contently. "If I wanted to kill you, I'd just protract my claws and rip you open," she said casually, gently pressing her finger tips on his stomach.

-As they marched on, Jason heard one of his men put a round through the crippled demons head, killing it. Serf shook his bulky shoulders in protest to the disturbance but continued onward. As they marched, Kikki described in graphic detail the history of Jefferies rein. She especially enjoyed the many accounts of torture and rape that seemed to be a continuing motif.

-"I don't understand," Jason said. "Why are you so loyal to him when he has done such horrible things?"

-"Horrible?" Kikki asked, confused. "He made the world a paradise for us, made us strong and fearless, and provides us with endless fun. We are free to do whatever we want. We are completely free."

-"Don't you feel any empathy for the people you kill?"

-"Of course not; the master took away all feelings of fear and pity. We only feel joy, and in Hellen's case, anger." Kikki explained with a friendly smile on her face.

-"What were you like before all of this?"

-Kikki thought for a moment before answering, "I was human, and weak. I remember being such a frightened little mouse when the demons came. Everyone around me got ripped to pieces, and I thought that I was next, but then the master stepped forward out of the chaos and stood before me. I foolishly thought I could fight him off and grabbed a knife that was close by. I thought he was going to kill me, but in his grace, he spared me. He took away my fear, made me strong, and now I am one of his generals."

-Jason listened to here story dumbfounded. "He nearly killed you, killed everyone around you, and you are still loyal to him...why?"

-"Because life and death are his to command," Kikki answered, never loosing her carefree smile. "We live to serve his will, and we have fun doing it."

-Jason sighed; he had hoped that he could get through to her, maybe sway her to his side, but it was clear that her devotion bordered o the fanatical. Serf waddled past a rock, and Jason found himself looking out over a vast field of demons waiting in front of a tall tower. Jason stared at the massive army with his jaw hanging open. He had fought Jeffery's demons for nearly two years now, but he had never seen so many of them. For the first time, Jason wasn't sure if he could win.

-"We're here," Kikki hummed.

-Jeffery stood on his terrace and gripped the railing with excitement. Jason had finally arrived! He walked away, going through all of his tricks and plans in his mind. He mentally reached out and felt for his generals, but one was missing. It dawned on him that he hadn't seen Kikki since his meeting

-He heard the flapping of wings at the terrace where he had just been standing and, without turning around, said, "Jade, any idea where your little sister is? I haven't seen Kikki for quite some time."

-"Afraid not, Master," replied Jade. "Shall I search for her?"

-"No need," Jeffery said dismissively. "Angel."

-From a dark corner of Jeffery's throne room, Angel stepped forward, quiet and subservient. Jade shot the automaton a disapproving glance. She considered Angel something of an abomination, and found her lack of enthusiasm irritating. The fact that Angel shared the skies with her didn't help matters either.

-"Show me what Kikki sees," Jeffery commanded as he faced the golden-haired woman. She spread her wings, and created another image orb which displayed the dark castle. Jeffery furrowed his brow, puzzled by the image until the view shifted, and he saw Jason's face.

-Jade's eyes when wide with surprise, and a smile formed on Jeffery's face. He laughed out loud at the beautiful irony. Even he couldn't predict what Kikki would do, and he certainly hadn't predicted this. "Jade, take care of things until I get back, I need to have a word with your sister," Jeffery said as he vanished in a wreath of flames.

-Jason was surveying the soon to be battle ground from Serf's back when a pillar of fire appeared before him. Serf reared up and bellowed in a panic, but Jason quickly calmed him down. A dark figure stepped out of the flames, and Jason recognized it instantly. Jeffery stood between Jason's army and the black castle wearing spiked armor with a blood red cloak hanging from his shoulders. His large black sword rested on his back, but his eyes were far more threatening despite the pleasant smile on his face.

-The moment the soldiers behind Jason recognized the dark lord, they raised their weapons to kill him, but Jeffery wasn't in the mood. With a wave of his hand, a wall rose out of the ground behind Jason, separating him from his men. Serf whined in distress and Jason drew his sword.

-"Relax runt, I'm not here for you," Jeffery said as he approached. Kikki hopped off of the beast and stood before her master, holder her hands behind her back like a shy schoolgirl. "Kikki, what are you doing here?"

-"You said I was free to do as I wished until you needed me," she explained.

-"True," Jeffery agreed. He looked at Jason watching on from his new pet's back, and Jeffery got a keen idea. "Kikki, I know that you would rip that man's head off and present it to me on a platter if I asked, but I'm going to give you a choice. How would you like to fight on Jason's side for this battle?"

-Kikki blinked in surprise; she hadn't been expecting such an offer. She put her hands behind her head and looked up at the sky as she considered the proposal. "Um...I dunno. Jason, what do you think?"

-"What do I think?" Jason asked incredulously. "I think this is sick! How can you treat her like some toy, having her change sides at your whim. How can you treat her like that?"

-"I'm not having her do anything," Jeffery argued. "I'm letting her choose for herself. You should be trying to sway he to your side; you're going to need all the help you can get. I want to give you every advantage I can, so when I crush you into dust, you won't be able to make any excuses."

Before Jason could offer a reply, one of his men managed to climb to the top of the wall. The soldier pulled out a pistil and took a shot at Jeffery. The demon king flicked the bullet with his finger, sending right back to its source. The round went straight back down the barrel of the gun, blowing it apart in the soldier's hand.

"Persistent little shits," Jeffery muttered.

-"Ok then," Kikki chimed in. "I'll stay with Jason and make things more interesting. I'll do my best to give you a good fight, Master."

-"Alright," Jeffery said as he turned to leave. "Just don't attack you sisters. I don't want my girls killing each other." He took a few steps away and then turned back to them "Jason, I have gone through a lot of trouble to set all this up. Don't you dare disappoint me. I want you to use all the power you have and try to kill me!"

-Jason winced as Jeffery seemed to burst into flames. He vanished in the smokeless fire, and Jason was alone with Kikki. The wall behind them receded back into the ground, allowing his men to rush to his side.
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